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This was someone who I loved dearly. I know he felt the same for me, but we never discussed it. And finally, after years of feeling this way, we were cut off from each other. Without ever knowing if it could have worked.

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hi that is great i love someome so much it is so hard to shoe him that whaen i carnt get so cloes to him
this poem perfectly portrays how i'm feeling. i have a boyfriend, who i'm only with for his sake. but meanwhile i think i have found my soulmate. we just need time to be together. thankyou so much. x
This is real sweet
fantastic poem . i know how you feel.

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Secret Love

The lake, half hidden by the trees
Is like my love for you.
Although we know it's there
It's almost hidden from our view.
The many shades of leaves
Are like the way I sometimes feel -
My moods in love are varied,
As colours are - dramatic -
As leaves are, very real.
The waters of the lake are deep,
And dark, and almost still -
Like that, I cannot speak of our love,
Not now, not yet, until . . .

Some brighter time will clear the way,
The waters will run bright,
Clear and sparkling for all to see -
No more as dark as night, and then one day
I'll talk about our love,
When freedom comes, and peace,
When I can hold you, unafraid -
And life seems not to cease.
Until then, perhaps the way ahead
Seems sad.
But life is not a carousel,
And often things seem bad.
Our love can wait, the hope is there,
And soon things will be fine,
One thing I ask - I ask it now,
Please let us have our time.

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That poem is beautiful really hits home I think some of us do have a secret love and this person put it into words .
This poem really hit home, being in a situation and having a love burning for another(a secret love) possibly that soul mate.
This poem is very suitable for me at this moment as I am interested in a guy. And I know that he too likes me. Yet we have not declared our love till now. Although we are very close and looks like couples through certain reaction.
No words are more true. Our love can wait, the hope is there, And soon things will be fine, One thing I ask - I ask it now, Please let us have our time. Thank you.
i love this poem keep writing
the guy i like and dated dosn't like me anymore and i still love him. this poem revealed that i am not the only one
There is a woman, who knows I love her and I am sure she loves me, but no one, not even those who know us both are aware of our love for each other. This is a beautiful poem that stries close to my heart.
I enjoyed reading your poem. I have a 'secret love' and I connected to what you were saying.
i liked ur poem it reminds me of my feelins for someone
i am currently in a similar matter like that. we both like each other and we are to shy to say anything. my friends tell me to make a move. anyhow good poem

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