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The time for love is anytime - any year, any day or any second. Time itself is time for lovers.

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sweet. sweet poem. Smooth and heartful
This poem reminds me that all seasons are dear and that we must appreciate our loved ones always.
pure heart
wow! dat was really sweet. i liked it
I loved it cause of course I feel the same as you do and You know I used to love a person with your name who wrote poems to me very similar to yours so you can imagine how I felt when I read your poem I loved it.

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The Time For Love

Some say the time for love is Spring,
While nature blooms and newborn sing.
The innocent year's early hour
Is when the seeds of want will flower.

But others claim that Summer's best,
When suns are neither east nor west,
But overhead in youthful glory -
The longest page in love's short story.

Still others think that in the Fall
there's love for one and love for all -
While sailing under the autumn trees
Passion's true course is charted with ease.

And some prefer the frozen heart -
Cold white Winter's the place to start -
With no warmth to gain and none to lose,
The lonely, lifeless snows they choose.

But as for me the choice is clear:
'Tis every season I hold dear,
For time itself is time for lovers,
It matters not what climate covers.

Flowers and leaves, snow and sun -
When I'm with you, seasons are one;
A year of love I now live through,
And years will become a life with you.

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WOW! i loved it! so beautiful, amazing, fantastic, inspiring! it is the best love poem i ever read! i even had to cry! though i'm from germany and only 14 years old, i could understand everything! so sweet! can i write it in my diary?? i have to learn english a few years longer, until i know the right words, which express my feelings.
it hit home u c im controled by seasons, emotions and reasons. my word 4 belov-ad is emsody,this poem made me think of her,i thank u 4 that.
hey this is the best poem EVER!
johnny boy
That was the best poem i have ever heard WELL DONE
really beautiful poem!
this poem is really inspiring
i liked it alot
I thought I'd never find a poem to express what I wanted to say until I ran across this one. Love it, will be perfect for Valentines!
on a scale of 1 to 10 i would give a 10, ten being the best.
i really liked the words you used

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