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If you have ever felt that there is a special someone out there just for you, but have yet to meet that person, then this poem will truly touch your heart.

"To The Man I Do Not Know" is a poem written for that nameless, yet special someone that most of us are waiting for to come into our lives. For our soulmates.

A Few Visitor Comments

we will some day find our true love maybe they have passed but they will come back for us.
your poem came to me, stared at me and finally, enlighted the foremost wish of my breat. As I see it, your poem is a praise for itself. Full of purity, innocence, hope, passion and desire. Every single word is like a flower, like a pure pearl that longs to have a safe home. Simply sweet and fantastic. Well done!

To The Man I Do Not Know

Maybe I've met you, but I can't recall.
I waited for you to come into my life,
but my heart is telling me
that you've already passed through.

I may have looked into your eyes,
whatever color that may be.
Blue as the sky on a bright summer day,
or perhaps the day is cloudy and your eyes really grey.

Or they might be green, the color of grass
with a ray of sunlight adding that shine from above.
They might be brown, deep and dark,
but certainly the color of love.

I wonder if we've spoken to one another.
Words falling from our tongues,
rich and delicious and as sweet as the first kiss we've yet to share.
I can hear your voice, but strangely enough,
there are no words there.

I can picture your movements,
gracefully taking one stride at a time,
but I need to know, in which direction are you going?
No hurry, take your time.
I've waited for you all my life,
the day will come when you will be mine.

How does it sound when you speak my name?
I can hear it so plainly,
but is your voice deep and rasp or are there any words at all?
Could it be that you're silent when it comes to love?
As silent as the leaves that fall in the fall?

When it's raining on my rooftop, is it also raining on yours?
Tears from heaven because we have yet to be as one.
Or just nature's way of drowning out the loneliness?
At least until the union is done?

Do you write as I do about our love unrealized?
Or might you paint a picture of me,
with no features except your name etched into my heart,
whatever that name may be?

Or might your sing your song or simply daydream?
Do you daydream about me?
How will it feel to hold you in my arms?
I can feel your skin so soft, but the color I do not know.

Dark as the shadow that watches over me every day
until I find you or fair like a peach?
Whatever color, hue, tint, to tone,
I vow to love you eternally and that vow I will not breech.

I haven't a clue where you are, but I know where you have been.
You have passed through my dreams every night and continue to do so.
I know not your given name, but fret not,
In due time that name will be mine also,
that and only that I do know.

In the meantime, I names to which I refer,
and these names suit you perfectly fine.
I either call you by the name "Love"
or I simply call you "Mine".

Our union will be eternal, once I find you or you me,
we shall never again part.
I have a gift to present you with
and that gift is my very own heart.

Please find me love. I've kept my diligent search alive.
The thought of you is sacred and precious,
you're the reason I continue to strive.
I am anxious, maybe a bit over so.

There are some for whom I've tried to fall.
But life's lessons have taught me well . . .
I haven't known a true kind of love at all.

I know I must be patient,
once we're together there will be no end.
But I need to find you once and for all, it is you on I and I on you,
that we will always depend.

But for now, there's only one thing on which I can depend.
The one thing in my life that I can always turn to.
I turn to the prospect of love everlasting,
and that everlasting love, is you.

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