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We are often drawn to adventure that takes us away from those who love us. The ocean of emotion sometimes sets us adrift. The returning tides bring us back into the heart of another who keeps the vigil.

The venture satisfied, we eagerly anticipate returning to open arms.

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This really touched me as I am sitting on the beach waiting for the ocean to send my love ashore
This poem is very beautiful and it really touched my heart.
its really wonderful touched my heart

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Like The Waves From The Shore

I must now ebb
The time has come
to sail my oceans

Rolling away from you
like the waves from the shore
rippling out to the vastness of the sea
that beckons my ship of folly

I'll not ask you
to stand the night vigil
on the shoreline
of memory

You are here
on the beaches of my memory
even though I drift the tides

If you should look
into a starlit night
and see a reflection of me
know only that
I will one day
come crashing again
to the shore
swept homeward
by the pull
of the tide

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its so sweet. my boy friend is going into the marines soon n im going to have to deal with him leaving not onyl that im going to college in teh fall when he leaves. its a true test of love.
Made me feel i was missing someone i dont know.
Stunning, just stunning. There's a calm feel to it, a balance. A feeling that everything is alright. Such a beautiful poem. I thank you.
This is an amazing poem. I'd love to read more of your poems!Your truely gifted!
this poem is beautiful to those who believe that the love you been denied will someday be yours again . love conquers all
verrrrrrrrry nice
thank you for puttinginto words my actions. now i have a way of understanding and in turn can explain.
Loved it.
All i can say is wow! you are truly gifted in expressing emotions! I would love to read more of your work! Its really touchng! Thanks and keep writing!
beautiful, absolutly beautiful.
this person has put alot of brian work into it WELL DONE
These emotional words have touched me beyond expressions, I have myself lost the love of one that truly will always remain in my heart and I pray that one day he will return.
This is a sweet poem but I wish that I could find love like this.
This poem is a beautiful way to imagine a loved one who has passed on. Thanks for the lovely imagery.
It appears that you know a great deal about adventure and having to follow your urges. But never closing the door to your heart in what was left behind. Loved your poem.
I really loved this poem, I gave it to my girlfriend with her going away present for when I leave for college. It really made her gift special, thank you.
I love this poem, I really do. Sometimes it can be really hard to say goobye. And sometimes we choose to remain friends after lovers because of the fear of having to let go. I feel for this poem.
your poem is great and touching. iluvit. keep it up! God bless!
I am there now . I must go and Know some day will return! THANK you for feeling what I know!
I sent this poem to my husband who is overseas in a tent right now. Thank you.
simple and lovely. i love it. keep up with the good work!
It was so touching. I love the wordings!
I enjoyed this poem very much, as I am sure the person I sent it to will, it just fits perfect to what is going on in our lives right now. my many thanks to the poets and all the others that make this page possable. again Thank you
as i sit her with teary eyes, consumed by the words of this poem , i being a navy wife understand all the thoughts you captured as well as feel them ...i know now what it is that he thinks about as he pulls away from the pier. thank you for the emotion you allowed me to feel as i read this wonderful poem.. if i knew what the highest score could be for a poem written , i would place the blue first place ribbon on this one !! it touches you in places we sometimes we forget we have, deep in our hearts in the corners of out souls .from my heart to your pen ...
i realy like your poem.
Marge ...I love these jewel and as always excellent penned
Very moving, right up to the very last word. Great use of metaphor and just the right amount of emotional tugging that makes one revisit the poem time after time. I also liked Whispering Wind and I realize you have great poetic skill.I shall recommend your work to my writing group and with your permission, I may wnat to use this poem-and perhaps a few others-in a small antholgy I am producing in the summer. Keep writing Marge, your words come from the soul.

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