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This is written for the folks who think they can't find love. Sometimes there's someone standing there who sorta needs a shove . . .

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Fred Hobbs has the ability to express deep understanding of complex emotions in clear and simple language. His words say volumes in a few lines of poetry. "DON'T TELL ME YOU'RE SORRY" goes straight to the heart of infidelity - the loss of trust. Most men cannot grasp that concept. John Rich
I love this poem because it says exactly how I feel. There is a guy I am head over heels in love with at work but he has a girlfriend and on top of that there is a policy where my employers frown at "that kind of thing" So I just hide my feelings knowing in my soul we belong together. this poem conveys my feelings. If only.
i love dis poem its so meaningful u relly did a great job specially kuz dis poem relates to me in a way. like how u have this thing for sumone but deyre oblivious to ur feelingz but soon come to realise that u like them but too shy to do anything but i rekon dats another story. well gud on ya for such a beautiful poem keep it up . "poetry is the voice of the soul"

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If Only

If only I could know you
I’ve watched you now so long
If only I could know your name
And know your favorite song

If only I could know you
I see you every day
But any time you look at me
I turn and look away

I wonder if you’ve noticed me
I try hard not to stare
But even if you’ve seen my face
You’ll never see I care

If only I could know you
And you in turn know me
I wonder if there’d be a chance
That you and I could be

If only I could walk right up
And talk to you a while
To say hello and hear your voice
And see what makes you smile

But if that day should ever come
You’ll think it so absurd
That this poor impassioned poet
Is so failed by spoken word

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Oh.. your words seem so familar to me. Writing was always so easy for me, but to actually say those words out loud, oh how I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Your poem has touched my heart.

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