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I have done the unthinkable. I have fallen for a man who's already taken. He warned me in the beginning that he was unavailable. We were only friends. And then, I fell.

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Hi, i just wanted to tell u that i personally think that all of your works that i have read so far have been amazing. its like u captured all the thoughs and feelings that i have tryed to get across in many poems into the four that i just read. i hope to hear more of your works. -hae
I really like this poem cause in school their is a boy with a girl friend and i want him but every thing is her.
Hi Tara, found more of your work on netpoets, but could not access the geocite. I am really impressed with all your work,but I think ,My Hidden Heart, like, He's Calling Me, is extra special. I also thought the hugging poem touched the special place inside. If you ever publish in hard copy, please, do let me know. Writing straight from the heart, for me, always gives the best results. Unfortunately, for reasons I won't discuss here, I cloak my heartfelt poetry with cryptic lines that weave in and out of the verse like a secret visitor. In future though, like you, I'm going to be brave and tell it like it is

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My Hidden Heart

You say you belong to her,
Yet Iíve never heard you utter her name.
My name on your lips is like a gentle kiss,
Caressing my senses.
I know your heart, your deepest desires, your soulís secrets.
Does she?
You want her comfort,
She calms your fears.
You need my passion,
I satisfy your hunger.
She is the woman without a name.
I am the woman without a heart.
She has already staked her claim.
I will lose in the end.
And yet -
I still long to see your face,
Yearn to hear your voice,
Ache to feel your touch.

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My true love I found on the net, asked me to read this poem, as he voted on it and truely enjoyed it. I was truely touched, however our situation is a little different, as we plan to be together for the rest of our lives. Good luck in finding true love again. Never give up the search.
I can identify; A totally wonderful woman I met thru the Net and I are each married to others. Talk about a tangle. She and I do plan to UN-tangle it witin the next 12 months, however...sooner if at all possible. But the straits you appear to be in in the poem, though timeless, are no less painful for the odd one out. In my case, I am ready to make that break to achieve the love of my life and true happiness (my lady feels the same way). In your own case, "he" was not. I/we wish you the best. And keep writing from the heart. An appreciative reader.
Just had to vote for this one Tara. It overflows with emotion and it is so real! I especially like the line: And yet-. A line I have used myself on occasion.

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