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This poem was written after my first true love vanished from my life and left me no contact to his whereabouts. It took me nearly 3 long years to get over the pain and suffering I endured, but the saying "Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all." still remains a constant in my life, and I would sooner love him again and endure the past all over than to go through life never having felt his warmth in my heart.

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i really liked this specific poem because i have been there and i know how much it hurts. i was so happy to know that its not just me that feels this way i have wrote a few poems my self and they make me cry but this one made me relise im not alone this is one of my favourites: as the lone man passes by he is hunting for prey walking the streets at night he seems to come my way im finally set free but still trapped inside this made me learn i cant run forever nor can i hide. i give your poem a 10 out of 10
This poem allowed me to realize how important every moment is with the one you love.
"No matter who I may love now, A piece of my heart will be forever yours." This sentence really speaks to me. It was a pleasure.
I liked this poem very much! It really captures the feeling of love!

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Forever Yours

There was a time - not so long ago,
When I felt that I had reached the end.
It was the day you vanished, and
You left such a gap that I could not mend.

I was a mess, my heart was torn,
For days, years, no one would do.
Healing that gap took some time,
As hard as I tried, I still longed for you.

We'd shared so much in so little time,
You were the older brother I never had,
But all too late I realized the facts,
In shining armor you were clad.

Some time along the trip we took,
My heart melted and opened to you.
I didn't know it then, I was blind,
But now that you are gone, I know it is true.

It took time to heal the wounds you made,
And open up those closed doors,
But no matter who I may love now,
A piece of my heart will be forever yours.

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I think this poem is very touching and the poet really put a lot of emotion into it.

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