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This poem was inspired by a picture of the sun setting over the Pacific ocean as a very special person shared this moment with me. I loved her then, I love her still, but as with the sunset, the moment faded all too fast.

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Wonderful, Though, it brings the pain back
this poem rminds me of mi bf. bt now wer nt 2gether so,yeah!keep it up. luv da poem!
well . wt can i possibly say . ur poem made me cry ! n' it's amazing hw u've portrayed the entire emotional upheavel while going thru such a situation . i'm into writting poems too . n' i very well could identify with ur writting style . n' must confess. an awesome work . !~!
I thought that this was a very good poem! It reminds me of times when I was in this same situation. Thanks for the poem!

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Touching A Dream

A moment caught in time with you,
One of just a precious few.
Across the sea, the setting sun -
Slipping unto oblivion.

Coming to us in gold array,
Atop the waves reflection rolled away.
Across the horizon in grand display,
We watched it softly sink to yesterday.

Still in my arms I held you tight,
As the fire-filled sky gave way to night.
I gently kissed your lips, sweet and tender,
Caught up in the night's magic and splendor.

You were an angel in my eyes,
Fallen to me from the skies.
Looking in your eyes, lost in the gleam,
I felt like a man touching a dream.

You fulfilled every desire and need,
With a touch that made my soul bleed.
Oh, how I loved holding you close to me,
But to hold your love I had to set you free.

Still each day the sun sets 'fore my eyes,
In brilliant colors, painting the skies.
But it never quite holds the same flare -
Only an old photograph could share.

A memory I hold close to my heart,
Where you'll always hold the biggest part.
Even as the same sun rolls in tomorrow,
And I find my life's been lost in sorrow.

I won't forget the love you shared with me,
Or the face I may never again see.
Caught in a moment life and love enseam,
I was a man touching a dream.

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Your poem really touched my heart and soul. The contains of the poem matches my love story. I liked the poem do keep writing more.
Oh my GOD ! Find that woman now and give her this poem ! Totally powerful and human and just what a woman wants to know. How sad. to feel you have to let someone go in order to keep her . and then to live with the pain of her moving on.
a beautiful poem, very apt. i will need this poem later because i am going to meet my childhood sweet for a brief while in sharjah. she will then return to canada and i may never see her again. it brought tears to my eyes. thanx to the author
this poem will really get 2 u if u think about it in your heart cause everyone will experience something like this
It really did touch my heart and soul the same way my husband did on our special day. It was a very lovely poem
pretty well though out
I thought your poem was just terrific I really enjoyed it I feel what you are saying I hold a similar memory of a great guy that I also love but had to let go. If you ever get to read this Andrew I hope you will always remember. To everyone else keep those fond memories close to your heart they are what keep us strong. Excellent poem keep writing
This poem is really sincere.I like that.
I can relate to this very closely and I feel that he wrote exactly what was in his heart.
I love it! It's so moving. I can actually feel each word as you express them so easily.
good poem!
Loved this One!

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