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This is a poem on the truths of friendships that start out as being the best and ending as being the worst. I am a younger gal, at age 14 as of 1999, and I met a gal that was 18 when I was 9, and we became such good friends.

She walked out on me when the age gap finally got in our way. I write poems about feelings, and this poem is about my feelings of the after- math of a best friendship breaking off into a distant place, where all is left is the hurt and the absence in your heart, that of which nobody can ever refill.

Always remember the good times of friendship, and remember what was, not what has become of a good situation into a bad. Always stay positive. Friendships are the best, don't let them die.

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This poem touched right at home. had a friend do me really wrong recently.
i loved your poem it was touching in many ways
your poem really touch me cuz im going though the same thing right now. its good to know that someone else knows what im feeling.
Its a really superb poem , and i also liked it because it suits my current position. Even my friend left me. Do send me any other similar poems.

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Left alone in the past

Left alone in the past
Forgotten friendships buried, never meant to last
She walked away from me
Why couldn't I foresee?
Time standing still
Another way to deal, another pill
The sky is gray with hate
One thing tore us apart, your fate
Now what will you do?
Who will confide in you?
Remember the times we shared?
Remember how well we paired?
The consequences are tough
You only knew how to treat me rough
Who is next in line?
Will you, too, break their spine?
Look at what you've done
This time I will stand in front of you, I won't run
Don't bother me anymore
All you touch, you tore
What you wanted, you took
Now I glance back, I take one last look
You left me alone in your past
Forgotten friendships buried, never meant to last

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This means alot because I have been left behind before, by none other than my Boyfriend. I feel like he does not notice anything about me!
number 10 very good.
Hi Brande, After reading a poem, i too feel the same as what you had felt earlier,My first friendship with a gal,I trusted her more than me,I loved her more than the other,But after 10 month,I came to know that,she want to change me being lie to me, she never been true to me,though i cared her alot,but now,all her false had made me to go away from her,ofcourse i feel sad,But still,she is the looser,Her friendship is still alive in my heart,Still I respect her,your poem made me remind of her,whom I never wanted to think again,Your poem is best for such people.
i thinh that this poem is very nice because they way that they put it it really made me like it more and when you have a very close friend like that and they have to leave you because of something that they did and knowing that you will be hurt because of it then you know, writing a poem can really fix the problem and lets you express the way you fell thats alot to give up. to tell you the truth p love poems. i even wrote about two poems myself but i don't think that i will ever be as good as the ones that wrote poems like this but i sure will try. (you can do anything if you put your mind to it. ) (thats a famous qoute) now its time for me to go and the last thing that i want to say is, keep up the good work!
This poem touched me too, because a friendship tragedy has recently happened and i cannot get over it. STEFFANY, I feel the same way you feel, because my friend also, keeps blaming me for so many things and is always trying to find faults in me. I was left without any closure, so i know how you feel.
hi i cud see my mental agony here. in this poem
whoever wrote that must have felt very strongly about that person. it is easy to say that you love someone, but it is harder to mean it. this person trully did love this person they wrote about. if people keep leaving everyone then we will all be in this world alone. personally that is not happening today. people tell me i am beautiful every day and i am thankful for those who trully love me.
i think this poem truly relates to real life my bf just moved and she was the 1 who held us all together now shes gone i have no contact with her and nothing remains the same any more.
I really enjoyed this poem. It expressed EXACTLY how I felt at this very moment in time. Really good way of putting your feelings in words!
well i'm doing an assingnment on friendship poems and this is GREAT, Iill use this a you the writer all the credit, i will tell you what my mark was in week 8 so about a month and 2 weeks.
This poem is so true to me. Me and my EX-bestfriend were friends since 1999 and things happened, i can't even really explain, but, bad things happened between us and our friendship is over. It's hard for me to think about even getting a new bestfriend, because regardless of what did happen, I still love her and her kids. I miss her everyday. it's really hard. It's like I lost a boyfriend, you know?? Except the physical part, the emotion is still there. It's very similar. I hate it and I wish it would have never happened. The only thing stopping me from calling her or writing her or emailing her is that I honestly don't know if she feels the same about me. it's crazy. I don't truthfully know if she ever did.
this was how i felt wen my best friend stabbed me in the back and took evreything away, this poem is awesome. and bomb. this just reminds me of the horrid past. but its chill
nice one!
A heartfelt expression of the pain caused by betrayal. I feel she was writing about what just happened to me personally. A greater compliment I cannot give.
thank you so much for writeing this poem!it really has summed up alot of what i have been feeling. you see i lost a friend resently pretty much because she couldnt get over herself and thought everything i did was wrong. i didnt know how i should word my feelings or if anyone else had been going through this. i really have to thank you for writeing this. it was amazing!
really really good
dead man
The poem brings out the anguish and the despair you face when loosin a close friend. you might move on with life but the pain remains, haunting you relentless and always striking its venomous pangs at the most vulnerable moments.
i do love this poem. it remineds me of an old friend of mine who have left me because she thinks i was a lesbian and actually have a crush on her not knowing that i have loved as my bestest best friend. it makes me real sad that she treated me that way when in the first place what i only did was to be a friend to her not what she thinks of me to her.
this poem really toutched me i just got "dumped" by my bff and this is exactly how i feel
Great poem. so true
It really touched me, it made me think of a friend i once had but we drifted apart. i really liked your poem.
I 100% love this poem. I had a friend for 11 years. I always new that one day we would end up parting just because we were so different. Everything about this poem discribes her and our frindship, down to the last word. Its a beautiful poem.
I really like your poem. What happen to you is right now happening to me. Which I am feel so much pain and I dont know how to handle it. I really like your poem. Its really good and I hope you start to feel better.
Your poem was really nice; really inspirational and expressive. Total the top of the charts!
i really love this poem. its like this poem was meant for me. i can really relate to it. i seriously freaked on how good it was.
i love your poem, i felt that way quite a few times. it really touched me and i write poems to so i know if there is something that really brings it out. keep writting, your aswsome
I liked this poem, it related to wat i went through!
i was in love with sm1 n tht person just left me on the way,without any reason,without my fault. ur poem is really good
This really got to me! Me and my friends had got in a big fight this week! Or yesterday! Wel anyways. I really got touched! Thanks for sharing this!
This is a very good poem because I can really relate to it alot because before I went in to fostercare I had a good freinship Until something very dramatic tore us apart
This poem is amasing, I went through exactly what this poem is talking about, and it's everything I wanted to say to that person, I hope you keep on writing and do well, because you have a gift
I understand what it's like to have an older friend and then they leave and it hurts like heck because you thought they were your friend ,but to them it's like they are baby sitting you. I'm sorry and there will always (hopefuly) be more friends.
This is great! I have a freind who did this to me and it hurt so much. After all the great times we had he walked away and never talked to me again. Keep writing your great!
Very Good
wow. you will never know how much good it does to know that there are others out there that feel like this
i realy like this poem
i really liked this poem,it made me think of a friend i once had,i moved away from her and we lost contact,then she got cancer and died.
its so sweet. reminds me so much of. me!
I really love this poem because I have been in a situation where someone I loved has been taken away from me and I don't know if we are ever going to meet again. And for us to be apart we have to deal with it though it is rough and hard to get used to.
Wow, that was really good. i write poetry too and i just got my first one published . it really touched me i felt that i had a real connection with you andhowe you explained with so emotion it helped me picture what happended and made me feel like i was right there the whole time. great job . dont stop writing
this poem was really good and i hope to see some more of your poems. i know exactly what you meant in the poem it was great.
this is a really emotional poem its hard to express by use of word but i feel. i have ranked it among the best poems in my diary.
I loved your poem because right know at this moment I'm losing my bestfriend and I've try'd my best to gain our friendship back I'd call her and talk to her about things and our friendship and its as if it doesn't matter. Our friendship started slipping mostly when this new girl move in town and we all three came bestfriends and well I ended up getting kick out of the group so know its those two and not me. I'm only and eigth grader about to hit a freshman and I'm losing my bestfriend and I know there will be more friends but no one can ever take the place of her.
i was crying as i read your poem because my freind treated me that way but she is gone and i miss her sssssssssoooooo
This poem told a story about the author, what's strange is the author sounded alot like me.
This is really strange I had the same life experience as the poet in this poem. I was 19 and my bestfriend was 27 I had just come back from bording school so we became very close. What can I say I loved her alot their was nothing I wouldn't of done for her. But you live and learn from everything in life daily and trust me you learn fast when the closest person hurts you. But I will be honest with you, I am alot happier now in my life without her. And no pain will ever hurt like that again so I thank her for the experience The nicest angel turned into darkness.
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