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I always though that me and my ex-wife would always be best friends

When we were together

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This is a really good poem. it kinda similar to my problem. good work i love this poem :)
Bailey Rose
I really love this poem. It really touched my heart because I had a friend who one day left and I never got to say good-bye. It was really sad and that is why I love your poem so thank you for giving me those wonderful memories. Thank you!
i think the poem was great and i think you should keep writing
This poem really touched me it made me think of my freind that left me behinf for her boyfriend and once they broke up she came back to me and then not long after that she left me again and again and i know this will continue to happen with her great poem Jessica

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You fell in love, friends went away,
Knowing you'd have a closer friend one day.
I thought that friend would always be me -
Things have changed, as we can see.
You'll fall in love again one day,
Then once again your friends will go away

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i am so touched with this wonderful poem. this poem had exactly happened to me. i had a friend that had gone away. but reading this poem had cheered me up since 4 years. now that i have something to read when i'm feeling sad i thank you so much that this poem of yours had changed my whole life. thankyou so much and i hope that you recieve this message and that you will understand what i'm really talking about because this poem is rreally important now to my life thankyou so much whoever wrote this poem
this is a true poem that many times people dont consider friends while their in a relationship and then the love is gone and so are friends!
i love your poem its so really once you are friends with someone you what to know everything about them.
i have never saw a beautiful poem like this.
I can relate to this poem because i once fell in love and pushed all my friends away. after getting out of that abusive relationship i came to find that i was left all alone and it was all my fault. today i know better than to treat my friends like toys.
damn, that was real deep. i hope i get to meet you. oh, and that poem of yours is way true. we were four best friends. three girls and one guy. two girls fell in love with that one guy( which isnt me). so that caused a problem which is that guy wnet out with one of them and of course this other girl got pisted, sad, and everything. me im the person thats trying to comfort all of them at the same time. so like yah. see what can love do to a good friendship.
This has been one of the best poems I've ever read, it has made me get very emotional. I have just lost all my friends, because of a boyfriend that I had for a almost 2 years. I just started to go out with them again, but it's not the same. So I am about to just let them go they were doing great without me anyway. I just hope I find a true love quick. This is one of a kind! 2 thumbs up.
hey ws up this poems is very true u know like that qoute says friends become lovers but lovers never become friens!
im 15oh i think that you scored a 100%
I love this poem. It reminds me of a friend i recently lost. She started going out with my ex. So i told her she chose him over me and she will never have me again1 i loved this poem!
I loved this poem, its true and i know a lost a friend becuse of love and it hurts like hell.
this poem makes me really emotional because of my friend that i had in the past.
Its a cool poem about frieds. cuz it could happen wit my friends too.
i really really loved it and esapically right now i can relate, my bbf got a bf about a month ago and she claims to be in love but now me and her never talk ne more and i hate it and i wish they'd break up but if they do i know shes just gonna ge someone else
yes is great
I really liked that poem. It sounds just like my friends and I. I hpoe you write a. other
very touching luvin dis site, it is very important i can tell
I liked this poem. I am going through this now. You know when you tell a friend a secret and they just blab about it to everyone they know, well that's what happened. And I can't trust her anymore. Good poem.
this poem touched me because i liked this boy and after he found out i liked him we werent friends any more i never figured that we would stop talkin but we did if only he knew how i really felt
your poem was kool
i just wanted to tell you that what you wrote was really touching and my whole family loved it. please write some more because we would love to hear more of the fantastic poems.
this poem is very short and simple and i liked that, but what i really liked it how true it is. ppl pick relationships over friendship all the time, and their freinds fad away. and thats sad, but then, most of the time, they end up breaking up, then they have nothing. and even if they dont break up they still lost friends and going through life without friends just isnt' worth anyone.
this poem really touched me it's like friendship is very important but when it's taken away by love you go crazy i would vote for this poem any day because a poem like this really needs people who will love to read it all the time and remind them that friendship is golden love should never take your friendship away i vote for this poem because it touched me and reminded me of a friendship i lost because love got in the way
Me and my friend are going through this so this poem really helped!
I love this poem because it was so impressing.
true true true!
When I first read this short poem, I had noticed how straight to the point it was. This poem inspired, told the truth about every single friendship I had. After a year passes, we break apart and seperate.
This poem made me think alot about a friend of mine, and how we have grown so far apart! great poem!
hi i just wanted to say how much i liked that poem. i'm glad that you wrote the poem and i just wanted to show you my appreciation. thank you!
I like how its short to the point and the meaning of a friend going away can really hut a lot. I have lost a friend but the never came back. I loved the poem!
hey lol i liked the poem of friendship it was nice and it nearly makes my cry. very good
I vote 50!
This poem was excellent. I am going through this situation right now. i have lost so many friends after falling in love, and times when i am not with my boyfreind, i have no one to turn to and I am so incredibly lonely. This poem really describes my situation
Well Steven Solis I like your poem about friends and i had a friend that went away for about a month or two and i really missed her to but now she doesn't like but i don't care.
This is a great poem. I love it. It is reminding me of what I am going through. Only. It is my best friend who seems to be in love and it is her who is dismissing her friends. Shes not seeing that friends are important. It seems that she is thinking that no matter what we will put up with her, even if she forgets about us, Im not one who she can just drop and pick up when she gets hurt by this guy. Its killing me seeing her throw away her friendship with me. This poem really spoke to me. I know what I have to do now.
Your poem was AWESOME! I makes me think of the many friendships that turn into relationships and then after a while everything is gone!
This poem really defines what i have been going through over the past year. I lost all my friends to the person i loved, and am still suffering for it. Thanx for giving me something that helps me reflect :)
This poem is soooo good it's the truth friends come and friends go it's exactly what I'm going through
Love the poem it so great but it is my sad fate beacause i am the bestfrind with no one in the end
I loved this site.
SO short ..SO to the point and it really expresses what happens in life which is a big mistake to lose ur frnds when u fall in love as the frnds are so rare we can't rebuild

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