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This poem I am sure resonates with any of us that are trying to find out the "why" in this world.
This is the true meaning of life. I know this is the way I feel everyday. It is truly inspiring
This poem is truely depict of Life as seen on my ever bending journey towards growth. It speaks clearly of one's thoughts as we attempt to hold on to our sanity and our faith as we journey through this life. This author has a gift, I hope to see more of her work here. thank-you for sharing with us.
I can really relate to this poem. Sometimes how the poem describes life I even feel lost! This is an amazing poem. Great Job!
Wow, I relate to this poem as it seems was written just for me. I would enjoy reading more of your writings.
I really like this poem. This is how I felt before I let God come into my life. Ever since I have let him in. My life seems to be a whole lot better and I seem to understand things more. I don't really feel alone anymore
This poem is. beautiful. My mom raised me as a single parent and I am so thankful and very grateful for everything that she has done for me. You are a wonderful Poet.

Poems on Life (151-175)

  • by Julie Clark
    It's hard to imagine just how big Life can be, until we start thinking about all the things we could be doing.
  • by Jfreak
    Introspection can be a dangerous thing. And an equally rewarding thing, as this very profound poem shows.
  • by Tiggah
    This poem may well represent the best definition you'll ever find of Utopia.
  • by Sweetsteffanie
    This is a powerful picture of a Truth too many people - perhaps all people - face in this Life.
  • by Wolfgirl
    We all hide a piece of ourselves from the world. Some of us hide more than a small piece, and long for the day we can be set free.
  • by Vinny
    Helping others is important, especially when your help can save lives. But, sometimes, the greatest help is simply being there.
  • by Wendy Flora
    We all deal with anger in our lives. But do we really understand it?
  • by Tracey Stroud
    If you simply judge a book by its cover, you're going to miss an awful lot of good reading material.
  • by Krystin Bedard
    The grass always seems greener, and people can be fools in their quest for greener…
  • by Veronica Ann Cech
    We should all have a dream…
  • by Eyebrite
    Many of us write during the saddest of our times. It can surely be a mood lifter to put our feelings on paper and give our emotions some perspective.
  • by Tara
    When you see a stranger who needs help, what do you do? Do you step forth and offer your assistance... or do you ignore them and continue on your own way?

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Poems on Life continued

  • by Andrew MacDonald
    Love and wisdom seem to defy the possibility of coexisting within the same realm. This poet, though, seems to have quite a head start on making them synonymous..
  • by Josephina
    This beautifully written poem explore Life, Death, learning through adversity - and, most of all, the power of Hope.
  • by Pauline Hamblin
    We can see people through many different ways. A devoted Nurse explores one of those…
  • by Gracie
    In the end, our entire Life is predicated on what we believe. And why…
  • by Ted Mayfield
    There are many questions to Life. And perhaps, in the end, only one real answer with meaning.
  • by Mars
    Life isn't always easy. This poem explores the acceptance of the trials, along with the rewards they can bring.
  • by Wes Mitchell
    During the infamous Sixties, "finding yourself" became almost a cliché. But trying to determine your own identity has never been reserved to a single decade or time.
  • by Dash_doll
    There are many contrasts in Life. This very beautiful poem is a study in differences. And, too, in similarities.
  • by Leslie Rentas
    People change. And sometimes the changes are so abrupt and far-reaching, we must redefine who we think we are…
  • by Deric
    Some people believe that everything in Life happens for a reason. Even pain…
  • by Leslie Rentas
    Letting go of the past isn't always easy.
  • by Ingrid Y
    We both impact, and are impacted by, many different things in Life.
  • by Pauline Hamblin
    This lovely poem explores a very important Truth about the duality of Life. A coin has two sides, and without both sides, there could be no coin.
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