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I thought your poem was very touching and how close it comes to the truth. I think this poems hits the spot for a lot of people.
I just love your poem, my tears were falling while reading it because the message is true and I'm going to send this poem to my son.
I loved this poem. Life is sometimes hard and confusing. The Author is true to her/his self. Thank you for your work.
That was a very well written poem. I loved how it made me think of my own life and all the decisions we have to make.
This is a wonderful poem. I am going to read it to my son at his graduation party. Thank you!
I truly enjoyed this poem. It expressed so much of what I feel in such a beautiful way.
Very meaningful. Life drains us, but a lifeline can keep our heads above water.

Poems on Life (101-125)

  • by Ted Reynolds
    Lives touch, then separate, but are never really forgotten. Is there someone out there looking for you?
  • by Geoff Sanderson
    Truth can often be found in unlikely places. And at equally unlikely times.
  • by Lisa Winn
    Communication brings all people closer - and poetry within the family does much the same.
  • by Alan Wawruck
    Marriage and family aren't always what they seem.
  • by Alicia Vasquez
    This is a very beautiful poem about growing up, as seen through the eyes of a mother.
  • by LJ
    We all have uncertainties, but being adopted can raise even more questions.
  • by Mark Gamble
    In the eyes of a poet, even chaos can be beautiful.
  • by Pammy B
    There is a beauty in childhood not easily denied.
  • by Michelle Newton
    This talented writer discovers that poetry can do more than just communicate.
  • by Misty Hawley
    If we were to be blindfolded when we meet new people, would our first impressions change?
  • by Jennifer
    Every one of us feels conflicted at times. This poem contains just that - conflicting lines.
  • by Allison Mathis
    This young poetess wrote this poem as she was about to move away from her friends, her life, and her home.

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Poems on Life continued

  • by J. Samm
    This very exceptional writer artfully expresses the feelings that young people experience as they search for their place in society.
  • by Kate
    It might sound cliched, but it is hard to follow your dreams when the world is telling you that you shouldn't want what you want.
  • by Jen
    The people who have touched our souls are forever in our minds, and their essence is forever locked within our hearts.
  • by Aurora
    This poem tells all people (not just knights) of chivalry - about the art of NOT complaining when something doesn't go your way.
  • by Winnybear
    None of us wants to see our parents grow older, or become weak or ill. This poet expresses those feelings beautifully.
  • by Belisle
    "To thine own self be true" means, first, discovering who you really are.
  • by Belisle
    Death and Life aren't separate forces, but must be examined together. As reflections of each other and how they impact each of us.
  • by Leonna
    The only way to achieve anything is to first dream of it.
  • by Rini
    Life can be characterized by many things - even by the colors we see every day.
  • by Douglas Burruss
    Most believe that being tough is a virtue, a way to get through Life. But that's not always the case…
  • by Laura Lisle
    We have a subcategory in the Sad section for death, but - even though this poem is about that subject, it's really far more about Life and its inevitable end.
  • by Lloyd Klumpp
    Living is often a matter of setting priorities about what's important to us. Before it's too late…
  • by Sharon A. Bryington
    This delightful poem could have fit into almost any category, but I thought it's perspective on Life - and on death - would bring a particular message to this one.
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