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This poem is about looking within ourselves and others to see the beauty within. To share that beauty with others. To look past what's outside and see what lies within.

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I like what u do so keep it up I think you have talent. so try some other things out u never know what will happen! good luck.
Thats what I'm talking about! I loved it! I really appreciate clear inspiration without trying to be so deep that you can't understand it. Write and make it plain so them that read it may run with it. Thats my own paraphrase of Habakkuk 2:2 Keep up the good work.
I did so enjoy the poem and would like to place it in a weekly Christian newsletter that I write. I'd love to share the poem with my readers with your permission. Sometimes we get so lost and forget the true beauty that lies within us. God has enriched us with a beauty eyes cannot behold.
I really love this poem.

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Look Within

There is so much beauty in
This wondrous, blue rose
If only we could capture it
Within our very souls

If we could take its beauty
And apply the glow within
Search a little deeper
In the soul beneath our skin

Take what it does stand for
And shed its love abroad
Don't hide the glow within you
But share the love of God

You know you can't touch beauty
Without it rubbing off on you
And spreading it to others
In the kindness that you do

There lies within each one of us
The beauty like this rose
When it's used in touching others
Then its beauty overflows

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I like the way the poems don't rhyme according to a basic rhyming scheem
it touched my heart, a brought tears to my eyes of to feeling with that a smile. thank you for such beauity within,
WhtDove the words in your poem was great each line was building to the end. on a scale from one to 10 this poem is a 10.
Loved it and we read it in our Sunday morning worship service on 1/29/2006. Be blessed Pastor McGee
This is a very beautiful poem about the love we hold within ourselves, if only we take the time to look. Thank you.
This poet touched the soul beneath my skin! Thought provoking!
I am using this beautiful poem in my invitation card. Thanks. NRS.
great words very truthful a kind heart that keeps giving must have wrote those words
Lovely poem. It inspires us to look within to know ourself. I like such poems. Thanks. Best wishes
I love it!
On a bad day this was the thing that lifted my spirits, THANKYOU !
This is very good.
I thought this was a very touching poem and I would give it 10 out 10! Keep up the very nice poetry, its poems like this that make the work a better place!
WhtDove, you have a beautiful gift. I loved your poem, and it really got that point across that we've got to look inside ourselves to find that bit of extra purity. This poem was wonderful. God bless you.
When I read this poem it releases the goodness and beauty in me. Great job
awesome poem. it is absolutely beautiful and inspiring!
wonderful poem
Bobbie Jean
this poem made me think of how i view things and people. Day by day, minute by minute. Look within. Great Job!
TOTALLY GOOD! you have a wonderful talent!
I find this poem to be beautiful and inspiring. To search within so we find ourselves. Then give that to others. Truly, Beautiful. Thanks WhtDove
I really liked this poem.Great work!
excellence and pure poet
What a goal for each and everyone of us to attain. This just made my Sunday.
I enjoy positive thoughts in life.

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