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I wrote this poem after thinking about what things in this world were most important to me and what I wanted to tell my 3 nieces and 1 nephew were most important to me in this life.

Itís a poem about hope and vision of a future where people are judged, as Martin Luther King Jr. Said "Not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." So it was inspired by the "I have a Dream" speech, but also by John Lennon's song "Imagine."

This book will be a complete Illustrated book for Children, due out in June of the year 2000.

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I love it its a wonderful poem with a good meaning to it and has lots of examples that goes good with the flow love it GREAT JOB!
this is 1 of the most beautiful poems I have ever read,I really enjoyed it & pray you keep writing. You are a true writer & a inspiration to all I am sure!
I'm writing to tell you that this is a very inspiring and heartful poem. I would like to use this poem in a project of mine, and I will guarantee that I the teacher would love this poem by you. I am writing to tell you that I am inspired. Keep up the good work.
what a wonderful dream, a very inspiring poem to read,keep up the good work hope to read more of your poems.

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My Dream

Where the mountains touch the sky

Where poets DREAM, where eagles fly

A secret place above the crowds

Just beneath marshmallow clouds

Lift your eyes to a snowy peak

And see the soon- to- be we seek

Whisper DREAMS and let them rise

To the mountains old and wise

Climbers climb, it's time to try

Where the mountains touch the sky

Take me there. Oh take me now

Someway, Someday, Somewhere, Somehow

Where the ocean meets the sky

Where mermaid dance and seagulls fly

A place in DREAMS I know so well

The sea inside a single shell

Far across the living sea

A pale blue possibility

Beyond the castles made of sand

Tomorrow in a small child's hand

Only DREAMERS need apply

Where the ocean meets the sky

Take me there. Oh take me now

Someway, Someday, Somewhere, Somehow

Where the forests reach the sky

Men are equal and doves still fly

No thorns of war, a perfect rose

This is where the green grass grows

Out beyond the crystal stream

Like Dr. King I have a DREAM

Imagine such a goal in sight

For red and yellow, black and white

Whisper now, let the DREAM begin

It's time to trust the truth within

This is where we seek and find

A gift in being colorblind

Dream on Dreamers, hopes are high

Where the forests reach the sky

Take me there. Oh take me now

Someway, Someday, Somewhere, Somehow

Now, listen close, the future calls

"Build your bridges and tear down walls! "

For time has taught and so it seems

Realities are born of DREAMS

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This poem is one of the most inspiring poems I have ever read. Each and every time I read it, it touches me. That is a truly amazing thing. This author has a gift, thank you for sharing it with so many.
This poem touched my soul. Thank You from the bottom of my heart!
Your beautiful words make me to love it so much. =^_________^=
oh words cant describ how truthful this pom is I would love to meet this poet someday
it is good finding a poem as refreshing as this
Wow, this poem really touched me, you have an excellent way of well wording your words. You have inspired me to right through the heart, something that seems like you did. Great poem, you did a great job.
i love this one it has many meanings to it can and will mean diffrent things to diffrent people. it's great
I found this lovely and I know we learn from what we read.
That was such a cool poem about DREAMS it was a very good piece of work!
i love this poem. it's absolutely great!
This poem is the work of a genius. It is magnificent.
I think this poem is a great poem, its very inspirational and it gave me chills when i read it, you did a great job.
This poem will inspire anyone! It's wonderful!
your poem really inspires those who want to try to make dreams come true.
this poem was really how i dream and it truly is how real life is
well done
this is one of the best poems i have read in a long time and i really dont like poetry
only a beautifal heart could write a beautifal poem and that is one of that most beautifal there is.
This is a truly inspirational poem, one of the best i think ive ever read! Absolutely amazing Todd
Great Poem! I used it 4 school and don't worry, i gave Todd-Michael Phillips the credit!
I Love thiz poem~!
extremely touching..i'm speechless!
If everybody looked at the world like he does, there would not be anymore wars and hate
A fine poem I might say! You really capture the idea of a dream, and how it is being told to a perfect world.
to the poet who wrote the poem ,which makes so much sense and yet makes me wonder as to why life can't be as easy as the words we say.i enjoyed the words u used to express so well ,the feelings all of us feel but are unable to find the right words for ,thank u for writing it dowm .
Very good poem!
I love this poem!
This poem is great .. & every one has a right to dream.. so make your dreams true..
Through your dream youv'e touched a life, This life will touch another. You're a gifted preciouse life, And crafted like no other.
I had read you poem many times before but lost the address to this site... But I found it again and I am grateful! Hope your having a wonderful day! I like you poems very much they have soo much heart!
Martian Luther King is my role model i have always looked up and loved him. He has taught us everything i have ever believed in. No one is better than anyone and everyone is beautiful. I love this poem it was beautifully written and also expresses everything i believe. Thank you!
Ha,if you really want my comment,then i'm gonna just say'Good!'.
It's to bad we could not post this on a billboard for the whole world to read....It is truly inspiring. Ranea
beautiful and inspiring
wicked poem todd
This poem is excellent. It reminds me of a song about peace that one of my friends wrote. It's time to tear down the barriers and love/hate people for who they are inside, not their race/religion. This is now my inspiration!
I loved this poem!! Truly you have been doing this for a while to show such great talent!! I'm glad I read it.
This is beautiful.
this poem was very detailed and gave me images in my mind.. it was very thought out and i enjoyed it tremendously.
this is a beautiful inspiring poem, i hope we all achieve this dream
i think that is most bueatiful poem i have read. the words really hit me in the heart.
I really like this poem, because for one thing, everyone including me, we all have our dreams for the future and otherwise. I somedayhope to be a writer and get something ppublished. thats my dream for now. someday I alsways wanted to be a musician too.
I love the way you used your words to tell the world that all mankind should be equal not colorful.
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