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Dennis had been my friend for many years and now he had cancer and was dying. His chemotherapy was predictably causing hair loss. He was concerned about this and called me from his home in central Florida and asked me to get him an FSU cap. He also asked that I not make too much of his illness to his friends in Tallahassee. Tallahassee has two state universities, Florida State (the Seminoles) and Florida A&M (The
Rattlers). I sent him a cap and this poem.

ed. note...Jean Luc Picard and Wayne Dickey have fine bald heads, as does the author. Dennis wore the hat for several months before he passed away.

A Few Visitor Comments

What a wonderful tribute to a friend. If only all people could be so blessed as to have such a caring friend.
Too Cute!!
You've got a great talent and a heart that's even greater!
Excellent treatment of a difficult issue with humour.

A Last Gift For Dennis

It really seemed so easy
I didn't hesitate
A chance to help a buddy
A fan of Florida State

It started out when Dennis
A friend of whom I'm proud
Grew weary of just being
A face among the crowd

"I'm tired of my hairstyle"
He told me one fine day
"I'm getting kinda tired
Of hiding all this gray"

"I've thought a lot about it
I've been thinking very hard
And I believe I'll copy
That dude Jean Luc Picard"

"But old Jean Luc's a baldy!"
I said in disbelief
"A bird without a feather
A tree without a leaf"

"I know it will be different"
He told me with a smile
"But soon you'll grow to like it
It just might take a while"

I said "One thing concerns me
About your move so bold
For you may find come winter
That your cranium gets cold"

"Just look at ol' Wayne Dickey
Ain't had a hair in years
I'll bet that in December
There's frost between those ears"

He thought for just a moment
Then said "here's what to do
Go buy for me a ballcap
From good ol' FSU"

Now I'm from Tallahassee
Where the Seminoles stand tall
To find a cap from FSU
I'd just go to the mall

The store I can't identify
I have to be discreet
But the name refers to lockers
And also mentions feet

The clerk walked over to me
A turban on his head
And if that didn't clue me
His name tag said Ahmed

"Oh please to let me help you"
He said pointing to my shoe
"I'm looking for a hat" I said
"A hat from FSU"

"A hat, oh yes, oh very good
Please come with me this way"
He handed me a baseball bat
"Now please you come to pay"

"Ahmed, a hat I wish to buy
It's for my old friend Dennis"
He handed me a Wilson Pro
"This bat for playing tennis"

He wondered in confusion
As I just shook my head
Then reached around and handed me
A hockey stick instead

"A hat! A hat!" I pointed
To the turban on his head
"Oh no! Oh no, is not for sale
You buy a cap instead"

He led me to the corner
Where caps hung on display
I grabbed a cap from FSU
And started off to pay.

But Ahmed grabbed my shoulder
I tried to break away
He held on to me tighter
I thought he might be gay

"This cap cost many dollars
I think you should not buy
Instead I think this other one
More better you should try"

I grabbed the one he offered
I never looked at all
I handed him my money
And walked out to the mall

Much later in the evening
When I was all alone
I finally looked inside the bag
And then picked up the phone

I started to call Dennis
To ask him if he'd mind
That his new hat from FSU
Was now some other kind

But then I got to thinking
No Dennis would not care
He only wanted something
Because he had no hair

And so my buddy Dennis
I hope you do not pale
'Cause old Chief Osceola
Has some rattles on his tail.

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