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This poem isn't about eagles, but rather is about the imperfection of Life when we must face it alone. The eagle in this story learns that she cannot fly with only a single wing. She cannot be what an eagle should be, what all eagles must be. We, too, are like an eagle's wings. Alone, we cannot be all that we should be. All that we must be.

Be not too sad for our eagle, though. Her wing is broken, and she has lost much, but time heals even broken flight. If she's lucky, if she's given time, our eagle friend may yet soar again. Just as we need not forever be alone.

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I enjoyed this poem because it was really evocative and sad and also made me think about killing animals and birds when it is not necessry.
Truly splendid writing. Imagery was so vivid, the words simply spring to life. The message was touching-if you lost a part of you, you'd have to make it grow back or start living a life without it. People seldom have both choices.
Very nice Poem with a great lesson in it. I love the picture it gave me as I read it and the thoughts/feelings it evoked.
exceptional, tough on man, but hit the heart.

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Broken Flight

An arrow streaks from silent bow
To distant cliffs on deadly search,
The aim cast high, intentions low,
To where a pair of eagles perch.

An eagle flutters to the grass,
A cry of pain upon her tongue.
A broken wing she finds she has,
And cannot fly with only one.

Her eagle eyes cast to the skies,
To mate now soaring in the wind,
To cliffs and nest, eaglets denied,
Harsh victim of an archer's sin.

She circles round, confusion wild,
Her pinions moving in the breeze.
She flaps a wing in awkward trial,
Her voice grieves out in strident pleas.

It takes two wings to soar in flight,
To play a noble eagle's role,
A single wing lends no one height,
It takes two halves to make us whole.

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i really was touched by this peom. To me it shows no matter how great we think we are or others think we are, we can still be hurt. Broken we fall united we fly and this peom shows this in a great way. great writing Ron keep it up *S*
Thank you for this poem . At this time of my life it touched a part of me I did not know was still in pain I thank you. Tears are the realise we need to live again. God bless

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