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This poem was written about of a friend of mine that has always been there. And continues to be there, even when I can't see her.

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For someone to write such a beautiful poem about a friend thats always been there:). you touched me with this poem,only could one wish for a friend like you.
I love this poem it really nice and understanding. it really touched me and I thank the author for writing it b/c now I understand what it is like to not be in someone else's storm. thanks
Just the most endearing words in an eloquent tribute to the wonder and enduring power of a true and precious friend. Well done!
i love it n if i would vote this out of 10 i would definatly give it a 10 because it feels the same about my friend who past away deven machelle lord

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Not In Her Storm

I see the clouds rolling in and oh how it looks like rain
And it is always I fight for the welcome change
When it rains it pours on this heart of mine
So, I take the storms I feel to her each time.

But I know she has lived under her own pouring rain
Yet under her water her heart still doesn't change
She can walk away from what hangs overhead
And, not in her storm, are words left unsaid.

Not in her storm have I ever felt alone
Her storm ends, so I, may find my way home
It's for me that she pushes away her own rain
So, that I may find comfort in calling her name.

She lives in this world for the sake of another's heart
God, how she eases the miles when worlds apart
And she never wanders when your world falls through
Not ever in her storm would she do this to you.

She has wings that I know not only I can see
Cause only an angel could find strength to carry me
It's the way that the eyes can surely view
How her heart's written so clearly in what an angel can do.

Not in her storm is her work ever done
And even in her storm she hands me the sun
When her world is dark - I always have light
And now how I hold the new color of night.

She takes then she gives to an unhappy face
So that many can find an awesome place
I have been able to love her more every day
And with her hand in mine the clouds roll away.

Not in any storm that I will ever live beneath
Could ever change what I hold here inside of me
Not in any of her storms have I lost my angels touch
To that angel out there, I love her so much.

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i have one word for my friend like that. Sharayah. shes my friend and that will always be so. my heat acked when i thought about her when i read that poem. were always toghter in mind but im in hamilton and soon its going to take about4 hours for us to meat. i miss her so and i don't have a true friend but her. i feel like crying now cause anly when were toghter i find my heart and i have lost it now. don't cry for me as i think im ok but i know im not. tears still flow on the inside.
The poem is quite beautiful. It speaks of unconditional love. You feel for the author, the loneliness and pain we all encounter in life from time to time. We all need at least 1 angel in this life, embodied in human form. God bless the precious angels of this world. May he grant love and peace to the lonely individuals of this world. May He bless us all, is my prayer.
beautiful and true
Had to hold back my tears. it reminds me so much of my friend. Thanks
beautiful saying anything more would take away the beauty in these words a magnificent masterpiece
I really enjoyed your poem. I like how you use the STORM to describe how your friend is always there for you. That was great!
Hey, im not much of a poet but i understand poetry like its my job. lol. this was a Fantastic poem. not only did it make me feel how much your friend has done for you. your poem truly describes the when i am with my friends. it was just nice to hear about someone else doing the same things i do. to help others
I recently lost my closest friend to cancer and this poem describes perfectly how she remained a true friend even though she was going through a raging "storm". I will be reading the poem at her funeral tomorrow.
that poem was sooo sweet, i really liked it, something about it that made me feel happy and sad. good job keep it up!
this is a good poem it is the best one Iv read in along time
This poem really touched me. I have a friend that it fits very well. Thanks for sharing such a lovely piece of art.
it is a wonderful and inspiring poem
This is so very true,about real Friends,and some of them we never meet,except on the net!
omg this poem is so touching, I love it, I want to be a poet too, and not many poems catch my eye, but this one did right away, keep up the good work
an awe inspiring poem. great!made an impact on me.
does't everyone have a best friend they can call an angel? I have one that I can tell everthing to and know thats as far as it goes and your poem reminds me of her. What a blessing you have givenme through your poem. Thanks and God bless.
this is the best poem that i have read and it reminds me of my friends that i lots about four years ago, thanks, it made me think of the good times i had with her. keep the writing them
This was a very good poem i really liked it
the reason y i like "NOT IN HER STORM" is because when i was reading it, it really touched my heart. and the plus it taught me to be a better friend then i am already n it's saying don't leave yo friend side, but be there for them through thick n thin no matter wat happen b/c one day u going to need a friend by your side. but i just want to encourage the author of this poem to keep up wat u doing!:) LOVE ALWAYS Ms. Rahquetta Hubbert
this poem is awesome. i had a friend like that. she's gone now, but if she was with me, i would dedicate this poem to her. keep up the brilliant work.
omg i really love this poem it is so cute ! i wanted 2 give it 2 my bff amanda i love her so much even no we fight all the time ! so i love it so much ! ~~~desiree~~~~
this is the best poem i have ever read and i every thing that is written down i feel for my friend!
wow this was wonderful
really good !
I just wana say u ROCK girl. I really like da way u actualy paid attention 2 da things ur frend did 4 u. LOVE YA PERLA
i friend of mine sent me this poem, i cried. it is quite beautiful
awsome! powerfull. it's like you've shot your friend to stardom, atleast put her on a podium. both of you deserve a medal. need i say, loved it. thanks sauni
i love this because it just touched my heart. i am recentlly expercing troubles with my friends so this has made me realize that i need to keep them as long as i can
This is a wonderful poem and it tell the way i feel about my best Friend for over 30 yr. Every one should have someone in there life to make the complete like this poem.
Its a beautiful peom. touched my heart
i think it was beautiful i love it
This poem was really good, it reminded my of my friend Jordyn. It's just like her. Very well done.
nice !
hey i just love your poem it is so sad well hope you still think about her see ya ashley
I was surfing the Net to find the right words to say to a special friend of mine. Found your poem Not In Her Storm and was taken back. Your ability to find just the right words to express such emotional sentiments is a tribute not only to your talent as a poet, but to you as a person. Thank you for allowing others to share a most memorable poem.
I just love this poem. reminds me if what someone once told me. everyone withers a storm of some sort before they can reach the end of the rainbow! I t reminds me of the things in my own life
This poem was sent to my most dearest friend. She will hear every word as though I was there telling her this myself. Wonderfull, wonderfull.
well. i like it. nothin more. cool!
This poem touched me since I too have experienced what it is like to have a friend like this. I can relate a lot to this poem. Thank u very much!
Wow, aptly describes an ex-girlfriend- what a coincidence as well that my pet name for her was stormy--my heart weeps stormy,why did I ever let you go?????????
I relate to this poem because I have friend I turn to when I am in a storm. This poem spoke to my heart and to my feelings. Thank you.
are you serious! this rocks man keep it up!
A simply lovely heart to write such things . stay blessed
oh my god. that poem was one of the best poems i've read all day that was so awesome. very cool
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