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I wrote this poem for my friend Ann, who always took the time to listen to me and help me through my problems when nobody else would.

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so nice
nice poem. easy to understand. the writer use a simple words but its so sweet
It is exactly how i feel about my best friend Carol. Thank you it was perfect
its a poem that i would give to my best frend

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Thank you for always being there,
To listen and understand me.
I appreciate all you did for me,
And all you still do.

Thank you for making me feel whole again,
For putting my pieces back together.
I appreciate you putting my life back together,
You saved my life.

You may not understand,
Why I do what I do.
But you never criticized,
You just helped my through.

I knew I could come to you when I was down,
'cause I knew you'd always be there
to pick me back up
and say everything will be ok.

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i really liked ur poem. it describes a lot of great friendships. im sending it 2 my best frnd.
i really liked this poem cause it reminds me exactly of my best friend because she has always been there and all i did was let her down
love this poem its awsome!1
This is a great poem!
this touched me because i relized i had some one like this peom is talking about, i never relized i said thank you to her when she needed it the most but she told it to me when i didnt even need it! this told me that she was my best friend!
I liked it. It has feeling.
This is a wonderful poem L llikes how it talks about listening to your friend nobody has never listened to me but thankyou you for letting me have the oppertunity to read it thankyou
This is a really good poem because it's true and many people can relate to it just like I did! I really like this poem because it can show a person that you are grateful for them and that you really do care!
This poem is touching in so many ways, i love it
i like this poem alot it is very sweet and nice. it remind me of my bestfriend and thing we been through alot so keep writing these wonderful poem
I loved your poem. It is as if you wrote it about me and my friend. You are really gifted with words. God Bless
this is a very nice poem!u knoe how to rite poems!
i love your poem.
Hey Becky. I love this poem! I want to email this poem to my friend! We are no longer friends because of some decisions I had made, but I still want to tell and show this girl how much I care about her, and how much I appreciate the things she's done for me!
love it
That poem is vary sweet and thoughtful.
i think that this poem is an awesome poem. i think this because this symbolizes my friendship with MY best friend and this really touched me. I ALMOST cried. i really hope we are friends for life!
this is the best poem i have ever heard . cause it says the truth and it makes me feel like my friend is always gonna be my true friend in life cause she does all of that for me! it is the BEST poem ever
Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Out Standing, You really touched me deep in my heart. Write On Sister !
that's a good poem it rounds everything up into a few words
" your poem is very heart warming"
it was really very good
I liked this poem much because the time i read this it has touched my heart. And it has tell me the true meaning of BEST FRIENDS.
i am searching any poem through which i can express my feelings towards my best frnd . and i got really exact peom as if its made 4 me.
it is really nice. it is the thing that i want to say to my friend.
I was really touched by this poem I liked it so much I printed it out and gave a copy to my best friend
this was such a nice poem dat if i would hv a friend like ur friend so i would really send him/her yhis poem
That poem is so nice???? and hmmmm thats all I wanted to say :)
I liked your poem. It remind's me of one of my friend's. Kool poem
I love this poem! I can really relate to it cause my friends are always there to help me through stuff, and you can tell thats what the author was feeling! Peace Livia
good job
OMG i really like tis poem i'm going to put it on my wall next to me and my bestfriend it's really good dont stop writing.
wow how sad very well writen
I liked this poem cse it's relli beautiful and sweet.
i love its
very nice and heart touching.
Your poem was such a light of my heart. I have a special guy that no matter what or how I would feel, he was always there for me. There would never be no questions asked. He would just sit and listen to me and this poem as I was reading it it reminded me of how sweet this guy is just to sit and listen to me. Thanks now I really know how to tell him just how wonderful he is in my life. Debby
this poem touched me because it reminded me of a special friend that i have who is always there to listen to me. thank-you for writing it. nancy
I really liked this poem. I could relate with it.
This poem really touched me it brought tears to my eyes i used to have a friend like that but we don't talk anymore
Listen is a grate poem its made me think alot about friendship i'm in i was almost ready to give up but reading your poem has made me keep going
This poem talk about exactly everything that my bestfriend does for me,not only in my sad times but as well as my good times. She is extraordinary and I love her deeply. I can't imagine anyone else being my bestfriend. Special thanks to the poet,this is everything my bestfriend does for me you put it into a poem thank you so much
Well this ppoem brings a smile to my face a tear to my eye but in a way it ren=minds me of me you sed what i feel right now xxx Becky Warren
Hi, Your poem is realy very good & also touch my mind & heart. I thing that you have realy a good friend. May god bless you & your friend Bye & Take care
i think this poem is rly cute it matches well to my best friend matt! i luv him heaps hehe xx luv always lorrin. -xOx-
Anne Pauline
this poem is very beautiful! I want it to share to my friends and friend toi be! i hope the writter of this poem tittled "listen" make more beautiful poems! i vote it cause i have many friends and i appriciate it what they done to me! thanks!
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