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This poem is about friendship - the true kind. My best friend has always been there for me, helping me, guiding me. That is why I titled it, "Can I Call You Angel? "

She is truly an angel in my life.

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i love this peom. i give it a 10
hi loved the poem. i was looking for something to tell my very supportitive son how much i love him, he has been my best friend as well as my son, it was perfect.
that was a great pome it made me cry

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Can I Call You Angel?

The snow fell, leaving a halo of white upon your head,
and that's when I said,
"Can I call you Angel?"

You looked at me with surprise,
but I could see it in your eyes,
and I knew.

As you sang silent night,
your beautiful voice put me at ease,
and I asked please,
"Can I call you Angel?"

A smile came to your face with serenity and grace,
but you said not a word.
In my darkest hours you held my hand,
never leaving my side, and I said, while I cried,
"Can I call you Angel? "

You then began to wipe the tears away
and erase all the gray in my life.
You led me down a path of gold,
telling me of the creator above,
and again I asked with a greater love,
"Can I call you Angel?"

You never answered my plea,
so I fell to my knee in prayer.
As I opened my eyes, I could see you before me;
Your wings spread and a golden halo upon your head
and one last time I said,
"Josslyn, can I call you Angel?"

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this iz a really good pome i like it a lot me n my friend loved it
ahhhhh I really loved this poem ! that's so touching ! as friendship is so important to me .
i loved that poem very much it remindz me of what my cousin became when she left me. very well written thank you for bringing the memory back LOVE SHAY!X0X0X0X0X0
i love this poem it was good i almost cried but i didn't want 2
your poem will surely touch the very heart of josslyn. she's lucky to have someone like you who would wish her to be your angel.
Erin The Same As Yours
thanks 4 ur poem its wonderful it was d best poem 4 me to send to my dearest friend
i love i lovr it is soooooooooooooooooo cute and that thinks me off a Love Friend!
This poem almost made me cry, and it did make me think of someone, the only person, who hasn't left me high and dry.
such a heart touching sequence of words dipped in heartiest feeling .
this poem was gr8 i loved it i have a friend by the name joslyn and told her about it shes says shes fells spiecal having her name ina poem thankyou soo much keep it up
I can honestly say this is my favourite poem of all time, even after a few years of reading it, it still makes me cry! Erin Sheets is an emazingly talented person and what i aspire to be artisticly. keep it up girl, you could easily be a star* With love and peace Joe x
This poem has a great story, it really made me cry.
whom ever write this poem should be blessed with a great blessing because this poem made me cry and think of my best friend. If the vote is in a mark out of ten then I give it a ten 10
I really liked the poem. its so lovely. it really describes a true friend and really it can make anyone cry. LOVELY
it is very well said. so pretty!
I loved this poem and would love to know how such a fantastic peice of poetry
hey well what can I say that was a great poem . I actually liked one, is kinda weird u know ! Keep the poetry going he he later, Astrid
it was very good i liek it a lot and it mad me thaink about my friends i gave it a 10
it is such a nice poem!you've got a great talent!so keep it up DUDE! . .
it was a very sweet poem. the author is really really good. the poem reminded me of my friend. i also call him angel and this poem really put my feelings into words.
i loved this poem girl ur the bomb! you go girl.
i wud just like to say that this poem really, really and i mean really touched my heart! i read this beautiful poem to this guy in my class an he came running to me!(wel not actually running but walking, you know wot i mean!)he came running coz he really liked this poem! Hes kind of a boy who dont like to study and mess about and when he told me he liked the poem he made me promise not to tell his friends coz it wud be emabarrasin! wel i knew that if that one person enjoys it like me and my freinds then i think everyone shud enjoy it as much as i did. thank you. LENAXXX
Very Sencere. I loved it.
This poem brought tears to my eyes. i love it and never give up your special gift of writing poems.
that was so sweet
Simply beautiful
I loved this poem, it went straight to my heart, it has beauty and grace get sadness but then again joy, and it shows exactly how you and others feel about the people around them, it is a one of thoses poems that will stay with me forever because it has it's own meaning, it's not just a bunch of words it's has a life a soal a spirit and i find this special.
Absolutely amazing poem, my favourite poem of all time, realy captures the bond between two friends - well done erin! -x
I love this poem.
think this poem is great i believe that there are angle amoung us and they are here to help us in our need of time and trial. i believe that this is really good and interesting poem. this should be published in a book or something. EVERY ONE IN THE WORLD SHOULD SEE THIS POEM!
i just loved this poem so much! when i first read it i first read this i just cried! it was so touching! now i just won't stop reading it! i wish i could write as good as you can!
tears. the only word I can say to tell you how much your peom meant to me. I cried big tears and when
it is such a sweet sweet poem. i just wish that someone would write me a poem just like this one. you are and will make a very good poet indeed!
hello i really do like this poem. actual it tells a lot about life in a different way. thank you for this. it has given me a lot more faith
i very like this poem
I loved this poem and I still love it . I think that Erin Sheet has a lot of talent; that poem really inspired me and really tought me mor ethan I knew about friendship and I really appreciate it . Thanks a lot!
I really like this poem. It make me cry because it's very sweet and it make me remember my best friend Natalie and while I read it I was thinking "Natalie may I call you angel?" because she is like an Angel to me and your poem make me realize that. Thank you
it is so sweeeet! i really like it
I like this poem it touch me. and i really liked the worked.
i really liked this poem
See if you know who you are then that should be the oly thing that matters to you and me, because to me if you are youself and thats all that matters.
this was a good poem
Very sweet and touching. For a true friend.
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