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This poem I wrote to my best friend of four years that I will never forget. I think it is very important for every one to have a true best friend, and I hope that everyone is as lucky as me and finds one. And once you have one, never let go of that friendship.

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Hey. Totale kwl poem. hope u can publsh mre. ur an author @ hrt.
That poem brought tears to my eyes. My sister in law is my best friend, and today is her birthday, 30th at that. I can not be with her because I moved 1300 miles away 3 weeks ago.
on a scale of ten, it is a twenty. extremely cute.
a nice poem. i like very much

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True Best Friends

Like a needle in a haystack,
true friends are hard to find.
That's why I'm so thankful that I can call you mine.
Whenever I need a shoulder you're there to catch my tears.
You've kept my many secrets,
Throughout the past four years.
You've been there through my afflictions,
You've witnessed my defeats.
I'll remember all the good times,
And pray the bad ones don't repeat.
With you my heart is honest,
but there's one thing I never told you.
Thank you for everything you've done
There's no one else like you.
No one that could ever be a
true "best" friend like you!

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That is sooooooo SWEET!
OMFG! this is soo gorgus! u shood soo keep writing and stuff. u hav real talent! xo bye xo
hey its me agine i just wanted to say that my friends think this is the best f. poem they ever read about friend ship so im letting u no how much pplz enjoyed your poem =] love mellisa
omg this poem tuched me so much. i love it and i think it should have 9 stares just love it! =] omg i cant stop reading it and i sent this to all my best friends forever over myspace and posted a coomant so every one can see! =]
I liked this pome beacuse me and my friend are not so well.
I think this poem is really sweet, me and my best friend, Lauren, have been friends for nearly 9 years and I am going to send her this! I hope she loves it as much as I do! :P
This is a truly inspiring poem I LOVE it! It reminds me of my best friend and I when we were through good and bad times. you are a great poet Crystal! :)
I love this poem b-cuz I have a friend who is always around when I need her the most. Yeah we had our bad times but we came through and yes I do pray that the bad times don't repeat. When I need a shoulder, a hand, and someone to talk to she is always there. I thank her and appreciate her for always being there when I needed her the most. Good friends are so hard to find but a friend like her is really worth the search.
the poem is great,very realistic!
that was the best poem that i have read
my vote is 10/10. this poem is awesome. u made my day by this beautiful poem.
This poem was beautifully written. It says just the right words. I wanted to include something else in a card for my best friend and this is the poem that speaks the truth. Thanks!
This is excellent.
This poem is awesome. The author put a lot of thought into it and it paid off, thats for sure.
great i like this one very much. it sounds like my best friend Jolene.
i sent this to my friend a few years ago and we've been the closest of friends since. this poem really shows true friendship.
you have a great thing going for you that poem gets a 15 from me keep up the good work
after readin this i loved my friends even more
i am very btouched by this poem the author is very inspiring and i hope that this poem will touch others also!
This is a very wonderful poem. Reading this poem i remember all my friends with same speciality. I like it very much
I LOVED this pome it seemed like the writer was inside of my brain and was taking my words. It was an awesome pome, definetly one of my favorites!
My partner and I are searching for a poem. We plan on creating two tatoos. Each tatoo would contain half of the words of the poem, (starting with every other word for the first tatoo and the remaining words for the second. I love your poem.
this is just lyke me and my friends
It's very touching!
Truly wonderful
awsome yhis is over limit is so beautiful and nice
I vote for this because. It describes my bestfriend and my life!
This is a great poem!
holy crap! this is soooo cute i love it. if i were you i would totally publish it its soooo cute!
that is a well good poem i tell u now if i could write liekk that i be famous by now lol
the poem was grate i sent it to my best friend
I thought it was very good I am going to let my Sister/friend read it
This i sa really good poem and very touching and i hoped that everyone can read this poem
I love this poem. It's really nice
I really like this poem because this relates to me and my best friend
This poem is GREAT! 20 out of 10!
On reading this poem i felt i had to vote for it. It sums up how i feel about my best friend of four years. Its a lovely poem.
this poem is very nice i liked it alot. props
this poem touched me cause i to have a true "best" friend she has kept my secrets and i intend to keep hers she is like a sister to me and i ll love her forever.
iam so grateful too have found this poem for a long time now i havent been able to tell me best friend of 10 years how im feeling untill i found this poem. thankyou so so much i know its going to help as we havent been all that close in the past year things have changed between us but i know that when he reads this he will remember our friendship thankyou
I LOVE it! it was good. i makes me think of my friend we had are bad time but we had more good time then any thing but one of the bad thing is she is moveing in 2 weeks 5hat will be the worst time ever i will cry like a baby. cause she is like the sister i never had every body thinks we are so we tell them we are cause we look a like. will i got to go but i loved you poem. love, charmin
this is a really neat poem i loved it
My name is actually Clara but I use Jody as my email. The poem touched my heart. I have a friend that is 19 years older than me but it does not change our friendship. Just like the poem said I can count on him when I need him. I have known him for around a year. His name is Michael and he is a true friend to me the poem reminded me of him and me that is why I like the poem.
The poem is really good because it remind of how much i Missed My Best Friend.
This is the best!
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