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This poem is dedicated to the one person I can always count on. She was one of the few things keeping me alive at one point. We've been through a whole lot in only two years, and our difference in age didn't make things any easier. She stuck by me, though, through the good and bad times, and when our families and our friends were so unaccepting. Nine years is nothing between friends. She's always been willing to be the target of painful frustration, and she knows just how to cheer me up. Nothing in the world could ever repay her for everything she brings to my life.

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this one i really liked. it had all the right words i was looking for :)
omg it's the best poem i have ever read . can u believe while reading it i send it to my friends omg they all loved it! love ya
Tshepo Hope
Jeez! This is beautiful,I really shed a tear when reading this poem for it gave me some sort of comfort, like it was really written for me as i read it at a time when i could use a shoulder to cry on! Keep it up. That was a wonderful and very creative poem.
i like this poem so much!

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Only You

With you, it's all about
voiceless communication-
always knowing exactly what to say,
but never actually having to say it.

When no one seems to be listening,
you hear.
When I hurt but don't show it,
you know.
When I turn away to hide my tears,
you see.
When I feel like I can't get through to anyone,
you understand.

Your eyes glow just for me,
and I know you're proud.
You flash your magical, healing smile my way,
and I know everything will be all right.

You know everything there is to know about me.
You know what worries me,
what keeps me up at night,
and what shames me so badly
that I can't share it with anyone.
Most importantly, though,
none of those things bother you.

You've restored my faith in people
and proved that there is a thing
called true friendship.

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That is so cool I think my friends are like that because we always know what the other one is thinking we don't even have to say any thing if we are having boy problems we know beacuse we can see it in each others eyes.
i love this poem it relates to my friendship with my friend mercy
i love your poem it was nice.
This poem said it all for my best friend and I. We have been Friends for 35 years, and I speak to her every night even thought she lives 3000 miles away. She is my Best Friend "Marjorie"
omg i loved this poem it put tears in my eyes i think im about to cry i can totaly relate to this thats why i love it so much! keep up to heaps good poem writting! you are awesome
Awesome poem! love it ^o^
A poem which really portrayed my friendship with my best friends. :)
Just two verses in and I was starting to cry. It describes the relationship I have with my best buddy 'spot-on'.
This poem really touches me by the words. I can not see how I can sit here and read it without crying. I just sent it to this boy I am chatting with. He seems like a real nice guy to go out with. He asked me do I like him I said yes so that is why I sent the poem to him. Please make up some more poems like these one and send it to my e-mail address.
Outstanding and full of lovely feelings .
to be very sincere,this poem really touched me. When I read it ,I saw the true likeness of my best friend Mercy. I had no second thoughts and I just sent it to her immediately! congrats for your good work and please give us more.
I love this poem because it relates to me and my best friend in so many ways. A coupld of years ago I was really down and my best friend just pulled me back up and she still does. She knows when there is something wrong even though I try my best to put on a happy face. She knows when I'm upset about something and I just won't admit it and best of all she's always there to put a smile on my face. She's like my sister. So I thought that this poem was a great tribute to best friends like her.
I like the poem cause it touches the heart with its simple words about what friendship really means. Thank you for writing such a nice poem.
nice poem :-)
i like very mucm
it's so touching.
i really love ur poem it really touched me . keep it up and continue to write more
I just want to say, this these words are enough to express me to my friend.
i luv this pome
i havnt been able to cry in months, i read your poem it was the first time iv cried it reminded me so much of my best friend. thank you so so much
This poem is very heart touching keep up The good work and keeping writing this poem reminds me of my Bestest Friend Erica U I love You
i love this pome it`s the best i just can`t say enough!
i thought of my best friend, whom is my mother when i read your wonderful poem. while reading, i felt the same way. you wrote everthing i feel as well. it is wonderful to know someone is out there that is able to express my same feelings with such wonderful words. thank you
This is a beautiful poem, it really touched me. it puts into word what i have been thinking and feeling . thank you vey much for this work of art.
This hits home in many ways for what these last years have been like and losing friends because of things going on. In recent times, I have found some new ones who are true regardless of life issues and staying by my side not walking away.
i loved it! i have a friend like that n i cant trust ne1 but i found trust in her. unfortunately she is leaving soon but please keep riting becuse u r so gd
this poem means so much to me i have been going threw some problems in my life but i have always had one close friend of mine there by my side every step of the way. when a tear fell down my cheech she wiped it away and stop me to be strong that i could make it threw kayla is her name
This poem reminds me of a dear man that I fell in love with.
i like the pome so much!
Your poem really touched me cause true friends are like 4 leaf clovers hard to find&lucky to have. Keep writing. Jennifer
honestly written -- of what a true friend is all about. Bravo!
This was all I wanted to tell my friend.
This poem says things that are so true about my bestest buddy in this entire world! this is a great poem.
Defines true friendship, listening with the heart, unconditional love.
I loved this poem. It is the first one I have found to send to a very special friend of mine that describes exactly our relationship. It is the perfect poem. Great Job!
i really enjoyed this poem beacuse it really spoke out to me. and i can relat to this type of thing with my best friend
thats exactly how i feel about my best friend. :) this poem is the best
I love your poem!
ITS GREAT AND YOUR GrEat!your the best!you rule! . . .
I love this poem. it reminds me of my own realationship i am in now. and how my bf sees everything tho i try to hide it. i touched me alot.
As I was reading this poem I felt as if the author had written it especially for me and knew me personally. It is all I have been feeling but could not express in my own words.
I sent that poem to my best friend as an eCard. I meant every word in it. and i know that he feels the same. thank you DEawn for writing that poem. it is exactly what is going through my head every moment of every day! you are truely gifted!
I don't know what to say. It's great and I love it!Good job
this was an awesome poem. you touched my heart and made me cry. hope to read more from you soon!
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