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We've all made mistakes, especially when we were young and honestly believed that the choices we made were for the best. When I looked back on one of the most turbulent times of my life, I realize that I hurt someone who was very dear to me.

But when so many years have passed, how can I go back and tell him I'm sorry?

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the poem makes me cry,,truth hurts really
Heya. Lurve ya poem. toched moi heaps. iz did a real liv situation? hope ya do more. ur a poet @ heart.
I really loved this poem because my best friend and I started falling in love and he had girl friend and she found out about us and now he does not want to talk to me nomore and that hurts very bad . and i just wanted to say im sorry to him but he does not want to talk to me no more and he did it to and it's not fare to me and my feelings but I want him to know I will always be there for him know matter what so thats why this poem touched me a lot.
I love this poem! I know the feeling. it's hard to say those words but in the end we have to say it, no matter how hard it is.

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How do I tell you I'm sorry -
With a gesture, a look, a touch?
How is it I never realized
I hurt you so very much?

I do not ask forgiveness,
A comfort I'll never deserve.
I merely want to let you know,
But I cannot find the nerve.

To finally confront you, face-to-face,
To look you in the eye,
To face your wrath, your apathy -
Too terrified to try.

You called me selfish, I turned away,
I festered and I fled;
Cutting and wounding and lashing out,
Just to see if you bled.

Betraying and deceiving you,
I surely had no right
To snatch away such a precious gem;
A dark thief in the night.

Four years and forever passed
To bring us to this day,
When I present these simple words
I never thought to say.

The time has come, it's long past due,
To put aside my fear;
Would this confession torture you,
Or have you longed to hear?

To hear those two forbidden words,
To vanquish all the pain,
To understand my dearest wish:
To know you once again.

The years aged me remarkably,
Though they have not made me wise;
I do know I erred irrevocably -
For that I apologize.

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this poem really toached me i LOVE it
your poem made me cry and think about all the things i ahve done wrong to my dearest friend to me thank you veery much
This is a beautiful poem! i love it so much. I actaully really wish that my friend would say that to me. thankyou for writing such a lovely poem. It touched my heart. You sure have talent.
when i read this poem it makes me cry because i did this to my first love i cheated on him and hurt him soo bad and if i could take t back i would so now i sit wodering about him thinking of all the fun times we had and wishing i would have never said goodbye because now he has a girl while i sit here all alone with my bf and thinking i love him but do i really? i love this poem and i think i'm going to send it to my ex and hope he will no how truly sorry i am!
Nice poem!
wow. this poem is amazing it truly touhced me. i lied to a very close friend once and thought it would make her better but it actually made all matters worse and thats when my whole life changed because she was like a sister to me. i think ur poem was excellent! xxxxxxx
Thank you for this poem. I'm going through what you described in this poem w/ a friend. which is no longer.
i love this poem and i am a big poem writer and this helps me to understand what it is to have a good friendship and not to mess it up
really nice tina. keeep it up bye
wow. this is such a great poem! a few months ago I fell for a guy, but he was too slack to keep in touch. he really hurt me, he was my first love. I hope one day, he'll realise how much it hurt me to try and walk away. this poem really touched me, it brought tears to my eyes. keep writing, and I hope things worked out with your friend!
I love this poem! It rox! It touched me a lot.
This poem touched me i started crying because me and my best friend forever were in a fight for about a year because i was stupi but i was to scared to aplogize. But your poem inspired me to suck it up and apologize. So shhe forgave me and we are now fiedns agian than you so much you changed my life!
I was in a situation recently where this poem really touched me. Thanks for posting it.
thank you for writing this poem this will be my apology to someone very special and i hope it makes them feels as good then as i do just by reading keep up the good
I told one of my absolute best friends deepest secret a little while ago. I betrayed her. and now i dont think we will ever talk again. This poem made me cry and realize even more how much of a failure i am at life. She was my world. i loved her more than anyone and i screwed up majorly. I will love her until i die. She is the greatest person i have ever known and it kills me to think of how stupid i was to lose her. This poem showed great emotion. almost close to my own. I cannot find the words to apologize to my friend. I know her and myself so well that i am sure that neither of us would be satisfied with an apology. I plan to let her live her life until i feel that i am worthy to talk to her again. I love her so much.
WOW! This is one of the best poems I have ever read! It's simplicity and depth vividly touched my heart. What a beaufiful piece of work.
OMG i loved your poem when i was reading it was like i could have written it. it touched my heart and made me and my friend relize that you shouldnt fight over you friendship
this is a beatiful poem written from the heart, it made me weep when i read it, Thanks
It touched me so much . No words to express my feelings
i loved it
you made a wonderful poem /i just wanted you to know that
I was deeply hurt, by my best friend. I had never felt so much pain in my life. Almost two years went by when she finally apologized. That was the best letter of my life. It's never too late to apologize. NEVER. Believe me, I was waiting for those words for 2 years and I would have waited forever.
this poem is incredibly great, to who ever wrote this you should be commended, this is something i would write to one of my friends, like my best friend,this is a very sweet and inspirational poem, i love it!
this is a sweet poem. it brings insperation in to saying im sorry. i will use this poem to help me say im sorry to a friend if i need it. i love this poem.
The peoms is beautiful and brought tears to my eyes
these is one of the best poems' i hav ever read. i just love this poem and i want to share this with my friend whom i lost because of my selfish nature but now i am completely changed and want to get her back.
You have more guts than me! I haven't the courage or will to apologize to my friend yet, even though I wronged her time and time again.
good poem i like it
well this poem relly strong if you have been a day in my shose couse i have too gone trhue some very bad sitiations and this reminded me of it im gonna give it to my freind wich i too need to apologise too well because im so yung and stuff for my age 14 my life relly suck i have been in too much situations and that make me upset couse i just whant to be another happy teen that lives a good remark of myself in other people harts but scence of all my screw ups its not that way well that all i have to say and i love this poem so good work.
IT was great. I liked it alot.
this poem is a really deep, as well as true poem i felt that poem as if u were taking those words right from my heart. so often we hurt people then we lose people and we always wish that we could have just 5 minuets with that person so that we could say all the things we wanted to say but never did say so i truly feel and understand that poem and i think thats what makes a poem a good poem so i just thought i would comment on ur poem.
thats such a touching poem!
This poem truely impressed me and I want to say a special thankyou for writing it. I have recently separated from my wife of 33 years due to many unsolvable problems. The words of this poem are exactly how I feel now and I hope that when she reads it, she will be able to forgive me for all the hurt and suffering I may have caused her. Thanks, JesseG I rate it 5 stars!
It made me cry! I think the reason is that we are not perfect and there has been at least one person in our life that we have hurt or has hurt us and we wish that we could change it or take back things that we have said or done. It was a very good poem! Good job Tina in writing it.
i can totall yrelate to this except for the fact that normally the arguements aren't usually four years. But its a really great poem. from: a writer to a writer
this was really good poem it took me
It sounds soo cool. This is the first poem i read. Through this i think i will be interested on more poems
i loved this poem it neary made my cry!
Your poem really was beautiful. a few days ago my best friend and I got into a huge fight. she told me off. and i told her off. we aren't talking now. and it probably won't be for a while. i really wish i could do something. i wanna give her this poem but its not all my fault.
Reading this beautiful poem brought straight away tears into my eyes. It expresses everything I'm going through right now. The one and only difference is that I broke up my friendship about 15(!) years ago. Still I'm thinking about this true friend a lot but never found the courage to contact him again. With this poem I might and probably will!So thank you very much!
I liked it very much.
this made me cry it was great
OMG this poem is beautiful one of the best i have ever heard
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