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A Few Visitor Comments

This poem is exactly my life! I have a step-father who is exactly like this and my biological father is this way too. It is so true!
This is perfect for me, just because of the fact I went through the same exact thing as you. Thank you lots!
Your poem touched my heart and made me cry. I loved it!
This reminds me of when my children were little and I would stay up at night watching them sleep. It's a wonderful poem.
This is a very touching poem! I loved it!
Shi Yun
This is really sweet and really touching. reminds me of what my dad used to do for me. Thanks a lot for such a wonderful poem.
Billie Jo
That was so touching and absolutely beautiful! I have a very close relationship with my Dad and every line of this poem was spoken from my very own heart. You have captured the very soul of a loving father/daughter relationship. Wonderful work!

Family Poems (51-82)

  • by Charlee
    Children go through many changes as they grow older. But so, too, does Mother…
  • by Faye Jones
    Does blood determine kin? Or is it love?
  • by Emily
    How important is a father figure to a child? Maybe only a child grown into a poet can adequately answer…
  • by Charmer
    This poem is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.
  • by Rosemary J. Gwaltney
    One of the great beauties of a long-lasting love is the memories of battles fought and won - together.
  • by Nancy Rakovszky
    This beautifully crafted poem uses a delightful metaphor to explore the strength and solidity of family.
  • by Stashn
    Children grow older, life changes - but some things always remain the same.
  • by Kit McCallum
    The relationship between Father and Daughter is a special one - even if that is sometimes forgotten.
  • by Kit McCallum
    For most of our lives, our mother is the one we can always lean upon. But there inevitably comes a time when we're given the opportunity to return that favor.
  • by Tammy Roberts
    Family and Friendship aren't necessarily separate things…
  • by Sandra Tolson
    The title says it all. It's a beautiful sentiment, expressed by a talented and wise poet.
  • by Sandra Tolson
    There is no more difficult job in existence, nor one more important. And even mommies can have insecurities.

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Family Poems continued

  • by Jeremy Fuller
    There are many different kinds of love. Between friends, between lovers, between brothers and sister. But at the very zenith of the hierarchy is a love by which we can judge the strength of all other.
  • by Sandra Tolson
    This is a powerful and moving story about family, love, and the responsibility we owe to those who are a part of us.
  • by Sir Shotgun
    This poem is about a father and son, and lessons learned and feelings found in the midst of learning.
  • by Sir Shotgun
    Is there anyone in this world more special than a mother?
  • by Judith Stafford
    Those who come before us can never really be gone. Because much of what we are is a result of who they were…
  • by Cheryl D'Aprix
    In our society, strong men don't like to appear silly or weak. But this funny, touching poem proves that even strong men have weaknesses from which they can not escape…
  • by Katie Leddy
    Birth gives rise to new things, new feelings -- and sometimes new traditions.
  • by Mrs. H.M. Hicks
    Have you ever wondered what a family looked like - through the eyes of its newest member?
  • by Andrea Hill
    A newborn child is both a deep joy and a profound responsibility, and this lovely poem explores both.
  • by Rachael Harris
    We all want to protect our loved ones, especially the children, from the mistakes we've made, and the pain we've faced. But can we?
  • by Kristi Maxim
    Siblings are sometimes separated as they grow older, by circumstance, by distance, by things no one can control.
  • by Katey Shines
    Fatherhood doesn't come with a manual, and too often men make mistakes. Unfortunately, it is the children that have to pay the price…
  • by Lisa Teller
    This poem was subtitled "A Tribute To Mother." I guess that pretty much says it all.
  • by Jason Love
    Some people think a proud new papa is the most boring thing in the world. Maybe. Unless the proud papa happens to also be a wonderful poet…
  • by Michael Anderson
    This poem remembers a time long past, a time never gone, and shares with us a touch of Love.
  • by Nancy Ness
    The birth of a grandchild is one of Life's greatest moments.
  • by Christine McClimans
    This poem is about the delights of a small child, as remembered through the heart of a grown woman.
  • by Christine McClimans
    We learn many things from our parents, and perhaps the most important thing we will ever learn is very simply how to love…
  • by Rachel Branch
    Technology. Progress. The days have passed when the young can still learn at the feet of the elderly. Or have they?
  • by Michael Anderson
    Sometimes in losing a loved one we forget that life, itself, is a miracle. And, sometimes, we are reminded in rather miraculous ways.
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