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I wrote this poem because my sisters, once again, hurt me. I'm a little more sensitive then they, but they don't realize what they say hurts me. I think they should be a little more kind and appreciate their baby sister. Sometimes a kid feels that they need to be perfect in order to live up to their siblings expectations.

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this poem is sooo true!
wow. ur poem really makes me cry. it reminds me of my late sister,we never really get along. we always treat each other bad. until she died!and it really hurt me coz i havent got a chance to say how sorry i am!i was not even there on her funeral!
it has always puzzled me too,why we the younger are always bullied and teased yet all we did was love. it is brief but says it all. great work.
that was beatiful and what you said about sisters is true i was touched love and peace

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Why is it that sisters tease?
Can you tell me please?
They always make me cry
with one mean lie.
Why is it me,
They don't like to see?
All I did was love you!
Do you have no respect?
Or is it 'cause you have
to be perfect?

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i like this peom cuz it minds me of my two sisters how we really not there for each other like we suppoose to b makin funny of each other than bin there for each other so this tells me to b with my sisters often
i really like this poem it reminds me of me and my brothers when they used to pick on me.
this is a true poem and really like it.
this is very good poem my feeling are the same as your poem cause im the sis in my family! so this is very good poem
it is so true my sis treats me like im not even alive
Being the baby isnt as hard as everyone thinks, they are the ones who tell lies and steal from their older sisters!
this peom reminds me of my sis and i. we dont always see eye to eye when it comes to being prefect for our rents!
I have a sister who is a year older than me and what upsets me is she acts like she is helpless . This poem when I read it was everything true. I love my sister
This poem really touched my heart, because I'm the baby of 10 chikdren and I have the different father. Can you imagine how I've been treated?
I really likethe sisters poem because everything that was in that poem was everything I used to feel about me and my sister I thought it was a compation between. I used to feel like me and my sister were never have a relationship with her but now I'm working on it real hard. Every good poem. Sovanna!
I liked the poem you wrote it reminds me of my twin sister. She say's some words she dont remember and that hurts me and it would take her about 5minutes to say she's sorry about what she'll say that hurts me. but yea that is a really nice poem you wrote.
i love these poems
that was the best i;ve herd before i loved please oh please write more but i know how you fill
This touched my heart , for I too am the baby in my family
It's a true thing what this poem is about. Because that's exactly what my sister did 2 me when I was young. But now I'm older, my sister and I both think about back in the days when she use to tell the most littlest lie to my mother and i get yelled at. i love this poem
i think this poem is great because i have 4 sisters one yonger and and two older then me then i have a twin and they do some crazy things in life but they all respect me so i don't have a problem like that.
i loved your poem, i dont Speak to my siter and haven't for over 5 years now and your poem is just everything
I just love this poem. In my summer homework, I have to find a poem that represents it, and I found this one. This is how Amy, the youngest os the four, felt. She was left out when her sisters shunned her! I just love this.
I liked this poem because my sister treats me da same way in order 4 me to hang wit her I have 2 be perfect she leaves me 2 hang wit her friends she makes me feel bad all da time
why do sisters hate by the love in our fate. is it because we're young or is it because they think we're stupid in the head. you go through the same nonsense everyday and yet you still love them. how do you feel everytime this happens. they say mean things to prove there cool. as we know sisters could be cruel. they shout and fight with all their might but where this it bring them. Nowhere. we could call them names as in cruela but will that solve anything as we would say" cruelas can be mean and also a pain in the head. we all think they are liers but can save us from harm. they teach us a lesson in life to sore. but nothing happens. we ask ourselves what should we do but must we do something. i know there mean but you should be lucky there your sisters and you should love yours as much as mine. i love my sisters.
hey i just wanna say that ur poem is like WOW i cant even describe how good it was i love it alot and that poem just makes me realise alot about me and my sister who is actually 17 she is a great sister and i can always talk to her but then again at the same time she gets on my nerves and what ur poem says just reminds me of everything between me and my sister. even though we fite and we have our bad daiiz we still have our good daiiz 2 and i can tell her anythin and we r really close but its just sumtimes this kinda happens like we fite coz she wants me 2 do her room but in the enndu can tell and you know from ur heart that its the best 2 have a sister that will always be there 4 u no matta wat happens. thx heaps
Your poem describes, my 2 sisters so well, I can't believe well you did this poem. I absolutely love it.
That is a very excelent Poem. For me it is so true.
I feel the sam eabout my sister sumtimes but you keep your head up! U are beatiful!
this poem is preety and that is exacly what my sister does to me she always tries to make me cry and she always try to tell a lie do you know what i'm going to do this poem is so perfect and its true cause i always try to love her and she dont respect that so i'm going to write this poem down and when i go home i'm going to give it to her and i'm going to write other words and it will probly make her fill bad and i'm going to tell her that is exactly how you make me fill!
hey. i hav a lil sista and 2 big sista's me and my lil sis r really tight and hardly eva fight and same with one of my big sistas. but a few yrs ago my other sista alana got kicked out she was onli 12 and over the past year ive been tryin to find her but neither of my other sisters would help me cos they thought she deserved to b kicked out and recently i found her and we talk on the phone and on the net and we fight like anything and i love her so much and i just want her to come home but im affraid to tell anyone i no where she is and stuff and ur poem touched me. if u hav any poems about sistas being ur hero i would really like to read it
Shawnda Ren'ee
This caught my eye because I to am a baby sister and yeah your right when your the baby sister you take alot of heat from those older ones who think you had it all, its amazing these words I read are felt from someone else as well, great poem keep up the Fab work !
As i read the poem i kind of understand what it feels like to fite all the time with a sister. My sister is 18 and i am 16. When we were young all we did was fite. Now that she is out of our home fiting was her way to tell me that she loved me. This poem is a 10.
fab! hats off to you, this is a wonderful poem.
I can definitely relate to this poem. i have an older sister who doesn't care about me and is always makin fun of me. She doesn't know ow much it hurts me.
this was a very good poem i loved it
that is a really nice poem because somrtimes i see it happen all the time. there are times when my sister and fight but deep inside i still love her no matter what. so ya the poem is very touching.
this poem inspired me. it made me think of my sisters, i have 6 of them and i am the youngest i also have 2 brothers, and out of my whole family i am the youngest and i totally understand what u r saying in the poem.
that is such a good poem by the way keep up the good work and plus its true wot u say
I like this poem, because I am a foster child, and the home that I lived in "their" daughter is perfect. she gets all the attention. We are in our 50's and still, they don't see me. no matter what I do. thier grandchildren matter most because they are from "their daughter". that is what they told me ever since I came in their home. I cannot give this (whatever I thought I needed) because your NOT our daughter. "she" is. yeah, right! and it is that way to this day. better house, job, car!. she can do no wrong, me. they don't see
well my sister is a year younger than me and always tries to be cooler and prettier and most of the time she hurts me. sometimes she pinches sometimes she slaps sometimes she punchs and sometimes she bites. so this poem helped me loads most of it at the end cause she always thinks that beening about sisters makes me think sometimes cause some people have worse sisters but mine is ok sometimes thats not ofen. this poem has really helped me thank you Psqahs for making this poem it really tuched me.
these poems are very intresting to me it aspires me alot there so great and it makes me want to cry so bad i love the poems so much keep up the good work truly always your friend. love jasmine smith
i have the same problem with my sister
I voted this poem because It reminds me of my bestfriend, my sister in law,and me and to all my love ones and to my baby, my everything,and my life James McCrae. I love you baby Scoot and a shout out to scoot again ain't nobody gone love you in this world like I do baby. I love James a. k. a scoot.
This poem touched me.
I love the poem! It reminds me so much of my life. I am thirteen and I am the younger sister to a twenty-one year old. I love my sister dearly, and we used to get along very well. It seems now that we are just fading apart, and I hate it because all I want is to be her friend, but she can't seem to stop hurting me emotionally. Anyways, your poem relates to me a lot, and I might just use it to reach MY sister!
thats a great poem! i really liked it cause im a big sister and i hav a big sis and i always think she's trin to be perfect so i try to be perfect! it's an endless cycle and the 1 who gets most affected must be da yongest (and dat ain't me)
Hey. I kno exaclty wut u mean. I am a younger child of 3 and my sis is 19 and my bro is 17 and i hate it! All i do is please them and they throw it rite bakk in my face and im tired of tryin to be the good person! Good job on the poem!
i really liked ur poem. i am younger sister and my older tease me alot. its good some1 know i feel
I read your poem and I loved it,Iam an older sister but i really love my sister and always try to understand her. i am 5 years older but i always think she is my baby,cause when she was young I was her nurse too!now she is 25 she is a mine engeenier,i really love her,it is a good sence"HAVING A YOUNGER SISTER"
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