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This poem is to my father. He had a stroke 4 years ago and now I am dealing with it. No one understands why it affects me the way it does, because he is still alive. But in my eyes that isn't my dad and it's so hard to see him that way. It's awful to see exactly what I want, but it's really not him.

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This poem is really deep it took tears from my eyes my dad is very ill in the hospital and i dont have a great relationship with him but this poem helpd me open my eyes and notice that life is short so love someone and treat them the best way you can because before you know it they are gone and you are washed up into tears and regreting the way you have ben treating that person tomorro iam going to the hospital and and tell my dad that i love him i think thats the real medicine that he needs to get him out of there Thankyou
This is a poem of pain. Losing a father is as I did is like losing something very important part of your body. Something almost in everybody's mind, heart, life goes dead losing a dad. The scar never ever heals. secret tears never dry. pl keep hope. Give him almuch love as you can.
This poem really touched me & i know what u feel cause my dad passed away due to brain stroke 1 year ago & i really want him back but i cant. my sympathy is with u. May GOd bless his soul.
I cried after maybe the 2 stanza. I can't face this sad fact. I still have my Daddy, but I always wonder what would happen to me if he suddenly died in the army. I always cry at Remembrance Day and stories/poems like this. Thank you sp much for letting me cry (I haven't done that in a LONG time)

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To My Dad

I'm opening my presents in front of the tree,
Dad, and I look over to your chair
I look at the emptiness, Dad, the space,
and become sad because you're not there

Summer comes along with my birthday,
Dad, and you aren't there with a big grin
My competitions come and go, Dad,
you aren't there to see me win

I go into your room one day,
Dad, and look at your empty drawers.
I go and visit you one day, Dad,
and I see you, but the soul isn't yours

I feel you, and see you,
and touch you and smell you.
But you can't think, or drive, or work
or be my dad like you always used to.

Why did this happen, Dad?
I know that no answer will fit right.
I wish you could still be here Dad,
I wish you didn't lose the fight.

Why is God making you suffer,
Dad, I'd really like to know.
I get to see your body and it tears me up inside,
I visit you and then I have to go.

I see your body, but yet it's not you,
and that's the hardest of them all.
No one understands, they think you are still alive,
they don't get why I always bawl.

Its like you die over and over,
Dad, it is like a tease,
A constant reminder of something I can't have,
I am begging you please!

Don't treat me this way,
God, I want my Dad back
Dad, if you're listening from wherever you are,
my life is perfect, but you I lack.

You are still here, so I don't know
whether you are watching from Heaven above
Maybe your soul is there,
but either way, I send you my love.

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this poem was sad. that hasn't happened to me, but it makes me appreciate my dad
this poem has been so touching and my dad has been like that and now he is at his house suffering from not been a good father that he should hane and that i am mad at but he still cared for me and he is still alive and well besides his heart broken by me not wanting to visit him when he is dead.
I just want to tell you your poem is very inspirational. I have had my father in a nursing home for the last three years on life support and I can tell you this poem hits home.
i love this poem! its so touching
I just lost my Dad Alfredo L Sierra Dec. 31,2006 he died of a mas stroke I saw him fight as hard as he could, at first I really thought hed make it throu but he fought all he could, he might of lived longer but he told us he never wanted to life of machines. I love and miss you Daddy. This poem reminded me of how I would have felt if my Dad would of lived
i love this poem because it reminded me of my mom, everything that was put in this poem was the same way i felt when my mom took her stroke 6 yrs before she passed away,
This was a great poem it did make me cry as i was reading it. I didnt lose my dad but its like i did since he had a drinking problem and never came around, he is now in jail and i told him i didnt love him anymore for not being there for me and after reading this poem i felt bad and wrote him back with something better cause i dont want to lose him i do love him and i know i cant hold a grudge against him. You did an awesome job with this poem keep it up!
if words could make it all right this would
really touched my heart i even shredded a tear for u i dont no how u coped id be nothing with out my dad
well i really really like that peom and i like it because i feel like that is just like me life and i can see that they is people out there that have to go though the same thing that i have to and thank you for saying in your peom that and peolpe think that i just want something to cry about and it is just that you need that dad feeling in your life and some people don't have that and yea !1
This poem really touched me. My father is fighting a battle with cancer and similar thoughts have been raging through my mind as well.
I loved it! But it made me really sad like to the point i was nearly crying,because my mom and my dad are devorced, so it didn't really have anything to do with me, but it did you know? I thank you personally for making such a wonderful poem. It was great!
this poem is very nice and touching
It's a very touching poem. It brought back memories of the pain that never goes away after losing a dad. I've had my share of pain and asking constantly why? I love this poem!
This is one of the best dad poems Ive seen.
This was a very emotional and truthful poem, I could tell you put alot of meaning into it. My father almost died on 6-9-06 and was on life support for 3 days and then god preformed a great miracle and now my father so far has made a 100% recover and is doing GREAT!. This poem helps people like me that has been so close to losing a parent and it opens our eyes, Don't take anything you have for granted. This is an AWESOME! poem.
this was one of the best poems i had ever heard. to me it was like some one felling my pain . after many years of rejection ,someone heard my cry. the poem was writing to give me hope that there is some one who also knows about pain.
i vote this poem because i can understand it. i dont no how it would feel but i cant even imagine it but i can see what you're saying and what the poems means
although I cant't relate to your poem its still a great one kepp up the good work
This poem is like really sad but i miss my family ((CRYING)) Mary **101**
that poems was really good i know how u fell bacause my dad isn't here with me and i do want him back so keep up the good work.
i cried when i saw this i know how u feel i dont have a dad no more.
this poem is awesome my da dhad a stroke a few days ago and he will not make it and this poem has inspired me.
hey this is a really good poem good job
hey i no ow you fl my dad is gone to i mean he aint dead but my mom is devorced so i do not get to see him yes i really miss em but im keeping my head up so you do the same i love your poem
My deepest sympathy, to you. I lost my Father on December the 8th, 2005. It has impacted my life so much, that I don't know what to do. That man was my life, my fishing buddy, my confidant, my Father. I just hope that some day soon I can write something as touching, thoughtful and loving about my Father. I'm still grieving and Well thank you for the beautiful poem. Sincerly, Rhonda Carpenter
I actually cried when i read ur poem. Iv never been so touched by a poem before. Its one of the most beautiful poems iv read in my entire life about someone so dear to me, my dad. =)
It really touched me and it hurts to read about dads because my dad never treated me like a daughter but i always felt that i was daddy's little girl. we never had a relationship and at 17 i became pregnant with my daughter. for two years he disowned me told me i was dead to him and that he no longer had a daughter but even though i suffered and cried i never gave up now my daughter is 13 years old and after 13years i finally confronted my dad. 3 months ago i recieved my first hug my first kiss and we forgave each other i never held a grudge or hate because i knew he did it for my best because i caused him so much pain but he did it the wrong way and as much as he didnt want to meet his granddaughter she is the world to him and we finally can move on i just didnt want him to ask me for forgiveness on his death bed because no matter what we only have one father and we are not promised tomorrow. he means the world to me and he is repaying all that back by spending time with his first granddaughter that looks identical to me. i am 31 single mom with three beautiful kids. i congratulate you on this beautiful poem you wrote and i know your dad is proud of you.
I really liked this poem it really got to me and it was realy really sad. I just really loved this poem. Amanda Beberstein
Alayna-I can so relate to this poem, my dad was hit by a train 5 years ago. He now suffers from a severe brain injury. His brain injury has severly affected his memory, and his ability to function like he used to. So for the last 5 years I have been able to see him and touch him, and even talk to him, but it is not my Daddy in there anymore. I have always been a Daddy's girl so I suffer everyday. Great poem, know your not alone in the way you feel. You just put in writing exactly how I wish I could explain that I have felt since April of 99. Ashley B.
Vianney Marie
Right there and then my tears rolled into my cheeks. Through the poem, I realized I am so lucky I grew up with my Dad. when he passed away, a part of me was torned, yet I know I have to move on-----A great poem!
that is so touching did it happen to you Alana if it did i give all of my sympathy towards you
I agree with how you feel. Don't ever feel bad about how you feel.
Beautiful poem - I lost my Dad last year after many years of illness & long term care & completely empathise with you in the sense of losing them as a dad long before they are physically taken from us. My heart goes out to you.
I really liked this poem! It touched me. I can relate to it because my dad has been diagnosed w/ cancer over and over. and 3 years ago, he died of 3 brain tumors. He was like my best friend, and when I kept seeing him suffer for all them years, it really broke my heart! So, when I read this, I felt like I was talkin to him. Whoever wrote this poem, are really entact with their feelings.
It really touched me, i my parents are seperated long time ago my dad wasnt here with me now i love ur poem
this poem is touching! because. its the reality. one day. it will happened.
Your poem brought back memories I know how you feel I lost my dad four years ago also to a heart attack. Thats the way I feel also. Your poem made me cry cause I miss dad alot to especially because of my son. I know that my dad would be playing with my heart goes out to for being strong. He passed away on August 21,2001 my son was only 2 months when my father passed and it not easy getting over it then 2 yrs after that I lost my mother from cancer on Nov. 21,2003 I was 31 yrs. old when my dad passed away my son was 2yrs old when my mother passed.
i will leave this passage on my Dads grave site tommorrow after church service also it is fathers day too i miss my dad some times i forget that he is gone he brought me a lot of things in the past and they were not of materialistic value either i love you poppa dav that poem was very down right sincere. love always your son Bruce
i like this poem as it is of great detail and very thoughtful from JENNY
that is an awesome poem i decated to my dad also keep dpoing great on your poems. tiffany
This is a poem touched my heart I really loved it
this poem hit right at home for me, my mother had a strok and i feel the same way about my mother as dose alana fells about her father,it is very hard to understand way i feel this way about my mother.
this poem really helped me through alot my dad it in the hosptal right now he is dying of cancer and it is really hard to handel ur poem helped me alot thanks!
this poem was very good and deep. i can relate 2 it alot. i lost my father @ the age of 12 from an heartach and i am now 20 the pain will b there @ times but u got remember the good times and keep ur head up. it may be hard @ times but u gotta do ur best and think when times get rough, what would my dad want me 2 do? what would he say if i did this? or acted like this? i see it as u u keep some 1 u care about alive by talking about the good times and never forget what they have gave u or tryed 2 give u. if u keep the stories alive u will keep the person alive and if u keep there believes also u r keeping them aqlive and close to ur heart. good poem keep ur head up and keep writing. donr give up on ur dreams! god bless!
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