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This poem is written about my grandmother who died about 5 years ago. I was very close to my grandmother and her loss was very hard on me. It is about what we used to do together before she was sick, and then how she and "us" changed as she got sicker.

I know everyone that reads this has a special person in your life, so give that person a hug and tell them how much you love them. Because you never know when they will be gone forever.

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It just touched my heart!
My grandma passed away 2 years ago Christmas morning, I went to see her a week before she died and i told her "I Love You and i'll see you in a couple days" we ended up drivivg back to town and had a bad snowstorm and couldnt make it up to see her again. I miss her so much! Thank you for this poem it really touched me!
amanda i am sorry about your grandma i know how you feel i just lost my grandma last june it is going to be a year on june 2 i cry my self to sleep and it kills me to know we will never get to do stuff together again well got to go
this peom touched my heart cause i never got to say good-bye to my grandma to and i still miss her today even though its been 1 year sence she went to heaven above. thanks 4 your wonderful peoms.

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I remember
the green freeze pops,
hugs that never stopped!
The games of kickball,
the light left on for me in the hall.
The trips to the game farm,
the times you kept me from harm.
Whenever I needed you,
it was your shoulder I turned to.

The hospital care,
you in a wheelchair.
The feeling that you weren't ok,
the days you couldn't come out to play.
I was told on a cold winter day
that you had forever gone away.

The funeral room full of fears,
Grampa's eyes full of tears.
Everyone at my house,
there was no shoulder,
tears fell on my blouse.
The pain I felt,
all of it still I haven't dealt.

I wish I could've said good- bye,
maybe now I wouldn't cry.
I know you loved me,
why couldn't you stay?
I still miss you to
this day.
Grandma - I love you.

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Wow. that poem was sad. I was really touched.
i love it
This poem is beautiful. I also lost my grandma and also didnt get to say goodbye. I am glad you can express the way I am feeling in this poem
omg. thank you so much i feel so sorry for you my grandma passed on nov. 7 the worst day in this world
this poem is so lovely it reminds me so much of my nana who only past away last month it nearly made me cry it was so sweet.
I love this poem. I just lost my Grandma 31/2 weeks ago this helped thanks
dear amanda, That was such a beautiful poem. i even cryed you touched me dearly . why? because i had a grandma who passed away a few years back and she was my world we use to walk together,talk together and she always told everybody that i was her favorite and i was the her little girl. i miss her sooooo much words cant describe to this day i still haves a cry. but it was a beautiful poem! truly your friend kristi
i love you're poem,sorry about your grandma,the same thing happen to my grandma. tell this day i still cy because i miss her so much and there nothing i can do to get her back.
Hi amanda! It is a really good poem. I think it is nice of you to write a poem for grandmother. Your poem was great. I know you are unhappy for grandmother. But its okay. Life goes on and so should you. I think you are a excellent poet. ALL THE BEST ! GOD BLESS! KEEP SMILING FOREVER! Smita
So Nice
I really loved this poem. I was raised by my wonderful Grandmother and although she is not gone , she is very sick and it touched me so deeply as it remined me of how she and I use to do the same things and now she is confined to her bed. I hope this poem will win.
This poem touched me because the same thing happened to me, don't feel bad.
I love the poem for many reason
This poem is thoughtful and touching it made me think about my grandma and how she was before she was also lost to me forever.
this poem is really good i am 13 years old and my mawmaw passed away 2 1/2 months ago its still hurts to talk about it but your poem was alot like my mawmaw and me thanks for writing how you feel and sharing it with me i didnt get to say goodbye either
Amanda in all poems i read about grandy's this is one of the best poems i've ever read. I had a grandmom who passed away and i only knew her for 2yrs the day she passed away i felt like it was the end of the world coz every but loved her. But though she is not in the world her memories will always be remembered:)
This poem really touched me because I recently lost my loving grandmother.
This really touched me- and i really felt I could relate! Thanx for the amazing poem!
I really loved your poem, it was really great. Hope you make more in the future. Your a great poet. Gracious, Bye
hi amanda i know how you feel my grandma and i close to we have been every sence the day i came home from the hospital but she moved to kentucky 2 summers ago and it was real hard that she had moved and jus the other day she caled and takl to me and my sister abby and talked to us then she asked if she could talk to my mom and i told her yea jus a sec but then when i handed my mom the phone she told my mom the song she wanted played a her funeral and i know somthins the matter whit her cuz she didnt hardly talk and i dont want her to go cuz i will be so lost wit out her. but your poem really touched me in the heart that was the best poem that i ever read
i really liked this poem it reminded me to be happy that my grandmaw was steel here even after her heartatack.
Be Strong. I really don't know what it feels like to lose someone but I know I will soon! But they live somewhere better than we do and we will see them again one day
when i found this poem i was very surprised that someone else is feeling the exact way i feel right now. my grandmother is leaving me at this very moment. She has a brain tumor and finally i'm told she has to go. i had a very close bond with her. that may be why is so hard for me to grasp this reality. she's been stuck in the hospital and hospice for about a month now and i miss her being able to talk and comfort me. im sad to see her go and wish there was some way for her to stay. this poem in a way is helping with my grief.
this poem reminds me of my grandma she rasied me since i was baby and was takin away from me when i was only 10 she was like my best friend and this poem just reminds me of her
It was a great poem and it made me think about how that will be me one day because my grandma is still alive. But it still made me cry and it was really touching keep up the good work!
oh my god,i loved that poem soooo much! its like it was really me saying or thinking that. i was in mexico when my grandma died,so when i got home there was the whole family in the house crying. the babies didnt know what was going on,my little cousins were crying,and all my aunts and uncles were outside or on the couch crying. i was just standing in the living room hugging my uncle since he was the one who lived with her and did everything for her. she died in july and it is now the last few weeks of january. i keep having dreams and nightmares. i miss her soooooo much. i wish i could have got home from mexico one day before she died.
the poem touches my heart so deeply
I loved it! I lost my Grandma when I was fifteen and really have not gotten over it every year I cry for her. She left Nov 24th, 1983 on a Thanksgiving Day.
this poem is very good it remindes me of my grnadma i never got to say bye
this is a great poem
this was a very touching poem as i know how it feels to lose a grandma it also made me relise that you should always say to the ones you love "i love you!" before its to late. very good poem and nicely written
Today i have been told my gran is on a life support machine and will not make it through the night. i needed some words that show others have felt the way i am feeling right now. thankyou for sharing this poem.
on feb 3 2004 i lost my grandma she had raised me from day one. she was my one and only true friend and i will forever love her hse had several strokes wich put her on bed rest. i miss my grandma so much this poem is hanging in my room next to her pic.
i read this poem and it really got me thinking. Life is a really precious thing and its not worth wasting because one day when you are laying in bed very sick, you will regret not doing everything in your dreams. i should know this because ive lost my father six years ago, and he threw his life away. i was eight years old and i miss him so much.
I just want to let Amanda know that this is one of the best poems I have read in a long time. I was very close to my grandma also, who has passed away in Sept. 2004 will be 2 years now and I still hurt every day without her. Thanks Amanda for the smile I wear today. from Karen
you're poem touch my heart deeply
This poem touched me because I just lost my grandmother May 4,2004. Me and my grandma was very close for the last 14 years. But the only thing difrent was i was there with her when she past away and that was the hardest thing to do. I am glade that there is someone out there that knows my pain.
the reason i've voted is because i just lost my grandma on sept 8 2003 and she was my very best friend she was my life and also other ppls lives too (my 5 siblings) it was a very good poem and im sure our grandmothers are sitting up in heaven having a blast with no more cancer and dieseases they are probably watching us right now thank you for sharing your beautiful poem because i needed someone my age to express my feelings to and that is the best way!
your poem touch me alot cuz its going to be a year since my grandma die so ur poem makes me happy.
That was a beautiful poem. My grandmother died about 13 years ago and i still thank about her and sometimes i just start to cry. I love her very much and when she died it's seems that my whole world fell apart. I loved that poem it was beautiful.
This was a great poem it was very moving! I am just 17 and my grandma was alot like u descibed in the poem i lost her in January when i was in the 7th grade and i still miss her very much! I am doing research for school and came across this poem and it stood out over all i have read!
I love this poem! It makes me think of my grandma! I cried too!
Very pretty. When I read this I could feel the pain of losing my Grandmother all over again.
This poem is very inspiring and insperational and you did a lovely job with it
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