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This is a poem about the feeling of total hopelessness that comes with depression. The feeling that no one cares and you're all alone.

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When I read this poem, I could relate to so much pain the writer is feeling. It paints a picture that you can see through the details of his words. this poem is beautiful.
LOVED the poem its great. And I know what you mean. Everybody thinks they understand but they really don't!
i love this poem! it really explained all this emotions that keep swirling around my head! like i've been trying for ages t figure out why my heart hurts so much! and this poem told me why! i love this poem!
this poem rots my face off. it has really great emotion.

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Life Is A Prison

Life is a prison,
Oh God let me out.
No one to listen,
To hear when you shout.

Climb the walls of insanity,
Ride the waves of despair.
If you fall it don't matter,
There's no one to care.

Used to wish for a window,
To see birds, trees and sky,
But you're better without one -
Stops you aiming too high.

Watching freedom is painful,
For those locked away.
Seeing joy, love and happiness,
Another price that you pay.

Strong is good, weak is bad.
Be it false, be it true.
Your mind makes the choice,
And enforces it too.

Cell walls built by society,
With rules to adhere.
If you breach the acceptable,
You had better beware.

Hide the pain, carry on,
Routine is the key.
Don't let on that you're not,
What you're pretending to be.

Lock it all up inside you,
How badly that bodes.
Look out for that one day,
When it all just explodes.

Leaving naught but a shell,
Base functionality too.
But killing all else,
That was uniquely you.

So how do you grow,
With a timebomb inside?
Or how to defuse it,
Without destroying its ride?

You can't.

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luv it
i readed this poem too many times and every time i feel that this poem touch my heart,this poem is fantastic and translate all what i feel in words well thank you puff
your poem is really just right on with some of the things i have been working on with myself the last 4 years with the help of spirit and the friends that have been there watching me from the outside. i can really relate to these words as a diagnosed bipolar,borderline personality,and schizo effective, i wish i could comment more but gotta go. keep up the positive manner of expressing your feelings and don't be afraid to cry. i and many others look forward to finding these words of yours to create hope in all of us who live in these personal prisons of ours!
this poem makes me remember my past and it hurts to relize that that was me this poem is really good i love it and i hope it help people to relize that other people have it hard
hi, i don't kno if i'm smart enough to get this poem but it seems pretty cool. i undertsand what your talking about it's just some words that i doint get. lol
this poem describe completly what i feel ilt's a wonderfull poem. thanks
I loved this poem because it was beautifully written. For years I have been looking for a poem that describes either me or my life, and I have finnally found it. My life is a prison, and I wish to thank whoever wrote this poem. Thanks again for helping me find my life poem, and keep writing! Caitlin " The ragdoll" Lamain
Unbelievable. Truly from the heart.
wow. that was amazing. i love your wording. and i understand what you meant by all that x[
Puff, you're an awesome poet! I've felt, and am feeling this way right now. Awesome job.
u touch my heart
WOW! the poem is apsalutly incredibal,u took the words right out of my mouth. this is exactly what i feel.
WOW! i really admire you, it's kind that i feel identified with it, i mean, i know that you understand when someone is depressed al all that, wow! hugs* and always try to smile =)
This poem is amazing i totally understand where your coming from. keep up the great poetry but one question. is this true for you?
it's exactly how life is=boxed,caged in by predetermined societal rules. the puzzle piece that doesn't fit,no-one cares,no-one sees becoz you've become so good at being invisible. a prisoner of lonliness,i know your words,i've lived it a thousand lives!
i thought that this was a great poem to describe how some-one that is depressed would think. i have felt that way and i just think tat its great
i loved this poem. it touched me deeply. please write more. your so beautiful. i love it
I give this 5/5 it's really good and who ever wrote it has talent i've wrote loads of poems but never shared them! It seems like the person who wrote it put alot of emotion in it :) x x x
I loved this poem !
ajith herath
I like this poem. because it sounds like a voice that rise from the bottom of my soul.
I love this poem, So full of emotion. One of the best poems ive read. Loved every part of it!
this was an excellent poem. It touched me alot. I could relate, it makes me feel like why have I trusted people why have I ever cared about people ? I just hate how I feel and I feel Iam in my own prison of my soul.
nice one
this poem is very good it is just like life just as it is. nothing held back and real
I thought I was the only one who felt that way. why do we hide who we are to prevent interfearance and dispare the pain or argument. but the only one who gets hurt is us. Thanks for writing it how it is. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who wears a mask maybe not for the same reason but it's the point.
I love your poem. it's really really good
i like this poem a lot i feel that way lots of the time
this touches me. its like my mind is being read. my thoughts are being poored out through someone else. like im not the only one. like i cant feel completely alone when i feel i do. thank you for this.
this is a perfect poem explaining people like me. best poem ive ever read. You really do understand. It feels like you the only one who understands. Thank you.
that was a very good poem. it gave me a single tear cuz it touched me so deep. the prisoner inside me wanted out. i hope you do more:)
I know exactly how thuis feel's. Being locked up[ in your own mind. It hurts. but in love the're is hope. and people still love you. it took about 13 pill's and a ER trip for me to find that out. God bless. Kathy
I liked this poem it really got to me. It like described me and what im going through! :)
This is one of the best poems I've seen. I know exactly the feeling of having a timebomb inside but not letting others see it. I've felt this way for a few years and no one even has a clue. Life really is a prison when you feel that way.
that was a good poem!
It was deep and amazing.
It's something many people can relate to, I was amazed at how I saw my own thoughts in their poem. All I can say is keep writing, and keep it deep.
I really enjoyed your poem! I know what its like having to deal with depression and i find it so awesome when i see other people writing about how they feel about it like me. I know what its like feeling there is no hope and that you should just give up, but never allow yourself to think that, God made you for a reason , you just have to find out that reason. But please know your poem was awesome and that there are people like me who understand. Just try to keep your head up and keep looking forward!
i feel the same way this poems does!
I love this poem because this is how I feel all the time. I wish I made this poem because it's really awesome
All I can say is WOW. i write and read a lot of poetry and nothing has ever hit home as this one did :)
could'nt have said it better myself!
Wow, as I was reading your poem I found myself nodding. It is truly touching & I can relate. You are a very talented poet & you should know that it's not easy assembling words in a way that it will touch someone's heart but, that's what you did & for that, I am grateful to know that there are still young people out there who can express their feelings in the most beautiful way. It's good to know that poetry is not a lost art. I wish you good luck in your future & I hope you go far.
this is a really Good poem! (very deep)
hi this chelsea, i know what you are going through i go through the same things everyday but your not alone there are other people out in this world that go through this me i feel like i have been locked up in prison and cant get out. well i hope it gets all better
I LOVE IT! no i really do becaus eit explains life so clearly for peopel who dont understand life and trust me on that one lol! well i really liked it i write peoms myself but and to embarresed to put them on the onnternet lol well i dont know how you can get them this good mine are all wierde and random but yours are greta i loved it a lot and although i dont knwo you im proud of you for getting all that courage and writting that ad then posting it
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