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About how a person feels like nothing is right in her life and how she thinks she has something wrong with her.

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this poem really touched me, i really needed to read this. thanks
hi this is how i feel to n trust me its not nice i no that but things will get wores be4 they get better but they will get better!
This is the way I fell right now
That Poem was so touching. i loved it it reminds me of my mother when she was under depression=(

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Something Must Be

Something must be wrong with me
with all this hurt inside,
always bursting with anger,
and never any pride.

Something must be wrong with me
if all I do is cry,
I can't stop this pain
all I want to do is die.

Something must be wrong with me
if my emotions run wild,
all this confusion does
is make me feel like a lost child.

Something must be wrong with me
with all these terrible things,
always there and never gone
depression is what it brings.

Something must be wrong with me
if I can't stop these thoughts,
all this pain does
is turn my stomach in knots.

Something is truly wrong with me
when I think there's only one way out,
"Let this pain end,"
is all my heart will shout.

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I voted for this poem because it explains my feelings and thoughts almost perfectly!
I just read this poem and realized that someone out there actually feels like i do at this moment. kind of sheds some light on this dark word im forced to live in. Thank you for sharing. please write more.
I love this poem its really good you have a talent , and you should never think your poems are not good , cuz your a truly great poet. ---Carolina
Baby Westsider
i luv dis poem it really relates
I know the feeling i think this is a great poem it really expresses what alot of us feel. -another depressed chic
i can't stop thinking about this poem. i am very depressed and see a counselor, i showed my counselor this poem and it help me to show her what exactly I'm feeling! thank you so much, you truly helped me, maybe even saved my life.
i really loved this poem. this poem had reminded me of myself and even made me cry.
i loved dis poem. because at one time in my life dat was me
i like the poem. very much. i will use for my english2A presentation . thanks to your poem. very nice
i thought i was the only how feld this pain guess i was wrong this is a great poem
The reason why i voted for this poem is becuase, my dad once walked away frommy family and i felt exactly like how this poem describes itself. I felt that something must have been wrong with me for not feeling the same way the other kids felt in school. Thats why i voted foe tis poem.
I think this is an awesome poem and awesome site, I love it!
I really like this poem, it touched me because its something i feel was something i was goin threw at one time. The author of this poem ur a great poet!
This Poem is very, Very great. Because I feel like I could relate! I give it a 20 out of 20
this poem is the reason i visit this site once a year. i'ts realy moving visiting this poem since 2001 AdFundum
This poem really touched me. I think that all people feel this way at times. and that time for some people may be a little bit longer than others. I know I feel this way a lot of the time, but try and pretend to hide it in front of the people who really matter to me, because I don't want to see them hurt!
i LoVe yOuR PoeM iT ReseMBLes Me LoL
I just love this poem. It completely describes me.
A refreshing and apt interpretation of a feeling greatly acknowledged to be a taboo subject in today's society. Credit to the author I duly bid.
that poem was really good it makes people think threres something else but death
i no how u feel thank u for wrighting this poem it feels good noing that im not alone as i thought! great poem keep it up!
I love this poem because this is how i feel all time. it's like you were in my head.
it was sooooooooooooooo super!
this poem is really moving. sometimes i feel like this myself. i think you should be really proud of your poem, i write poems myself. everyone seems to love my poems but they don't see the deeper meanings to them. the only way i express how i feel is when i'm writing. i really like your poem, i find it inspiring and you seem like a nice person that might have been treated the wrong way, i can relate. hope you carry on writing such moving poems. anonimous reader x x
I luv this poem i have read and wrote many of them and i got a lot of ideas from this one. I really like it. I started writeing after i became really depressde and weather she is or not a lot of people really do feel that way.
i loved it
NOT LIKE ANY OTHER COMMENT i think u shud focus on how many peeps have taken the time to read your poem, to olove it, and then to comment on it. Doesn't that make you feel special, like you are amzing, that you have accomplished something? i noe i wud love to b able to rite the way you do but undfortunately i'm not good at anything but yer just think about ho many peeps youo've touched and saved from dying?? you are an angel. stay happy, for your family, friends, ME, people love you ad peopele need you
Great Poem
that was awesome. one of the best poems ive ever read. relates to me alot.
i am truley touched by this poem, that is XACTLY how i felt when i was deressed, i know, its hard right now, i barely made it through. but life will get better, and by the way, when your depressed, you cant help but cry! its alright. i cried ALL the time, at school at home, in bed. but im better now and i'll pray for u!
I can relate. This past week i have tried to kill myself because i lost my best friend.
Truly I appreciate what you can put into words what I feel like in my heart, thank you.
i feel this way everyday
gud 1
I have to say this is by far most the most sensible one of them all!
this poem speaks alot about what im going through. as a 41 year old mother of 3 i try to fight these feeling off but the more time that goes by the harder it seems to get. the writer of this poem did a wonderful job of knowing what people go through in a depression. nobody knows what we go through unless they been through it. they think things can always get better. this poem really hit the spot and i think the person who wrote it should keep writing.
this poem is amazing. being in a depression myself it was like the poem was talking about me.
10 very gud
i think this is a great peom 4 people to read cuz it tells a lot about how people feel so ill give it a 9 out of 10
Autumn Lee
u have NO idea how much this touched me. it seems like its readin out my life. im goin thru some REALLLLY hard times right now. jss as everyone of u are. PLZ keep writing more poems. if this poem touched me. then ur others will. KEEP WRITIN! luv ya Autumn Lee
hey dude that was really touching and well something must be wrong with me and everyone els in this mest up world
This poem touched me so deeply as I am going thru a dark time in my life - my husband and I are divorcing and it is killing me - all I want to do is sleep and never wake up. This poem will be something I print off and carry with me at all times and if lucky enough take to heaven as well.
this is an amazing poem and iv flt this way be 4
i cried when i read this poem, because it felt like you were inside me, writing my feelings and thoughts down. i really did.
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