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I wrote this during a really low time in my life when I was contemplating suicide. Even though I seemed ok on the outside, I wasn't on the inside - I felt lost and alone.

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youre poem Nearly Unnoticed is the best one that I have read in ages, I love reading and writting poems and I used to think that they were to depressing for others to read,but then I started reading others poetry and found that its not what others think its what you feel P. S I hope to read more of your poetry in the future!
i loved this peom it was so like my life it was ashtonishing
This poem hits me hard, as it is very true. This past month has been VERY difficult and this is how i've been feeling. I need to get away, but i'm never getting the chance. I just glad that i found this poem. XcarmenX
This poem is awesome! It matches exactly what I feel, and the way you put it to verse, it's amazing! Great job

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Nearly Unnoticed

She is lonely
Even though you can't tell
She is reaching out
For what, she doesn't know
She will continue to sit in silence
And hope that someone may stumble across
Her and all of her emptiness
But they only hope that they do it in time
Otherwise she will have drifted too far
And she may let go
Of whatever grasp of the world she has
As she slowly fades out of the lives of everyone
Nearly unnoticed.

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I loved this poem. Thank you for sharing it.
I like it, im not depressed or suicidal, i am just doing a play at school abou suicide and this poem it kina what it's about, thanks for giving me some ideas. it was really good
I'm amazed on how I saw my feelings expressed by his words. so beautifully expressed.
I vote 9 out of 10. this is a really great poem that really says something to me. At the moment I am full of insecurities and I feel like this a lot of times.
i love it! and tnx 4 writting this poem its good 2 no that someone feels the some
your poem had alot of feeling i could really understand what your feeling in the poem
wow i get this poem so much because its me in words
This poem is very touching. It makes me want to print it and hang it on my wall. Good job Reese!
This poem touched me because it reminded me so much of myself. I'm 13 years old and I'm going through this exact same thing. Thank you for posting this, and good luck.
This discribes me to apoint I sit in the corner and try not to be noticed by anyone and I wish sometimes that I just wish that I could fade away. I loved your poem
it was really good i will gave it 9 jut bc i think it could been longer
i loved it and i love knowing that someone feels the same
I feel the same way!
i loved the poem. It defeintly tells how depression really is.
# 1 in my Book!
I really like this poem. It really touched me. Thanks for writing this wonderful poem. :)
i love this poem because it explain me i am fading away and i am glad some knows how i feel
I liked the poem alot because sometimes that's exactly how i feel.
It is a short but apt poem. I can't describe how much it touched me. It reminds me so much of a girl I know.
wow i really love your poem!it awsome keep writing.
i was touched to read a poem so true, and how moving it was. on a sad note my friend grant killed himself and know one knew he felt that way. your poem makes people realize you have to look deeper than the surface. very wwll done
Is anyone ever really noticed, or are we passed by like a small piece of trash in a gutter? Great poem.
THANK YOU for writing this. it's how a lot of us feel. I am going through so much right now and it's exactly how I feel. its beautiful. keep writing from the heart hun.
Wow this poem is exactly IT
I really liked your poem. I know how you feel. Last Christmas (2004) I took a drug overdose. I felt that was the only way out. I'll never do it again. God helped me see the light and now I am finally happy. Keep your head up and remember there are people that do love you.
You wrote the words & thoughts in my mind! down too the exact letter! That is breath taking. And shocking! TY! Beth
I really liked this poem cuz i can relate to it. i felt as if i was the girl it spoke of.
this poem touched me because it is so real that is how so many people feel. it related to me.
Wow i really love your poem it touched me because sometimes i feel like that. Very good poem
I Voted for this poem becausse it touched me because there are a lot more people out there who feel like that someone like me so im telling you now why i voted for this poem because i dont feel like feeling like this for ever always each and every second of the day im trying not to keep it piled inside me like the person in this poem.
this poem is amazing. It really hit my heart because i'm supposedly one of those kids with everything but in reality i dont have anything. My world is empty and lonely and completely unnoticed. And as your poem says . one day i want someone to just fall upon my life andmaybe try to understand it. Thanks for the amazing poem.
this poem is absolutly one of the best poems i have ever read it made me see myself in ways that i have never seen myself before.
This poem touched so close to home. I read it and was like, "wow" this person knows.
ey gud poem and im sry u felt dat way or still do jus remeber ur family and frends care bout u and try to make it threw .
i really liked this poem. me and some people are having problems and i thought many of times of committing suicide and thanks to ur poem and am starting to understand that there is more to life.
its a good poem how do you get to write one yourself?
WOW i like this poem its a lot about u i can really relate to it. i like it alot and im gonna hang it on my wall of peoms.
i loved it i could totally relate to this great job
i really loved this poem it describes me so well i always feel like no one notices me thanks 4 such a great poem
I really loved this poem. I know everyone must say it truly showed how they feel but it does. I can relate to this poem so easily. I continuously hide my feelings from my friends and family and sometimes i feel so alone but this showed me i'm not the only one that feels so alone. Thankyo so much for writing this. You truly are a great poet.
I think this poem is made for me because this is how i feel over all other emotions.
thankyou. your poem touched me like no other. i can completely relate to it. thankyou for making me feel as though im not alone.
Thank you 4 writing this poem! it really touched me b/c no one knows how i feel and u wudnt ever expect it b/c i am supposed tp "popular" and like happy and all that. awesum
You read my heart!
i loved this poem because i feel that i am left unnoticed all of the time and i never find that one person to sit down and listen and before I know it i will lose a grasp on life and this world and it will be too late i will be left unnoticed i always wanted to be noticed but everytime i try i get pushed away more and more all I get noticed for is my harmful behaviors torward myself and then i am considered a pshyco because of the people that drove me to feel so hurt, unnoticed and feeling like i am not a part of this world that anyone would wanna be part of but for some reason i just dont fit in as hard as i try i get pushed away .
As everyone has said - this describes alot of us. It just goes to show that even though we are all feeling alone, we're not actually alone in feeling it. There are so many poems out there about being lonely, but yours is one of the few that has really touched me and I felt I could really relate to properly. Thankyou.
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