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This is such a beautiful poem you wrote. It had me in tears!
Your poem came from the heart and really touched mine. I too have a brother who passed at a young age and I miss him dearly. Thanks for posting your work! Excellent!
This is so beautiful. Thank you so much. It has made me feel so much better.
I believe that our loved ones are never really gone from us.
Great poem for helping people who have suffered a loss in their life. Liked it a lot.
Carly Beth
This poem is amazing, I cried when I read it as I know that it is heart felt and you can feel the love being expressed by the poet.
When I read your poem I could picture everything very clearly on the way you described everything. Your poem REALLY touched my heart, and if my mother were alive she would give you a big hug.

Poems about Death (51-75)

  • by Lil' Red
    This poem is about a mother's feeling's on the anniversary of the death of her stillborn child.
  • by Morgana
    This is a beautiful, touching poem about the loss of a person loved. But the love never dies.
  • by Lisa Fisher
    Sit at the bedside of a dying woman, and listen for a moment to the thoughts of a loving, devoted, devastated daughter…
  • by Rosebud
    When we lose a friend, we experience a vast array of emotions - loss, pain, anger, wonder, and more... We must come to terms with each of them before we find peace...
  • by Audrey Davis
    Why does God take our children - sometimes before their time? Why does He cast His fate upon us again and again? Only He knows the secret of the "Butterfly and Star".
  • by Rosebud
    Losing a friend to a seemingly senseless death is very difficult. Writing about it may help us to understand it just a bit better...
  • by Michael Anderson
    This is a beautiful poem about life and death, and about the love of a son for his departed father. It's also very much about justice.
  • by James Bowie
    When we reminisce about our departed loved ones, their essence surely lives on within our hearts...
  • by Andrew Carrie
    This poem is about a brother who died in an accident, doing what he loved best.
  • by Adriana Ramirez
    You don't always have to know someone well to love them. And you don't have to know them well to suffer when they die.
  • by Candice Astudillo
    Grandparents are special. Sometimes we get so engrossed in our own lives we may forget that their time with us has limitations. We should all remember to spend as much time with our grandparents as we possibly can - while we can...
  • by Andrew Carrie
    If there is a Purpose for Life, then must there not also be a Purpose for Death? And, in time, perhaps a hope for new Purpose?

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Poems about Death continued

  • by Krista Alley
    We all need the chance to say good-bye. No matter our age…
  • by Jason Powell
    When the pain just won't go away, the night is always the worst…
  • by Deana Powell
    By remembering those we've loved and lost, we can keep them alive in our hearts.
  • by Rhapsodiey Hill
    For some, learning to deal with death is more than just hard. It's traumatic.
  • by Nikki Lenker
    Saying good-bye is an important part of accepting death. Even if the good-bye seems too late.
  • by Darkangel
    The death of a parent makes so little sense to one still young and vital. And the way our society ritualizes that death can be almost as bad.
  • by Jessica Twyman
    Pain isn't always easily expressed, easily put into words. But expressing it is nonetheless an important part of dealing with it.
  • by Sharon Yarborough
    Life and death are different sides of the same coin.
  • by Tim Chambers
    This is a very beautifully crafted poem about the painful loss of a mother.
  • by Yoda's Ghost
    The beautiful poem speaks of a dear love lost, and a life that must continue.
  • by Judy Burnette
    This is a beautiful poem about the immortality bestowed by vivid memory.
  • by Judy Burnette
    This is a beautiful poem about a woman, very simply, missing her father.
  • by Dnh_1998
    What do you do when you discover your brother has AIDS?
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