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Your poem was wonderful. I lost my father in 2001. Even though it has been a few years, it still seems like yesterday. I was his little girl. I know you have a great talent.
I lost my father 1month and 1 day ago. Your poem described my feelings.
This poem touched me more than anything else in this world. I had to bury my daughter a few months ago. She was only 3mths. If it wasn't for my other daughter. I don't think I could go on. She's the only one that keeps me going day to day.
This was a beautiful poem, and it has special meaning for me because my dad died last week. I was there with him, holding his hand when he died, and that was one of the most saddest moments in my life. Thank you for this poem, and I think it is simply beautiful.
This poem touched my heart in more ways than one, It has brought tears to my eyes, to think that I had a similar feline friend that filled my friendship void, and now she's gone, the pain is more than what anyone else could understand.
Your poem was soo touching! As I read it, I cried so hard, it was terribly sad, but happy as well. You did an excellent job on it. I hope your brother's memory never leaves you.
How beautiful a poem,how sad and touching. It is a comfort to read someone who is living the same feelings as we are. Good work

Poems about Death (26-50)

  • by Michael D.
    Life often just doesn't seem fair - especially when we're faced with losing a very special and very cherished child.
  • by Yvonne Legge
    When our grandparents pass on, it's comforting to know that they will always be with us in spirit and in our hearts!
  • by Rosebud
    The thought of missing a loved one evokes the image of a lovely rose for this wonderful poet.
  • by Stef Knudsen
    We rarely expect tragedy, and are never really prepared for it.
  • by Cassie Mitchell
    Suicide has no glory - Yet it certainly leaves an horrific aftermath with loved ones.
  • by Alison
    Even our interpretation of death benefits from the right perspective. And, perhaps, from acceptance.
  • by Barbi D
    Maybe the only thing that hurts worse than saying goodbye is not having the chance to say it.
  • by Andrea Hill
    The loss of a child has to be the greatest of all worldly losses...
  • by Amy Richards
    The loss of a loved one is very difficult. Some days are worse than others, but the feelings never go away - the hoping, wishing that somehow things could be different...
  • by DuAnn Wall
    With life comes death - When it takes our beloved grandparents, the feeling of loss is overpowering...
  • by Natalee Fox
    When we lose a dear friend, our familiar world seems to become a different place - one without joy or happiness. Finding an inner peace takes time.
  • by Dreamcatcher
    Death has hit all of us in one way or another - either the death of a friend or family member. This poem was written soon after the poet's loss of a beloved parent.

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Poems about Death continued

  • by Pauline Hamblin
    We all want to visualize our parents as young and vibrant, but they do become older and more frail. It's important then to return to them, those sacrifices they made for us earlier in life.
  • by Anne
    This poem was written to a friend lost in an alcohol-related automobile accident - perhaps the most senseless of all deaths.
  • by Alison Rotmark
    This poet writes a tribute to her late father and expresses her deep and unconditional love for him.
  • by Dnh_1998
    When a life is lost at an early age, we always look for some "sense" to that loss. In reality, we should look at the gift of love that young person shared with us.
  • by Dnh_1998
    When a friend dies at a very young age, the loss feels senseless and overwhelming.
  • by Annemarie
    The loss of an unborn child hurts. But what was once a part of us, can never be completely lost.
  • by Rosemary J. Gwaltney
    Talented poets often know the right questions to ask. But perhaps no one, not even the poets, have yet to find the right answers.
  • by Angela
    The end of Life may be just the beginning…
  • by Katie Stanton
    To help us let go of those we loved, we have to believe…
  • by Jeremy Rogers
    Death inevitably makes us think about Life. The beauty of life. And the inevitable pain.
  • by Joseph Woodard
    A talented grandmother remembers a child that died too young…
  • by Keri Olson
    Sometimes, we don't know how much we love a person until the person we love dies.
  • by Natalie Harrison
    Can you miss a brother you never really knew?
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