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Having a loved one pass away can cause mixed emotions and hurt, but just remember the good times and one day you will join that person again.

Gordon Ansley Kinchen II Nov. 9, 1973-Sept. 14, 1994

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that was a good poem. my uncle is an acholic and reading that i know he need help. it is very sad that he died and i hope you will get the love that you need with lots of love There IS HOPE!
I just wanted to let you know out of all the poems I have read today-this one touched me the most. Almost a year to date my cousin died during an Over Dose. He was a great artist in the music industry-very talented in his own right. Unfortunately he was also very sick and never got the help he needed to get cleaned up. As the anniversary of his death comes closer, I think of him more and more.
Wow, i love your peom, im 12 and when i was 6 i lost my parents, 9/11, and since then a boy called Jamie was friend with me, and he looked after me, taught me loads, i loved him, he did drugs, as did and do i, i have done drugs since i was 6, and alochol also, i miss him like hell he died a week ago and i read your poem at his funeral, hope you dont mind i did tell people it was by you. I also write poems but i wouldnt ever show people them, you are brave xxx
beautiful poem. Very well written. I to lost someone 3 months ago. My Husband. He passed away with his liver blead from alchohol abuse and drug abuse. i watched him slowly killing himself for 24 years of our marriage, and then i saw him laying on his hospital bed fighting for his life and then that moment came when I saw him take his last breath. all due to addictions inflicted on his body. he knew that sooner or later his addictions would take its toll. Now I am left here still loving him and crying tears every day since his passing, wishing that he would have taken better care of his body. Then we would still be together and seeing the smiles of happiness in our lifes. Thankyou for allowing me to read that touching poem.

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He was young
His life had just begun
All of a sudden it was taken away
I didn't even get to say the things I wanted to say
Only if God could see
How he could of turned out to be
Alcohol was the cause
He was wrong and broke the law
He wasn't the only one to pay
I still cry to this day
He would have been 21 this year
Sometimes I envision him in my mind
As clear as I would in a mirror
I only hope he knows
that no matter where in life I go
I love him so much
I only wish I could feel his touch
Only if God could see
How much he meant to me
Why won't the sorrow disappear?
Why can't I stop shedding the tears?
I never told him how much I cared
or how much I enjoyed the things we shared
All of mind is filled with hate
Because I never told him of my love
and now it's too late
Sometimes I feel he's here
I only wish he didn't drink that beer
For he'd be alive today
and I wouldn't think of reasons "Why?" to say

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this poem really touched me coz my brother currently on the road to death by every thing you dicribed but its nott beer but burbon :(:(:(:(:(
that waz a very good poem when i read it i stated to cry
Very good. I like heartfelt poems and thats definatly one of my favourites now.
This is a great poam and it really touched me because always feel like I'm going to lose my brother and boyfriend if they don't guit drinking and I have no idea how it could feel but hopefully I never will . Yuo did a great job on this poam
this poem really touches me. I have lost 3 friends this year to car accidents, and 2 of them were either drinking or on drugs. And its very hard to quit hurting about it. But your poem is wonderful
This poem means so much to me , it has been two years since a family friend of mine was killed in a 4 wheeler accident, i never would have thought that something like this would have ever happened in a small indiana town that we live in but it did. she was 19 and beatuiful and i miss her thanks for the beautiful poem 10
I love this poem. I give it a 100% because it says it all. I lost my best friend on the 31st of August 2006. He did something stupid and now I will never get to tell him all the things that I wanted to say. Im still trying to figure out how to go on from here.
i love this poem is is so sad but i still thank is it raw
I could feel the pain that person is going through in the poem and i am so sorry u have lost a person who meant so much to u they always say bad things happen to good people which i think is abosoulty true and others would agree with me
it was good,
HI! I just wanted to start off saying thank you for writing this peom i was looking for the right poem to read at my boyfriends funeral. and this did it for me. he was 21 and drunk driving home. i havent been able to heal and reading ur poem helped me a little bit u never can really get over something like this. i just wanted to say i read the poem at his funeral and it touch everyones lives. including mine
We all know how people with the addition problem is very hard to connect with, but all we can do is not give up on them and try to reach out to them before its their last.
Its a lovly poem and I think it deserves a vote.
this poem (why) really touched my heart because i lost my father a few months ago the day he passed away i thought my life was over as well i had hate feelings i blamed everyone i even lost my faith thank god i have it back now i couldnt and wouldnt talk to anyone about my feelings so i picked up a pen and paper and put all my feelings on paper and it made me feel some better when you have a loss that big in your lfe and cant talk about it writing it down on paper rather its a poem or just a letter will make you feel better this poem (why) i thought was great.
the reason why this touched me so much is that i lost my friend on dec 7 2005 and its been 3 weeks from that day and he was shot by a gun it was due to drug use and he had just turned 23. he meet so much to me and he didnt even know and that day he passed away i was gonna call him to patch things put but all i told my else is that i still have tomorrow. this touch so much
oh my god dat was so touching i just lost a cousin, (because of his wife didnt have any more miutes on her phone an he wouldnt buy her ay she killed him) she was in the military and she was very, very crazy and abusive
This poem is extrememly good! It made me cry. just this past month I lost 4 great friends. They drank, stole a car, and wrecked. They all died! The love of my life was in the car. this poem just makes me think and for some reason even though I know that they all are with God I just don't think that they are resting at peace like they should be!
This peom brought me to tears it touched me in places that I thought no one could reach. You cant even describe a peom like this so I am just gonna end it here. 10
i loved this one its really sad . it brought a tear to my eyes
july 3. 2005 i lost my husband bobby 32 in a car accident. he was leaving the bar on his way home. this poem expressed so many feeling that i have thank you for the poem.
Jamie I lost my oldest brother Billy ( William )Russel Boomer to *Drugs* &*Alcohol*. I never had the opportunity to talk to him before he took his own life by a drug overdose. He was reaching out for help but help was not there fast enough that night.
I felt so in touch with your poem. It was soo deep and so close to time. I just lost a friend on February 25, 2005. He was driving drunk, a mistake, im sure hed take back. Just everything you said I really wish I could say and get out. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
I really enoyed the poem , ive lost important people in my life to drinking and i feel what u feel, keep your head up!
i always think of why did my dad have to die at such a young age, well im 13 and i lost my dad by a heart attack it was scarry. but i always say why
This is a really nice poem. Alot of deaths happen these days with young adults without reason. It just isn't fair, I'll agree! Thankyou for sharing you feelings for everyone, and maybe they might just teach some a few lessons. Renae :-)
the poem touched me very much because my best friend over dosed last year and its very hard to get over! i feel for all who lost a loved one to drugs!
This poem really touched me. My son died in a car accident,caused by drinking and also driving to fast. there was another boy driving, he died also, and the boy in the back seat,had a broken neck. he survived, he is physically fine, but not emotionally. my son was 21, and left behind a son,,, everyone who knew my son tells me that he lived his life to the fullest,,,and that i know he did,,,but to me his life was just beginning.
my cousin and his friends are involved in drinking and drugs and hanging out with the wrong kind of group. the other night some guys broke in my cousins house and shot his roommate in the head. all i can say is why?
I have a brother who is 21. I really like this poem because it makes me think of how much i would lose if i lost my brother. And i just want to sat to the author you did a very good job.
this sound like me . Poems can touch many hearts and mine ot did. I lost my boyfrien mybabys father so many (whys) I'll always have if only god would give us the chance to say I love you, and goodbye, but maybe because we will see them oneday and so its really not goodbye, just hello. I love you carlton
I LOVE this poem! Its seems as if though it was written right from the heart. I didnt lose a loved one due to alcohol, but i know many young guys that drink and drive. That poem just breaks my heart to even think what MIGHT happen to all of theose that i love.
My friend sent me this and so I read it, it was very hard to read this knowing that a few months ago my ex- boyfriend died of a heroin overdose and he actually would've been 21 this year and everything this poem said fit to him perfectly. It was the saddest day of my life hearing that. I couldnt even go to his funeral since he was in Ohio and I am in colorado. He was my first love, and it is still very hard. Thanks for writing such good poems and sharing your feelings with us who have experienced it, we all like to know that we are not alone and things happen for unknown reasons.
your poem was wonderful. my cousin just died 2 days before christmas this year because of driving drunk. he was such a good kid. thank you for your peom.
absolutely wonderful poem, really talking from the heart and i'm sure he is watching you and is very proud of you. xxxx
I though this pome was very good because it remind me of my friend that died of drinking and driving he was'nt drivn a car it was a trike i loved him so. much when i was young but because i didnt want anyone to know is because he was in love with my friend. Even though i know i should of but up to this day i still cry i know its know good but i cant anyways. Will that is why i love this pome.
This is a very good poem and even thoguh i have never lost a brother, or a father. i have still lost my mother, so this poem really did touch my heart. thank you
my husband just died from a car wreck. he had been drinking and i never got the chance to tell him how nuch i love him
i love this poem i have a poem that i made that is called why?
I think this poem is great! It touched my heart and I know that there is somebody out there that knows how I feel.
i thought it was a good poem
i realli liked this poem it really touched me because i knew this guy named carlos and died at age 14 but it was not a normal death but they killed him and that makes me say why? everytime and just wonder and ask why? would that happen why? would they kill him why? well just wanted to share this and thanx to this author for this poem even though it is sad it makes me remember that special person thanx.
I loved this poem so much. It related to my friend in so many ways. It also related to me too. How I wish I would of told him I loved him before it was to late. This is one of those poems that makes you cry, and never forget you dear friends that have died.
I loved it, because it reminds me alot of my boy that got killed and it touched me. Brought tears to my eyes.
hey, i liked your poem it reminded me of a friend that was walking and got hit by a drunk driver my friend died he was so innocent he was just 15 full of life and spirit we never got the chance to see what he would become cause his life was taking right before our eyes.
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