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This poem was written by me right after I received a phone call that my friend Michael had passed away from Leukemia. As tears were running down my face, I thought about writing down my feelings so I did and I wrote this poem I changed it a bit but it still sends the same message, and every time I read it I cry.

My friend was only 11 years old when he died, he loved baseball, his favorite team was the Yankees, I will never forget Michael or his sweet smile. This poem is in memory of: Michael D. Wrobel 1984- 1996. We miss you Michael.

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I liked this poem because my cousin name Michael died from lukemia which this seems as if this person new him to i really want to now if its the same Michael because i love and miss him very much and even if it isnt this was a great poem and it made me happy to see how somebody cared about there friend
i know how u feel. i have lost 2 of my best friends in 2 years . i think about them every day. they will always live in my memories
i think the poem is sad but it also has feeling to it to like i can feel the pain but im sorry u lost ur friend
IT was AMMMMAZING. Loved it

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Michael, Our Friend

A couple of years ago,
My friend Michael was diagnosed with leukemia
It was like a clash of thunder creeping through the sky.
My friends and I just prayed for the Lord to heal him through
Michael's spirit will never fade
because he is like an angel watching over us
At the end we had to say goodbye
but we all knew that he was raised up on eagle's wings
And now through these days we hear him
soaring through the skies like a little butterfly
"And Michael, don't forget we're your friends, your best friends"

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I love this pome cuz I have cancer
hi iam sandra just a year i lost my best friend to the some stuff that your friend die from . your peam mad me cry and i know what u are going though i know that i will see my best friend up there with god
i just want to appreciate every single word you said in that poem. It made me cry. I also had a friend whom had died of cancer as well. I miss him. He was my bestfriend and was like my brother. He died when he was 19. Remebering him suffering with all the pains he had gone through. It always made me cry. I love your poem. Thank You.
all i can relly say is this pomem was this best poem i have herd sinse footprins i am only 15 years old and i love poetery i just think that the poem you have let us read that you can let us hear another realy good 1 thanks
Hi, Your poem really means something to me. I had a best friend die when i was five and four weeks ago my current best friend has been diagnosed with Leukemia. I really hope i don't lose her i don't know what i would do.
wow, thats so sad. thats very weird, just last week, Monday, August 15, 2005, my friend Mike passed away. he was fighting a brain tumor he had since 2002. and i know hes watching down on all of us. he always had a smile on his face. even during his illness. he never let you feel sorry for him. well, keep up the good work!
i really liked this poem because about two years ago my best friend did die of leukimia and this poem was really touching for me as well as the rest of my familly
hey i know exactally how you feel i just found out today my friend tyler died of leukemia. i had a feeling this would be a good poem and it was just the one i needed. thanks so much
to me the poem had meaning and I felt Lindsay said so much in that short poem
Your poem touched me deeply. My best friend just died about 4 months ago. She lost a fight with cancer as well. This poem explains exactly how i felt that day and how I still feel.
i loved your poem it almost descibed my cuzin Nikki who just passed away 2 days after her 18th birthday on Feb 12,2005 she was in a car accident with both of our cuzin in the same wreck.
hey watz up i feel ur pain i had a brother 2 years ago and he past away for the same reason. we though he was going to survive, but god dicided to take him away. me and mom wil awayz miss him and he will never be forgoten.
i kno how u feel because i lost my bestfriend which waz my anut because of a illness and i cry every day for her i waz only 11 1/2 yrs old when this happened
This poem really touched me just thinking about the age and how young he was when he died it must be really upseting to be his friends and lose him like that all my sympathy forever
i had one of my best friends die and his nam ewas micheal too but he got hit by a drunk driver that hit him going 90 miles per hour. it was the saturday before halloween of this year and when i got the news i took it so hard and i wanted to die. i loved micheal like a brother and he was the only real person i could talk to. and now he gone. it hurts me to say that but i have to get use to not having a best friend. this poem is the best i have read yet
I have just lost a friend on the 22nd of july also called Michael. He sadly died aged only 34. The only thing that leaves peace in my heart is that he did not suffer but went in his sleep. Your poem for the simalarities stood out to me.
my most best friend in the whole world got into a car crash in the summer of 2003. how i found out was that i got an email from a friend but i couldn't believe it, although i was very very worried. and then about 3 days later, i got a call from a parent and she said that my friend really had gotten into a car crash! i was so sad and mad all at the same time i couldn't cry.
That is the best one I have read it is so deep and so sad I am not kidding. My best friend lost her dad in 2001 from carbon monoxide poisoning.
My best friend just killed his self on December 14th and i know how you feel it is the worst feeling in the world. i will never be the same person again. and neither will you because of the loss of your friend. I am so very sorry.
my friend dyna jsut commited suicide abut 3 1/2 months ago. i know how you feel.
My mom died 4 months after my 2nd birthday. this poem explains how i sometimes feel. i never truelly knew her, but i feel as if she looks out for me and my family. your poem was nice!
I had a best friend named Lynzie, and she died when she was 9 years old, so I know how you feel, Lindsay. God Bless
I am very sorry to hear about your lost. Just remember to keep your head up and God will lead you through the way. Your friend will always to there to protect you. Just remember to kep your head up all the time
i had a cousin that had died from leukemia two years ago. his name was michael too. i printed your poem because my mother wants to use it for a quilt she is making for my cousin's mom. i just wanted to wish you best wishes. thanx
thanks so much! my friend died recently at the age of 16 from osteosarcoma in her knee. i know how you feel!
I really liked your poem, i touche me i just lost my best friend named micheal he was like a brother to me (1984-2002) it has bee very hard for me to deal with it that is the reason i was reading these poems, he comemitted sucide. he wa only 19 he had biopolor
I really like this Poem it was sad how your friend dead when he was 11 so what you do after he did keep his picture and belongings he had or did you keep it for memebers.
hey, i i have to admit that i have never had a loss like you but your poem touched me deeply. it makes me realize how lucky i am. i wish you all the best in life!
i understand alot what happened to u. my father died 2 years ago when i was 12 . he dies of colon cancer and he died right in fron of our family in the house. i am sry 4 ur friend and i know ull keep him in ur heart like i will w/ my dad.
Hey. i liked ur poem. it affects me cuz i lost my best friend in january 2002 due 2 leukemia. we were best friends for 8 years. hope everythin works out 4 u.
This is a very good poem. I am very sorry that your friend died.
This poem really touched my heart. See, Michael and I were born the same year, and I have leukemia too. Everyone on this Earth has a set time they are to live. Michael's was shorter than the rest of us, but ours could end tomorrow. I know that I could have died just as easily as Michael. But since I know that, I try to live my life to the fullest. And I am sure that Michael did that too. He is watching over us now. Up in heaven.
hey.sorry bout your loss.i just recently lost my friend to leukemia too..he was only 15.its so hard to believe that his gone.he was so young,..he was a great guy.and it really hurts that his gone.i know how u feel.that was a great poem
I really liked you poem. I am a sophmore and about a month one of my class mates died form lukemia. He was a good friend of mine. He was a great kid and I know what you are going through.
I'd just like to give thanks to the writer of this poem. I'm 16 and earlier this year i had a dear mate called Michael leave me and this helps me relate with my anguish.
this is so sad and i no how they feel i lost a friend and he ment so much to me he was my best friend i could tell him every thing and we new every thing about each other he had cancer i dont remeber what they callec it but he had only 2 months to live and on he finals dayz we all cryed and we were all bye his sad but i think it hurt me the most out of all his friends he was like a big brother to me and i was his little sister we love you CHRIS :*(
Hi, I think this poem was great and it made me cry because in 96 i lost a really close friend Shannon, she got hit by a drunk driver who fled the scene, but since has been to jail and out already. I alos think it reminds me of my father who passed away in 98 of Heart Disease, then 3rd it reminds me of a friend in my school who was only 14 or 15 that passed away last year by a drunk driver who also fled the scene. He was thrown over 500 feet in the air, leaving nothing left but his sneaker. Thank you
This poem hit close to home. My sophomore year in high school, a friend(since the 7th grade) passed away due to leukemia. It was probably one of the most devastating things that happened to many of us. We all thought that SHE would pull through, but it was just too much for her to overcome. Kepp up the good work, Lindsay!
I loved the poem it made me cry I just want to say it relates to me in a way because when I was 10 my best friend died she got hit by a car.I am a 11 now and I will never for get her.SO I am sorry about your friend if this is a true poem but even if it isn't it is a great poem.
It made me cry
I am sorry for the loss of your friend. I have the loss of my grandfather, and I might write a poem about it. Well, I really liked your poem, and I hope you become a poet!
its good i understand what happen and i'm very sorry about i well keep him in my heart.

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