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This is a poem that I want to dedicate to my cousin Jason. He was special to everyone and touched a lot of hearts. He died of suicide at the age of only 14. I just want to say I miss you, Jason - and I will always love you. I am 13 years old and in the 7th grade. Jason 4/27/84-3/6/99

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I loved your poem. I just had a uncle pass away and this poem explains my feelings on what happened. I wish he was still here. He died at 43 years old, but his life wasnt fair at all. He was paralized at the age of 21 because of a motorcycle accident. So his life had been pretty bad. I loved your poem. Thank You for writing this. =D
i loved this poem it made me think so much I cried
I love it. I'm sorry for what happened. I for one can say it is the best work I've seen a 7th grader do. It touches me and I'm sure everyone else. I'm also a poet too I'm 14 in the eigth grade(goin to the 9th after the summer). I wish you the best in life. De'Marcus
This poem is really good. I can't believe that you wrote this. You ae an amazing writer! I'm sorry for your loss I know how you feel.

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You Meant So Much

You meant so much to all of us
You were special and that's no lie
You brightened up the darkest day
And the cloudiest sky

Your smile alone warmed hearts
Your laugh was like music to hear
I would give absolutely anything
To have you well and standing near

Not a second passes
When you're not on our minds
Your love we will never forget
The hurt will ease in time

Many tears I have seen and cried
They have all poured out like rain
I know that you are happy now
And no longer in any pain.

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This poem means so much to me it is as if you have wrote it with my friend in mind. She passed away last week and this sums her up so well and how i am feeling as well. thank you
Wow! Does this poem ever touch your heart. My best friends niece at the tender age of 19 recently committed suicide and her mother is just devastated as this was her only child. I am going to give her mom a copy of your poem I hope that you don't mind.
gurl these poem mad me cry it is extra bomb.
hey this is a great poem. my cuz just died a few months ago and it was the worst thing on the whole family. she died of concer. but yea this poem made me think of her and that u should keep up the good work.
this poem touched me alot and i too lost someone to suicide he was my boyfriend and he had a hard life. I always tried to help him break free of his suicidal ways and he was screwed up for a long time his parents hated him and they never ever once told him they loved him and they said they never wanted him in thier life. He was barely 14 when he died and i miss him. this poem touched me and i love it. - Saydee
My Cousin Emily was killed my a drunk Driver and i have been looking for something to express how i feel and this poam says it all
I just lost my nephew to suicide on 01/11/07. This is a beautiful poem and it is helping me deal with loosing him and my feelings of anger. I will print it and frame it for His parents for the funeral.
i really loved this poem. im 14 years old and my brother commited suicide in January 2006 he was 19 years old. This poem really touhed my heart and its so true! R. I. P bubby 9/19/86-1/21/06
my grandma just died and this poem reminds me sooo much about how she use to laugh we well all miss u grandma love,maria,,mario,steph jen,izzy,mario,bryan
this is so sad
This poem touched me because my aunt just died and she mean't so much to me. I always remembered her having a beautiful smile and always being there. She was one of the nicest persons I've ever known. She fought a good battle before she left this world and she never gave up hope, and thats why she is such an inspiration to me.
I loved this poem, i cried when ever i read it! My best friend commited suicide and i kinda know what the author is going through!
this peom really touched me! one of my really good friends was murdered in october of 2006. its been really hard for me to dill with her being gone. she was always there for me and knew hoe to cheer me up! her smile was amazing and always put a smile on my face! i wish she was still her! the poem is really good! : )
Hi i think this is a perfect poem to express the greif people suffer, i read this at my nans funeral on the 18th of septermber 06 and although it was really hard i done it and my ann would have been so proud of me. Emily 14 years old London
Hello, i just wanted to say this and never told anyone about this. I had a good friend, he was my boyfriend and we dated almost 3 years. Until my family and I moved away from the community thats when he got messed up. He was always happy and making people laugh and looked as if he was never sad, or depressed. He lived his life very well. Always had asmile on his face, and every kid he saw loved him. He made everyone happy about life. This poem reminded me of him after i read it. One day we argued over the phone, i regret for saying what i said to him. At least 5 hours later i tried to call again, but he was in a accident. He was drunk while driving his 4 wheeler, and had been killed instantly. He wasn't that type a person before I left him. I always think of him. This poem really reminds me of him.
I just lost a loved on and this really expresses the way i way.
sucide is a really sad thing and i dnt understand why pplz do dis to end there life. suicide is a depression and makes other people blame other people and makes more pplz have the idea to do it to themslves to. my mum did it wen i was jst born then mai dad did it the start of this year and also my sister mai cousin and mai aunty. its just so sad! and its a easy way to get out of life but its a hard way for other pplz to forget the person you love has gone! its also a greedy thing to do to! i have to live mai life as a depressed teenager because my family gets blamed for suicide and its jst wrong please dont do it it puts pressure on your family and friends and all the opporunties you have in your life! i still cry maiself to sleep because of this but i am never going to do suicide in my life its stupid
I really like this poem. I have a very close friend of mine is going through a very rough time since she lost her brother and it was a nice poem to read.
I just wanted to write that this poem really touched my heart. My mother commited suicide 10 yrs ago so i can relate to this poem. I can sleep every night knowing that she's safe in God's hands now. R. I. P Mama 1961-1996
This poem says it all about the pain of missing my son and wishing for my son to be here with us, he commited suicide in 2004
Great Job! We loved it because of the hard time my girlfriend is having over losing someone she loves. It really helped her deal with it.
I was looking for a perfect poem that reminded me of my best friend I just lost 5/4/06 and that described how I felt and this one is the one. It really did touch my heart to the fulless and I'll always remember this poem b/c of that. GREAT JOB!
you are very talented, keep it up. nice way of putting your emotions into art.
Cassie, this is a beautiful poem which I found while I was looking for something to read at my loving Mother's funeral. The words are so fitting as she died last weekend having been in severe pain for many years. The tears flowed, yet again.
Very beautiful
beautifullly written!
Poetry Fan
no cheap words could ever desribe how treasurey this poem is, there could be no accurate explanation to what I felt when I started reading the poem or how the pieces of my heart kept getting smaller and smaller as I read down the lines deeper and deeper, but its definetly touchey! thank you
It was touching. Thank you.
Hi, I'd just like to take a moment and tell you that this poem is soo good and it really touched my heart. My cousin commited suicide last year in July, only if we knew why. We miss him so much and i never knew how to explain this, but this poem. wow, it just tells it all. I just might frame this and put it up in my room. His name was Jared, he had no reason to leave, at least thats what we thought. Thanks again for taking the time to write this, I bet you went threw the same thing. -13 year old missing her cousin :-(
My friend has just killed herself. This poem had such an effect on me when i read it, that i could not stop crying. It is her memorial next saturday, and i am going to read this poem there. Thenk you cassie for writing something so memorable, and very helpful to get through this difficult time.
That was a great poem. It made me cry in memory of my great friends. That just passed away Sat. Nov. 5,2005. In an armed robby at Subway in Phoneix,AZ. Thank GOD the ones that took away our friends are looked up. Now our friends are in a better place where no one can hurt them . Whaching over us with caring love! IN LOVEING MEMORY RAFA & GULLERMO Rest In Peace My Loved Ones #20 #40
My fiance' killed himself 13 years ago. This poem really hits home. Very well written
i vote for the poem you meant so much i love that poem
that was a really good poem. it reminds me so much of my friend that has jus passed way. he was onli about a week away from turnin 15 wen he took his life. ive put this poem on my website in dedication to him
i was really touched by this poem as i have just lost my nan the words i can really relate 2. i have been touched by this poem so much that i have decided 2 read it out at my nans funeral. thank you very much jemma age 16
At last a decent depiction of the sorrows and joys of suicide if only i could feel the pang of joy and sorrow i would die different deaths a thousand times over.
Loved it. Lost my mom last month, and this said everything I could not at her grave. Thanks for saying them.
i love that poem and remind me of a speical person that i had in my life and she has now passed away to a better place it was my grandmother she died 7/31/05 and i wanted to resite your poem at her funeral!
I lost a sister in law, 14 year old Nephew and a friend all in a tragec accident on july 2 2005 This poem really touched me I am printing it and framing it with a picture of my relatives thank you!
This was very nice!
i can relate to you becuase my mom commited suicide in 1999 when i was in 3rd grade in in 9th now and it still dosnt go away but you learn to deal in yuor own way. writting is a good way of saying with out talking its good you say how u feel i didnt used to do that and it messed me up. i like urs so much i have it on my wall so i can always read it.
omg. my best friend greg vonalman killed himself on dec. 17, 2004, and all i did was cried for months, you worded it so beautifully, i understand how people feel, b/c ive considered suicide befor.
I just lost my spouse and this is so touching. Thank you for putting what I feel into words.
this poem is a really good poem
hey. thank you for writing this poem. I found it a couple of months ago. maybe even last year. well I loved it then and I wrote it down. well Febuary 17, 2005 one of my best friends dad died and everyone was really close with his dad and it hurt a lot of people. well your poem helped me and a lot of my friends out and I really wanted to thank you for writhing it. Kim
i really loved this poem, i lost my best friend a little more then two months ago and im still trying 2 move on and knoe that he is happier and in a better/safer place and this poem, even tho it got me all teary, really made me feel better. they should definitly write more and let me know when there's new ones up! keep up the good work
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