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I wrote this during the days I was home from school, after my grandfather's passing. I could only hope to cope with the pain by expressing it in words, but words that expressed it for me.

People have read this poem and not understood that it came from the heart of a teenager struggling with the first close death in her family. Well, that's me.

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I loved your poem. My grandfather just died, and I was really close to him. I can't stop crying. He died in a car accident, so no one knew it was coming. I just wish I could've said good-bye.
I loved the poem it is so sad
i read your poem and i love it so much my gandpa mant a lot to me and is now i the sky with he's mom i miss hem so much he was and stel is my hroe.
this poem touched me because my grandpa died too. And now when i think about it, it makes my cry. I really miss him. But I know I'll be with him soon. He was me best friend in the whole wide world. ♥ R. I. P- Papa ♥

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She Was Just A Teen

She was just a teen and he was over the hill.
The little lady didn't know why her grandpa had to go,
But she had a mysterious dream - he came down from the sky.
He said to her, Baby I'm all right, don't worry and don't you cry.
Then he gave her a hug and drove back to the kingdom above.

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This poem hits very close to home for me. My grandfather died a few years ago, and he's the first one in my family (whom I was very close to) to die. Its been a few years and I still cry at night about him.
this poem is very touching, its a very nice poem
this poem is so touching! i love it even though i have two grandfathers still alive i just got so into it!
I undersatnd your poem you wrote about your grandpa. I had that same kind of dream when my grandpa died. I was only 14 years old, and he was the first person who died in my family thaat I knew. He died 4-21-04, he was in the hosiptal for 2 months, and he died in his sleep. But the poem you wrote made me thing about my grandpa. I really loved you poem, "she was just a teen".
that was a great peom,my grandpa die when i was 5 and i didn't get 2 say good-bye to him cause they wouldn't let me in the room cause he didn't look 2 well and i was to little to see it and i'm 13 now and i still wish i could have said good-bye.
i think that ,that poem was a beautiful poem and should be all over the internet because it says what people cant say without crying.
I lost my pappy ( grandfather) on fathers day of last year. I am only 18 and my sister was 14. We really missed him. The two of us thought he could walk on water. I am going ot e-mail this to my sister. She had such a hard time wiht his death. Thank you for putting into words what I couldn't for her.
I thought you did a very good job on your poem. It made me think about how much I should live each day happy with my love ones. Keep up the grat work!
Very good! Teens always have the hardest time coping with deaths!

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