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On the anniversary of the passing of our beloved 12 year old German Shepherd, the pain of remembrance was brought back in full force. The raw emotions resurfaced at that time, to pen this poem:

In fond remembrance of Misty; Feb. 23, 1988 - May 10, 1999

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i loved ur poem. I 2 have a daog ICY n I luv him more than ne1 in dis world,so i can perfectly understand how u must be feeling. BUT you should not feel sad n remember the days dat u spend with it. Remember ur dog is watching you n maybe crying because you are sad.
Well, i lost a son. a man recommended me this site, he told me it included beautiful poetry. and it really is beautiful. this poem reminded me of my little baby son, who was ran over by a truck, we were playing in the front yard. i looked away for 5 seconds. looked back and he was in the middle of the street, 1 second later i lost my son.
This poem touched my heart deeply.
this poem reminds me of the memories i had with my pets. THe painful day i arrived home only to realise that i didn't have her anymore with me. I lost part of my life that day. Being a part of almost everything i do at home, it was hard to move on. it's been 3 years now, and im still trying to move on, to no avail. This poem touched me deeply, as you read it, you're able to feel the mental and emotional torture this person goes through. Well, it's part and parcel of life. So to all those who lost loved ones, remember its a part of life. God bless!

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Barren (02/23/88-05/10/99)

Upon this day I reminisce
With sadness and regret
The loss of my beloved
Special "child" who was my pet.

It's been a year of longing
Wishing you'd return to me ...
For though you left one year ago,
I cannot "set you free".

Though time has made it easier,
To go from day to day ...
No one can understand the
"Special" role your life did play.

For every day you were a part,
Of love and joy and life ...
You had a way that focussed me
And lessened daily strife.

I'd hurry home to see your face,
Behind that window pane;
Where wiggles, hugs and cuddles
Brightened up the worst of days.

And now I sit, with eyes tear filled,
You are not by my side;
And when I see the window,
It is bare and bleak inside.

Emotions, they are raw today,
I'm simply torn apart ...
For hollow, wrenching feelings
Tear apart this very heart.

An emptiness, that's deeper than
The oceans ... fill my soul;
A painful hunger bites my
Inner self beyond control.

For though time healed the daily wounds
I wore upon my sleeve,
I shelter from the world outside
Just what you meant to me.

No children was I blessed to have,
My womb was barren ... yet,
You filled the void my darling one,
My sweet and lovely pet.

To me, you were more human
Than some others I have known ...
You gave such love and tenderness;
T'was deep within your soul.

Now spring is here, and little things
We loved now cause me harm ...
The walks we'd take around the yard
No longer hold their charm.

We're packing just to get away,
And leave this home we've lived ...
For without you to share this with,
I get no joy from it.

I see you as I turn each step,
I watch for you each day ...
Oh little one, I miss you so,
... Much more than words can say.

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I have been through this loss before and the author of this poem has captured all of the pain and written it out beautifully.
i i love my little dogs too . really liked this poem .
WOW. that was excelent:)well done kit! that made me cry( lol welll done. love Miss-Tash.
Its the best poem, sad and carry very deep meaning for the lost. It makes me cry every time I read it.
Today would have been Jespah's 14th birthday. She has been gone 18 months.
I no what it feels like to loss someone thats really close to you i lost a bestfriend he was the most amazing person anyone will ever meet i lovee him with so much of my heart and nowing that his gone gets harder n harder each and ever day i miss you & lovee you cameron awesome poem xxx. Allanah
I am a dutch woman, It was a beautiful poem. I lost my dog 4 years ago. this poem says what my heart feels marieke thank you
Hi Barren, I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your pet. Though people doen't realize a pet is like family and a MEMBER of it! I had 2 cats named Tabby and Charley they will be 10 in June. I always made them a small cake. I reciently hada stroke in Jan. of 2006. I am still struggling to walk, but at least I can because of a AWESOME physical thrrapist! So I am greatful in a lot of ways, but then my family member got rid of my cats who I called them my "KIDS". I don't think I can ever forgive this . I HURT I'm in PAIN without my loved ones those like you use to look for me out the window, and gave me much enjoyment. I pray for all animals everyday where ever they may be. Jan
This poem really touched me because i have no children either and i lost my first dog. I was so lonely that a while later i got another puppy. im now so attached to this dog im scared to lose her. People dont take me serious but this dog showed me how to love something and to feel needed by something.
I love your poem but i'm sry u lost a loved one i know how u feel. I lost plenty of loved ones. You have written a good poem and i hope many more to come.
this poem touched me cause ive lost mi fav dog in the world n i know what it feels like
This is a very sad poem but i can relate my pet just died about a year ago and i still cant forget about her and how much she ment to me i can still feel her soft fur rubing against my face! I LOVED THE POEM!
i have here a dying puppy in my hands right now, as i read this poem i feel like asking how, how come it had to be this one and why was it me, why was he the one here alone sitting next to me
I like your poem real well.
this poem touched my heart because i too losty a special friend so it reminds me of this friend
My beloved pet passed away today. His name was marius, and he was a 4 1/2 year old rat. He was the best pet anyone could ask for, he came with me everywhere and would even sit on the couch and watch telly with me and then go to sleep on my lap. Your poem really touched me, i cried when i read it. i'm so sorry for your loss.
this poem touched me even though i have no pet
i was about to comite suicide 2weeks ago and your poem has made me rethink those yery good and warm times that pas me by that mabey my world would cry if im gone and comitted suicide i thank u much for your poems side to make me rethink those little normal times now i wont forget to turn back the time. thank you!
I really loved this poem because it reminded me of my dog and how much I miss him and the auther had alot of the feelings that I had with my dog.
this poem touched me cause i lost a dog and he was my best friend.
This poem seemed like it was written especially for me. I lost Brandi 2 years ago and I feel the same about her as I did the day she died after experiencing 17 years of joy with her. She was the child I never had. The poEm was BEAUTIFUL and I will copy and frame it.
I'm not really a person who reads a lot of poems, but this one almost made me cry. A few days ago, when I went horse-riding, a friend told me one of the horses died. She was called Flame, and I liked her very much. Reading this poem, I couldn't help but think about her, I'll miss her a lot.
I felt like I wrote it myself. It captured every feeling I have held for the past 9 months due to the loss of my 19 year old Siamese cat. She was my best friend and my baby. not a day goes by where I don't think about her and miss her with all of my heart. To this day I cannot look at her picture without bursting into tears and I dream of her often. I actually hear he meow and wake up feeling a raw sense of loss because I could have sworn the dream was real.
This poem really got to me. I loved my dog more than I loved anyone else and she died a while ago. I have not gotten over it nor will I ever but to know someone feels the same way is comforting.
i really loved this poem, it makes me think about my own dog and how much i care about her, and it makes me realize that some day she will die too and i wish that the day will never come.
Even though I have not lost a pet, I have a small dog who is treated like my child. I do understand the loss.
THIS poem made me cry. but THX! I, too, am "barren" and lost my "loved one" back in '93, now I have another "special friend" even though his day is yet to be, he's helped my heart to mend I fear the day my friend I'll lose 'cause none could ever fill his shoes. oh well. tried to be a poet. haha
that was a raly good poem it was sweet and relaxing i lost a few love ones to and i no how you feel
Yea i love your poem it made me cry cuz i recently lost a pet too. he was a parrot a quaker. he died on November 25,2006. he was the light that lit up my soul in happiness and joy. now hes gone and cant come bak although i would do anything to bring him bak. i miss him so much. everytime i look at his picture i just burst into tears. the day before the 25 at night when it was time to go to sleep i gave him a kiss on the cheek. But then the next day i couldnt believe what i was seeing. it was him lifeless without joy. He was more than a pet he felt more like a brother. for example when i cried in front of him he would literally come up to me and give me a kiss. And now no matter how much i cry hes not coming bak. itz the first bird that i knew that couldnt fly. but he learned on the 25 of November. anyways i love your poem alot. his name was tikki by the way.
this was a very heart aching poem you put alot of soul into it and i loved it!
I have voted for this poem because I know exactly what the author feels like, it explains what I feel like right at this moment. I don't know if any of you really care, but I feel like telling this to someone. I lost someone very close to me today. My german shepherd dog, Cadet has been having a very hard time breathing these past few months and we took her to the vet and it turns out she had cancer and it had spread into her throat. I haven't been sleeping very well ever since the vet told us that, for I have been having nightmares about her wheezing downstairs, finally passing on from suffocation. Last night I came home from art class to find that she was on the floor, looking the way she had looked in my nightmares. I yelled for my cousin and we drove her to the emergency room at the vet's, I got the call today and found out she had died. What I had feared would happen to my Cadet had happened, my nightmare had come true. I learned something today, that death can be anywhere and can come at anytime and at any given moment, so don't think you're safe from it and tell yourself it will never happen to you or someone close to you. Because it will take you away as well as your last strands of hope. I really want to believe this is only a nightmare, but I know that my dog is gone, forever out of my life. I just wanted to let all the people who have lost their dog that they are not the only ones who feel like their hearts have been ripped out.
This is my most favorite poem!
I love this poem! It made me cry, because it reminds me of my dog. Its still my favorite poem though!
I love this poem becaus it reminds me of my lost pet, Drifter. He was like a child to me. He died last year. I hope you will write more poems like this one.
this is a great poem. i felt this way about my dog beany:(but ur pets in a better place so be happy
i lost my best freind a year ago. he was a cat. his name was whiskey and he was my little brother. i was there the minute he was born, but i never got to say good bye. it breaks my heart to think i promised him that day i would see him after scchool not knowing i would never see him again. he was barely 2 years old. he died because stupid people dont know how to cleean up anti freeze. he was my best freind. i still cry hard. thank you for sharing this poem Katy, 15, canada
i loved the poem and it really touched me as i have recently lost my dog and she was my true best friend.
this poem really touched me because i could picture everything. i can relate to it too because i have a german shepard and i too feel that she is more human then most of the people i know. thank you for sharing this poem with us.
i know how it feels to lose a pet hes been gone for 8 months and when i read this poem i cried it really was good and i hope you can hang in there summer
Hey , i loved your poem. Im 13 yrs. old and i jus lost 2 dogs one of the age thirteen dat i got wen i wuz 1 and the other was only 6 months i got him(corky) rite after Louiebell)died they were both daschounds. and dats funny cuz rite now my family and me are lookin for eitha a english bull dog or a german shepard. neways ur poem made me cry. i really loved it!
I know of the special role a pet can play in one's life. I, too have had to make that sickening decision to end my dear Jodi's life due to illness. She was my child, my baby! I grieved for years, clung to our memories, and vowed never to love another. There could never be another to take her place! My husband worried and encouraged me to consider another pet for I had such deep sadness and emptiness. I reluctantly joined my husband when he went to look at a litter of new pups and found my new child, Abby.
This poem was amazing i feel for you and as i read it i cried.
hello i am 13 years old and when i saw this poem it reminded me of my loss for my very own dog max. max to me was like my brother and we grew up together until that one day were he left me to defend my self. and now i relise he isnt going to come back but he will always be in my heart.
We lost our 'first child' - our little King Charles Spaniel 15 years ago and yesterday a good friend had to put down his best mate of 13 years ago. I read your poem with a smile and a tear, as its just how we felt.
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