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Mourning is a process -- If allowed to follow the course freely, you can endure --but each stage must be felt.

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awesome poem i can relate to you in so many ways it dont matter how old or how young a son will always be a son and always be missed and will always be in our hearts i know i lost my baby boy in november the 11th 2004 he was a still born no matter how old but still the pain of grief what we all fear ! i loved the poem and i really aprecuiate the words it can explain so much more than what i could try to say or even putting to words! no matter the age our kids will always be missed i'm 22 years of age and i have my own website if you'd like to pop in and visit leave a few poems you are more than welcome to FAYE I'M SO GLAD YOU CAN PUT THE WORDS TO MAKE SENCE BECAUSE I CANT EVEN EXPLAIN WHAT I FEEL HALF OF THE TIME I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL and all my condolence for you darling
Tears flowed. This poem is truly beautiful.
I lost my son at the age of 30 in a terrible sitution gored by a texas longhorn bull. he was my only child,so I know the heartache. Icry every day not an hour goes by that I don't think of him,and it's been 4 years now. but me and his father was divorced but we pulled togather at that time. Ilost not only my son but my best friend we were so close. I loved your poem
I don't know what is like to be married yet, because I'm only 15, buit I do know what it is like to loose a loved one. I think this is a very sad and touching poem. Keep up the great work!

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Married for thirty-five years,
We know one another so well.
There have been very few tears.
Until now---

We have shared our joy.
Happiness came to us in abundance.
God gave us a beautiful little boy.
Until now--

We guided him in his youth.
Both felt so blessed to be his parents.
He remained here through his thirty-forth year-
Until now

We separate to mourn.
Both are afraid to share our tears.
How is it we have shared so much?
Until now--

Would the burden be too great to bear
if our lament is combined?
Oh but I need your tender care.
So now----

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very sad poem
Inspiring and so true to life, grief is a very emotional thing and sometimes hard to share even with the one you love the most.

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