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This poem is merely one of many attempts to convey and express the longing for the one man who has touched the anatomy of my soul. A man I call Edi; many years my junior, yet, with a soul that reaches far beyond my own.

A thousand miles separate us only physically, yet, via email he has intertwined himself right into my inner blueprint. Only through the grace of God, will we ever meet.

We both know this and accept.

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I really like this poem because I am going threw a relationship right now and I feel empty arms but i know she loves me but she don't want to show it
I know what this is like. So many people think if you do the whole cyber thing your just desperate. no one really understands that it doesnt really happen on purpose. I loved it. Its nice to know im not alone with this
This touched my heart because it seems that it touches the soul of so many. Keep up the great work.
i loved it!

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Full Heart, Empty Arms

Thoughts of you illuminate my spirit;
Never a flicker of flame, but with
Arching bolts which strike with a force
That disturbs my equilibrium.

My mind races as waves of passion flush over
My pale skin, causing me to gaze upon visions
Of impossible romantic possibilities.

Pathetic is this woman who anticipates the
True rhythm of love, with a man she will never hold.

My imagined discourse of thoughts leave me suffering,
As my lips quiver with the words I shall never speak
to his: "I have loved you more than anybody in this world."

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i love this poem it says exactly what me and my friend Lori are going through. we like these two popular boys who just graduated and they dont like us
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A really, really good poem!
i loved this poem. i have been in a cyber romance for almost 5 years, we have not met yet. he is an american soldier in iraq untill 31st july. This poem spoke to me and made me realise that there must be lots of people going through what we are going through. He is coming to the uk for a month in september and we are planning to get married next year. Thank you so much for this poem. 10/10 . i love it
It has beautifully described the whole situation.
Your poem moved me in ways I can't describe. (Ur pome moved me in ways i cant dezcribe) Luv Ya
i really liked this poem and so did my bf
i lov dis poem!
Beautiful poem! 2 years ago I met a wonderful French artist who stirred my passion, we've been involved through e-mail& phone for the past year. I live in Pennsylvania,we've always expressed the desire to someday be together, hopefully we will be! Great!
How deeply I have felt this!
Yes. I can relate to that too well!
This poems was ment for me and my baby love Ayanna. I am in Nigeria while she is in Trinidad and Tobego. We knew eachother from the net butn our love is stronger than those seing eachother in person every second of thier day. I realy thank netpoets for this particular site and for telling me and my baby what we should know. This site remain the best site I have came across in my whole life especially for making feel so emotional about my wife Ayanna.
I think this is some 'sent from heaven' poem for special people
I said the same thing to the guy i dated for2 years
Oh yes! Very sweet poem, it touched me deep. Wow!
Beautiful poem I am feeling your pain, I fell for this guy I know I will never meet.
This poem exactly reflects the way i feel about a guy i met over da net. Katherine,i know how u feel. im in the exact same situation. i love him,but cant tell him bcoz there would be alot of complications if i did. but still i wish he knew how much i love him. how much i care. *sob* my love for him is. unimaginable. *sob*. but i know we'll meet someday. by da grace of god
ooooooooh wow am inthe same situation far from each other love is sooo beautiful wonderful poem really this is wat i feel
this poem touched me deeply, it said things i have felt, are feeling!
Its wow!This is da best poem i've ever read, it has realy touched ma heart and reminds me about ma sweethorney whom i miss very much coz she is miles away from me but so close to my heart. Thanks for sharing this wonderfull poem with us,,
i really love it!thats what i feel now. full heart but empty arms.
I love this poem because,it can touch many hearts in this world and it shows love and effection.
i have just had my heart broken today, through no fault of either of us, it just couldnt happen between us, so after 3 yrs or more together on here, i have just lost my love, this poem summed up all of my feelings
Kala C
I love this poem, cause it is written with simple words, words of love. Nowdays it is so difficult to trust people that. it is almost an act of faith to believe in someone you dont see or know. But feelings sometimes are stronger than mind, and despite of difficulties. you want to go on trying. Congratulations and thanks to the writer Valerie.
this poem was REALY good. i can relate because i am going threw the same thing at this point in time. this realy conferted me and made me feel much happier.
Wow. I really loved this poem. It really got into me. I loved this girl whose 6 yrs my junior. I love her, and she loves me. Though we're both Filipinos, but she's in italy. The only question now was, will we ever meet??? I always pray to God that someday, he may give us the chance to finally see each other in person. I really don't care when. I just wanted to see her. =(
As soon as I started reading this poem, it just touched my heart. WHY? I too, love someone so much that only God will know if my heart AND arms would be filled, by this man. "I have never loved any other, like I love him" I thank you, for this poem that touched my heart.
I love this poem because it speaks with truth and compassion and is truly from the heart. The author put a lot of themselves in this poem.
I like this poem because it reflected my situation at this very moment
this poem touched my heart because it is a sweet poem that brings me back memories of my ex boyfriend that left me because he was having sex with other girls!
i loved it
I love this poem. I too love a man I will never hold in my arms. So sad to find the love of your life, and know you may never meet. I look forward to more poems!
i feel ur luv , such pureness , i hope u do meet 1 day , such beautiful words
mmmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm "you go g3t em!"this po3m truly truly truly touced not only my heart but my soul to you are gunna go far cuz you have a true gift of GOD! ♥Autumn♥
this poem is truly the best! i can totally relate to this
i think that poem was very good and touched my heart
I think is spoken from the heart. I can totally relate to it.
all i have to say is wow . thats the way i feel too and its so hard to deal thank you that was one of the best poems i've read
Your poem has touched my own heart as I strive to deal with my own full heart and empty arms with the person I have loved like no other, but can not be with. Thank you for sharing.
OMG! I feel like those words were ripped out of my soul. I to am in the situation of loving a man who is my junior by several years. who i will never meet because of his life obligations.
This is a poem that touched me so much, because of a lost and impossible cyber love. Never saw him and this poem reflected just my feelings at that moment. Incredible!
WOW. i can realte. there is this one boy named Rakeem that makes me feel that way and aslso maurse. GOOD JOB!
In the poem the poet says about the real LOVE, which a person want in reality. The poet shows the real love in few words so that any body can understand that what is the depth of love, tears of love and the sorrow of love.
this poem has touched my inner feelings. it is exactly what has been happening to me right now. love is really great, though sometimes it is unfair. I still love the guy i met two yrs ago and it hurts because he was too far away from me and there are a lot of complications if i told him how i feel. now, all i can do is just to love him as long as i live. no matter what happens, i still hope that time would bind us together.
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