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This poem is about a woman and a man who have shared so much in thought and mind, and hope one day to make it real. It doesn't matter how long they wait, they know their dreams will come true.

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this poem not only shows passionate love but the little verse "to make a heart care" well it shows the the right love can make a cold soul love again. ON a scale from 1 to 10 its off the charts
i like this poem it has realy potrayed how we the internet users talk, and how we feel down deep our haetr notably,whenever we meet someone to care for. thanks mike
wow! perfect words.
Kala C
that was so sweet and nice i loved that peoms becuse i was true and i felt it to can you fill it think had what is it like when some so sweet wants you to hold and love forever over andover again i love it

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I Want To Fly

The night I met you
in words only on a screen
I knew I had to have you
not only in my dreams!
The words that we have shared
have caused my heart to care
At first I was a little frightened
to share myself with you
but you showed me ways to
make my nights brighten
You loved my body over and over again
you took me to heaven and made me live again!
I have come to want to devour you
not just on this place
but I want to touch your body
and feel you near
I want to hold you tightly
not just in words
but face to face:
I want to pleasure you in all the ways we shared,
I want to do things to you that
others would only dare:
I want to make our fantasies
all come true
for, babe, I want to fly with you.

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Dear Jasperflower You'r really touched my feeling ;these days I live new love life I'v never lived these love moment before & your lovely poeam talk about these lovely moment Thanks . Joseph
this poem touched my soul and speaks what i cannot say for the feelings it convey are very much what i feel
way touching.
aka pella
this is awlsome~ (speeling mistakes) but, I like it~
This poem is great. It's really helped me to express my feelings to an internet lover. Now he should understand how I feel because I've found it hard to find the right words. Bring on more poems!
Jasperflower, A beautiful way to express the most intimate thoughts, of someone in love.
omg that poem was great!i read it over and over.
its the best poen ever
Wow. your words touched me so much. because i feel this exact way about a guy. who i wish that one day i can meet! Distance may seperate us but in my heart i know that the way we feel will one day bring us together. this poem is amazing. x
You may not believe im sitting here close to tears, I have an internet love. I tell him I love him every day and its so true, but we can not see each other for different reasons. Your poem touched me!
Yes! It is exactly like this!
This poem really touched me. i'm just 14 going on 15 but there's this guy who i love and he loves my back. the only problem is that we are to far apart to meet! he's on the other part of the world and couse i'm only 14 we cant meet couse of family problems. i may seem young and still begining the world but love hasnt got to do with age! when love is strong you cant hold back but you can only express with words when distance is in the way! keep up the good work!
My husband and I met online a little over 2 years ago. Right now, we are in different states, and it's hard. He sent me this poem last night, and I had to find the site it came from. This poem really says what alot of internet couples feel, and have felt. Great poem, Jasperflower
i liked the poem very very much. it's sweet and cute.
Wow! Just want I want to say to my special friend. Thanks.
thanks for a great poem. i can really relate to it. keep on writting.
this poem is sooo nice,it makes people explain wat dey cant explain
I received this poem today and i think thats its great . It expressed everything that i want to say to Bob. Thanks for inlightening me
i fell in love with this poem, i loved it so much i sent it to the one i cant have, hes out there in the cyber world meeting new people everyday, and yet he tells me all of these things that he wants us to do together, i really need him and i cant begin to tell him how much i love him.
omg ! that is just how i feel about my internet love ! u have great talent . id like to hear more in the future !
I love this poem! It describes exactly how I feel! I met this one GREAT guy online about a year ago, and now we are in a relationship. Next year, he and I plan on meeting somewhere. To everyone out there who is in the same position, or if you are in love with someone online, don't get discouraged! You'll meet that person someday! I certainly am meeting the one guy for me
it was great and romantic!
I really enjoyed reading this poem. It was so beautiful, it explains a persons feelings so well.
i think this a verry well expressed poem i really liked it the auther has alot of talent .
Your poem ROCKS!
thats so true, me and my internet lover feel the sameway!
OHHH that was nice. I am in love with a man online and well that just says it all! I'm glad SOMEONE managed to put it into words
I love this poem. I feel all the same things mentioned in the poem with someone I met on the Internet. It's a really great poem!
Very real ! Touched me !
i loved your poem, it reminded me so much of me and the guy I been with over the net for almost a whole year now
I really liked you pome! It was realy nice and ment a lot to me case the same thing is going on in my life! so thank you for puting this lovey pome on the net.
i can relate. jasper ur such a poet
good poem. i can really relate to it.
I sent the poem to my web friend and she loved it! It says all the things that I have difficulty saying but want to.
Sounds like my love affair with my butterfly.. KC!
That poem is smooth, I enjoyed it
i sat here most of the day reading this one poem.. i couldnt find the perfect words to describe this poem. it is just perfect the way it is .speechless is all i can say! i really want to find the right words to describe it.perfect!
this is a buetiful poem and I to have shared this author's feelings.
Exactly how I feel about my cyber love, he took me where no other has ever been.Although we have yet to touch , I feel as though we have made love over 1000 times.
This poem expresses exactly how I feel. I have found love on the internet It says it all!
absolutely amazing poem
OMG! I loved this poem, you are an excellent poet and I REALLY hope to see more poems by you!
This poem is great and the feelings are so real
Awwwwwwww! This is so sweet, I'm going to send it to my "online love" right now!
I have sent this to Ken. for we have met and felt the same and cannot settle because of these same feelings. Thank you Jasper for putting it into words
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