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This Poem is about my best friend. He has touched my heart in so many ways. He has been there through times of depression and sickness. He knows my every strength and weakness. He has a special place in heart. A place so big that if he was ever to leave, I could never fill the void.

This poem was written to show the world my undying love for my best friend.

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Wow, this poem mesmerized me to the end.
This poem is so like my firend and i give it a 10
This poem is super good. I had this same exact thing almost to a tee. I met him over the phone and never in person until recently, for a year it was the phone and email
hey i loved that poem it really tuched me i think it was really nice and sweet cuz me and my bf met online and i was like that now he lives here with me and its been 3 yrs. so keep up yout wrighting its GREAT. love katie

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Friends Forever

When we first met you were annoying.
Who knew we would become the bestest of friends.

Talking on the phone. Chatting on the net.
Every minute thanking God that we met.

My heart grew for you. It begged.
It pleaded for your love, not knowing how to tell you.

Two years later we met in person.
My heart leaped for joy.

For the life of me I couldn't remember my name.
I totally forgot how to speak.

I sat there and watched your every move.
My heart melting with every smile.

"Do you believe in love at first sight?" you asked
"I don't believe in love," I lied

When I had to leave my heart fell to the floor.
Why did I have to leave so soon?

So I could return later that year.
To see your smiling face and maybe express what I feel.

The truth is I do believe in love.
I believed in it the moment I saw you.

Now as you read this poem you probably have mixed feelings.

Not only did I write this to say I love you
But to thank you.

I need to thank you for being there through thick and thin. And I think
that is why you are my best friend.

From my heart to yours I want to say,

Thank you and I love you.

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its a beautiful poem which brought my friend more closer really thanks for making such poem. thanks
Wow. I really love this poem.
that was very well done im sure a lot of people can relate to the words you expressed thank you for sharing : )
Pretty Angel
hey i luved the poem. it related to me alot. i really like how you put all of your feelings into it. nice poem. it reminds me of how i met my bvest-friend luis and how we are so close but just cant take that step into really going out. but i luved the poem. hope to see more from you. ~Kia~
beautiful poem
I really loved this poem. I would give this poem a 10 because it's really good.
'lil slug
I love your poem , this reminds me of my first boy friend, we were best friends then one day I asked him out not to long after we broke up but we swore always to be best of friends. Even if were not together I still love him.
I really liked this poem. It related to me so I could really understand it. I hope you keep writing and you do find they love you back.
your poem was very inspirational! I hope the person you wrote this for loves you back!
gosh tht was soo good . i really liked it becoz it was as if someone was saying ma feelings. ! ma feelings but in words
i love ur poem its very emotional n u had put a lot of feelings in dis poem. keep it up
Great poem Angel! I loved it. thank you so much for sharing
OMIGOD! This poem TOTALLY touched me. it definately expresses how I feel about a certain person. Bless you!
The Only
Thats so cute i love it
i like the way the writer expresses herself, seems like i understand it too:) Great job! Rating: *****
I love this poem! I can relate to it. I met a wonderful young guy a few days ago on the net. I think about him night and day now, wishing he were right here with me. I 'm grieving because the difference in age and how far we are apart. I pray that someday we will meet and be together forever. Thanks for writing this poem!
I love this poem. It makes me remember my X-boyfriend
Amazing is all I can say, the poem really was touching, i hope everything worked well for you, thank you for sharing
i loved this poem. it is beautifully written and it is just an all out beautiful piece of work!
I really like this poem
I have to say this is one of the best poems I've ever heard in my life.
Great Poem!
Hello, I am just an average everyday person and I happen to come across this poem. It is really cute and I like it a lot. Thanks for writing poems like this, I really enjoy them! Thanks again, have a nice day!
Very nice!
wow! i love this poem, i know excatly how the author feels, for i have a friend the same way, he lives far from me, the only thing is we have'nt met. but i truely like this one! well done
It describes perfectly the feelings that i also share for someone that I met over the internet. This is a wonderful poem, and I hope to oneday be able to share this beautiful piece of poetry with him.

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