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When two people communicate, love can happen anywhere, anytime, and often unexpectedly. The Internet only opens a new setting for an old drama. However, whenever, or wherever people get together, love will find a way. It found me and could not be denied.

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This poem is to amazing. n0t 0nly is this poem c0ming fr0m the heart but it realtes t0 s0 many ppl. I'm glad that u can write like this. I have gone thr0 ds0 much with the l0ve that I feel f0r my spaecil l0ve kn0wning it can never. n t0 bethany. g0d l0ves y0u n g0d bless u n y0ur life. anywh0. p0em was incredible!
charry mae
such a great piece!many can relate it now since there are lots of internet lovers like i do. keep it up and make us more inspired by your works. two thumbs up!
This is the way I met my fiance. It's like looking at my life. AWESOME! Thank you for sharing your work!
This is virtually how I found my boyfriend. It's nearly our six months, and since neither of us have had a proper realtionship it's a big thing for us, so I'm making a book about us so far, and I want to put this in it's so perfect. Thanks =]

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Love On The Internet

Though I wasn't looking for anyone new,
One day I got e- mail and in it was you.
Charming, sensitive and so debonair,
I strongly resisted it go anywhere.

But letters and stories captured my heart,
Filled me with passion almost from the start.
Love on the Internet, how could it be?
These things just don't happen to people like me.

But doves and butterflies flew into our lives,
Carrying messages we could not deny.
Each person has meaning and love to express,
And we could deny our hearts nothing less.

It's a beautiful love that has grown between us,
Something beyond any words we discuss.
Much deeper than LOL, cyber kisses and such,
Far down to our souls, beyond human touch.

My love's not confined by what it can see,
I feel you, I taste you, I experience your dream.
Close my eyes, and I envision what in my heart I can hear,
"Love knows no boundaries, no distance, no fear."

It's the soul that captures God's love in a way
That eternally melts hearts together to stay.
Fused and sealed forever as one,
Love has its way and new life is begun.

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A good poem for guys in cyber.
i like this poem and i can put myself in that spot
you did such a good job good work
all i have to say is. WOW. You have a great way with words, never lose that gift. I am so jealous.
i love this poem. i met my girlfriend on the internet. she lives far but right now im gonna bring her here from phillipens. we love each other so much that we knew we were destin to be together and we plan on the marriage on 2011.
i love this it sums my relationship up.
How did Dove express the innermost feelings that I have? Many have tried to capture my heart. One day a man created a site to find love and he prayed before he began. One day a friend told me about the same sight and I created it not expecting love. Many men wrote to me and because I am alone, at least writing to people took some of the sting away. One man captured my heart that so famously evaded all others. We are going to meet next week and I'm so grateful to Dove for this. ~~ Peace ~~
it really touched me. i've been talking to this guy on the net and this poem is exactly how i feel about him.
i thought this poem is awsome!
this poem really has meaning. me and my new fiance met over the internet and she will be moving here from great britain!internet relationships do work.
i just love this fomantic love poem it is perfect for anyone who wont to use this poem for there man. PERFECT
My 42 yr old son found his sole mate on the internet, and will be getting married Jan 20, 2007. May God continue to bless you so that your work may continue to be a blessing to others. Thanks, Norma
I to found love on the internet and i have never been happier as i read this poem i thought to my self how much it was just like my own experience. A great poem well done
i totally luv this im in the same situation but too yung to meet
omg this is a poem of the love i feel, only i contacted him, through bolt. OMG i am sending im this poem to see what he thinks, this poem is the best yet!
This poem was one of da best I seen on dis site so far. It's true tho cuz I met my guy online, I had others but none like him so the way you exppresed dat was great.
Wow, this poem means so much to me as im sure it does you. I have fell in love with the most amazing guy, i ahve been through a lot, and at the age of 18 now i have been through so much that most women will never go through, violent partner and a miscarriage he caused, i never thought my life would be complete, and i also find i am suffering from cancer, i thought my life would be over before i had the chance to experience love, this poem relates to how i met the love of my life, through a chat room and then proceeded onto msn. it relates so much i am in tears just thinking about it, your poem is amazing!
I loved this poem, It really identifies what I feel. My love bijan who I met in 2004 in a chatroom,ever since I saw him he took away my heart and forever him to have. Bijan no matter were you go or were you are I will alyways have you in my life.
i luvd dat poem it captured my heart and soul. who eva wrote this has a big golden heart! =)
the poem completely captured the feelings of chatters in love.
I Love this poem, because it is so true, I never thought I would find love on the interent. But I did and fell in love so very hard, I found someone that's everything I wanted and looked for all my life. We are engaged and everyday is so very happy, it's unbelievable but it's true, just never thought it could happen to me. Great poem!
I love it so true!
Your poem is oustanding. I met a man online, and you said everything that describes us. We have now been married 5 1/2 yrs and two baby boys later. Thank very much.
Awesome. A+ I use to write often and have not had the reason or inspiration there anymore but I am slowly regaining my thoughts and putting together some writings and am viewing others and yours was great!
beautiful, touching and says exactly how i feel.
I rellie liked this poem. Cyber Love is not just that. I believe some people meet thier soul mate online. Anyways it's a really good poem.
This poem is so sweet! It meant a lot since I have been there with someone I hold dearly.
I loved your poem. Its similar to what I am going through. Keep up the good work.
Beautiful poem, I met my fiance on the net and he stole my heart away. We are now living together and he continues to keep the "online romance" alive by sending texts and emails during the day while I am working. I am going to share this beautiful work with him. I think he will find it as endearing as I have. Thanks.
this poem is absolutly beautiful as i could relate to every word that was written on the screen and given me the inspiration to write my own about my love that i also meet on the internet thank you for teh oportunity to read these lovely words
Wow! It's great.
it was nice poem it really did touched my heart
this is all about me. im in love right now with this gurl ova the internet. this is perfect, cuz er'one says those relationships don't work, but we proven them wrong
omg this was so omg ok i so fell in love the same way sept it was on aim and omg i was omg so touched when i read this i feel like cryin i thought i was the only 1 that felt this way i'm crying omg thanxz so much!
I like the poems, it remind me something,,hmm.
Well done, it makes the other poems about "cyberlove" seem pedantic and juvenile in comparison. I'm still trying to get over the "embarassment" of meeting the person I am deeply in love with online. This poem helps greatly in that cause.
This poem holds on reality
this poem had a lot of true meaning as i fell in love on the net and i never though i could feel love again ever.
I love this poem. It describes my feelings exactly. You are a very talented poet.
I loved your poem, it was so touching!
when a story gives you strong emotions,much like your poem did to me,then you know its good. hope u got what u wanted,Adrienne
So very well written and deeply expressed!
I loved your poem I met my fiance over the internet so I know exacually what you were talking about and the feelings that were in that poem you got skills you need to keep those poems comeing. I appriciate a poet that knows how to write about love.
I thought this was an excellent poem, i give it a ten out of ten
I loved this poem. I sent it to my boyfriend and he loved it as much as I did. We didn't meet on the internet so in that way we can't relate but everyday I love to get e-mail from him and in this way i related and grew to adore this poem!
WEll. I really felt this poem becuase theres this guy i met on the net we started talking then on the phone and then all of the sudden we told each other we love each other and right now were together . still i love him so much . Veronica and MAthew*
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