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This poem is about a very wonderful guy who I met on the internet. I never believed that a computer could hold someone so very dear. Within Five months we have become Best Friends.

He is the one that I go to when I am sad or am happy. The one who knows my good days from the bad. And he is the one who taught me that even through all of the trials and tribulations of life you will always have the strength to go on. For you see my friend has Leukemia, And although this is a hard disease to have he has found the courage to go on. So this poem is to him, my Best Friend.

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Good words are always to be appreiciated. I liked the way the words played in author's hands & minds.
Really very simple & Very very good. Best thing is written in very simple words. But fill with very very good feelings. I liked it very much,.
i realllly luved that poam its sooo good and has true meaning in the words it reminds me of a little of what im goin through so big shout out to ho ever wrote that cause it really good and im sure it toughed somebody else the way it toughed me.
This is truly lovely. I like it very much.

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A True Friend

We met upon
the internet,
My heart you did
not have yet.

I sit and wait each day,
for the song my
heart will soon play.

Of laughter, love and tears,
You have washed away
all my fears.

To be my friend
and see so deep,
I now know why
I don't get
much sleep.

I have waited
through all these
To find something
to hold so dear.

And now I know
I'll never be
For I have found
a true friend
in you.

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is was good
Thanks to the writer of such poem cause it just described the words in mind the lovliest way which i could never have but was trying to express. Its awesome.
Who Said it's poem? this is voice of heart its words like holy verses :)
wow this poam really can touch people. i love this poem and i sent it to all of my freinds and family so never stop being a poet your really good at it
Good Poem!
I just want to say Thank You for writing this poem. because someone brighten up my day by sending it to me. He said he found it and it made him think of me. We met on the internet to about a week ago. I think we are going to be great friends and who knows what that will lead too. Again thank you. Kathy
great! and nice more coming poems. and more power with your carer. i like the poem. great!
Perfect, this holds the perfect words for me.
your poam warmed my heart, i loved it so very much.
I Love this Poem. It means so much to me. personally. This Poem will bring MANY people together. at last!
Love this poem. It says it all!
this was a really good poem i liked it very much!
Poem is beautiful
i love your poem and i will read it to group of my friends to which i love dear thank you ever so much
this poem really tuched me because when i went on this website i wanted my friend to know i cared for them and this is the poem i wrote in my christmas card and when she saw it she cried. i voted for this because it has bought mine and her friendship closer than ever and i am gratefull for that so thakyou lots of love and MERRY CHRISTMAS! gemma x x x x
very beautiful poem
it was very beautiful and i know just how you feel.
i love these poem i like it to my friends that i met in the internet.
LadyBrandi I love your poams they touch my heart and I sometimes cry to them well ta ta Lindsay
I like this poem very much because this poem speaks my feelings when i get a true friend through internet
hey brandi,the poem had the words which murmer in my mind. I've a friend who is close 2 my heard. met him online,it has been a year. 'A True Friend'reminds him whenever i read it. Expecting gud poems frm you :)
Its a wonderfull poem and it almost maid me cry.
Very nice poem. Angel
That was a AWESOME poem,Too Gud
it is too good and sweet to learn thanX
i love this poem
I love your poem. I know how it is. I meet this wonderful person online and I fell all happy inside. Very good job!
awwwe its is so sweet.
I think this poams is one of the best i have ever heard before and i want to say if the person who wrote this chould sent me more they poams.
hiya i just wanted 2 say that ur poems really cool, i was just looking at poems an urs was 1 of da best i saw so i just thought i'd show my appreachiation. KEEP IT UP! LUV DA LITTLE PRINCESS XXX
this is just what i was looking for. thank you!
I enjoy this poem very much, as I have found a few friends here on the net, but I found one true friend!
this is a very interesting poem, i like it but i still wanna konw how can like someone you meet on the internet
I ave a best friend called Jne and we are always sending poams to each other and i was reading this on and it was us all over but the inter net part was not me and her because we did not meet over the inter net but the poam was so sweet.
This poem says alot I really enjoyed it!
Very outgoing and to the point. No mistakes can be made here.
i agree with u! nice one!
I just wanted to say that this poem is actually pretty good, and I can kinda understand where you're comin' from.
tooo goood
this poem touched me because i met some oneon line that when ever we talk he just makes me smile the whole time we are on line he makes forget about all my worries
I love it! ^_^ this peom is really good. I had some good friends in the internet. this peom remind me about them. ^_^ * i`m waiting for a friend*
Hey, OMG Gurl I love your poem so so so much it is like the best lil Friendship Poem I have ever seen. I think that this poem can relate to me and alot I mean alot of my friends! I think you should keep writting because obverously you are a great writter so keep up the goof work, cuz child you got skill. And show what your momma gave you and your momma gave you the skill to write poems. You really inspirated me and my gurls. And I really really really hope that your friend with Leukemia get's better.
I dont know, I liked it. I also met a real true person on net. I know her from some 8 months. I really care for her. I liked the poem. thank you.
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