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Every once in a while, someone contacts you while you are online & you hit it off, right from the start. This person becomes your best friend, and then, for one reason or another, with a click of a button, they are gone, and you never hear from them again. This person is truly missed, more that they will know.

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very true to the heart. Thankyou
OMG THIS POWM IS THE BEST EVRR IT REMIND MEH OF MI BFf we met online randomly && r going ot!
wonderful poem thank u it really touched my feelings thank u very much good luck n god bless u
I loved it. It touched me soooo. Really hit home for me! Thanks!

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At Random

It was at random that we met,
A chance that not many get.
When I heard the "Uh Oh",
How was I to know!
That you would turn out to be my special friend,
Someone who could be there,
Until the end.

No matter how I feel or what I do,
I know, in my heart,
That I can count on you.

I've never seen you,
Heard you, or touched you.
Those kind of chances are very few.

To meet someone from far away,
Never knowing if they're here to stay,
Not knowing if what they say is true,
Of what they're doing and telling you.

So far away, but yet so near,
The "not knowing" is the fear.
Is it truth, or is it lies?
Will a heart grow, or will it die?
Either way, the bonds of Friendship's strings are tied.

One's needs are met,
Some with regret.
Some with hope,
Some with pain.
But still, the answer is plain.

If we hadn't met,
On that very day,
Things would be different
In every way.

The emptiness may be filled,
A life may start to rebuild.
A heart may be broken,
Or made to mend;
All because of that
"Random Friend".

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I had this poem sent to me by someone who I truly did meet "At Random" on line. As in the poem; we have never met, maybe never will, but over the last three years a growing trust has replaced the 'is it real and is it true' concerns that are so well expressed, and so well illustrated by form . . . But I'll stop there because this is "not a critique". If the emotion expressed in this poem is not, at least in a large part, true - then 'Cheeky' would make an excellent advertising copywriter if not a poet. davidJ
A very true poem cheeky. almost all the chatters who get dazed in the mazed room will like this poem. I love this poem. gud job and keep doin' this :)
This poem would be good song lyris
Wow, I was looking for a friendship poem to send a new found friend and was amazed that I found one that fits my circumstances perfectly. Thanks for that keep writing.
I could really relate to this poem and it touched me inside. thanks
this really hit the bottom of my heart
Loved this poem.
what can i say that hasn't been said? i'd still like to say it anyway. it's BEAUTIFUL and it's true. i'm on my second glass of water because i'm trying to control myself.
I Loved this poem. It really is true, I mean if you think of how everything in the world happens it's really weird. For example, the guy I'm with now its like a miracle he's with me today and wants to be with me every day he has in his life! I had one kid with a guy was with for 8 years and then I met the guy im with now and we broke up and i had another kid with the same guy as before and then i ran into the guy im with now again and he still loved me it's really weird and i know this sounds funny but its a difficult story to tell but he knew it all and he stood by me the whole time and hes still standing by me and if i would have never met him my life would be totally different and im just so glad its not. This poem reminded me of just how lucky i am to have him! thx!
This is an excellent poem. The meaning is so true to me. It flows together and has an excellent ending! I felt everyword. This is one of my favorite poems on the site.
I realy think exactly what i read in this poem. It's great. Thankx for that poem.
I saw this poem and it touched me in many ways. well let me explain i have a friend that i have yet to meet cause he is now serving time in iraq and when i saw this it fit our frienship so well that i am goin to send it to him and i hope that it touches him like it touched me thank you
Reading this poem reflected what i was going through. It made me realize something that i never thought i would feel. Thanks for the poem!
I love it!
I was sufing for a lovely poem to send to an online friend when I stumbled on this piece by Cheeky, I t wasan excellent piece.
I* give this poem the highest rating that there is!
the poem really touched me in a way that none other has. i had a friend on the net, that i really cared about and then they were gone. you know what they say, you never know what you have until it is gone. well that is very, very true. i realize what a wonderful friend and person he was.
Very Touching. I has a net friend and she moved away to north carolina like a year ago, and thats the last time i heard from her was when she told me she was going. As i read your poem, it made me think about her, your popem is really great.
This poem touched me in many ways and it so true just the same. Thank you to the author.
wow this is utch a good poem
this reminds me of a girl i m et in a chat room it happend like that too but now i dont talk to her i dont know her e-mail our friendship is now gone in some way but were still friends in some way. i really like this poem ^^ its shows true feelings ^^.
I loved your poem! You have completely summed up everything I feel towards this guy that I love, and can't imagne my life without! Good poem, keep up the good skills, and I hope everything is good between you and him!
this reflects alot on how things are
hey this is a great poem it explains how i feel right now i just wanted to say that you write great poems thank you for writing
WOW! I loved this poem. It really reflects what I'm felling for this special friend. I know that one day he might just stop writing, and that makes me sad. I have found in him so much that I don't know what I would do if we lost contact.
Wow first of all I use the name Cheeky too online so that was cool and your poem hit home very hard. I had a very good online friend who disappeared for about 6 months and suddenly was back, unfortunately she was very sick for quite awhile but is doing great now. But no sooner than I had that friend back another has disappeared, and I haven't heard a thing from him for 3 months, so I've sent this off by email to both of them and will hope I have them both back real soon! Thanks Cheeky for that, it was great!
Your poem is incredible. It touches many. I lost a friend sometime last year, without a word, he was out of my life. I miss him terribly. Keep up the great work.
this poem was amazing it moved me deeply. thanks alls i can say is thatnk.
this is a lovely poem
I can really relate to this poem. I found my soul mate on the internet about 5 years ago, and we became so so close. Then one day, she disappeared. I miss her so much, and i'll never forget her. This poem reminds me of our friendship, and I thank you for that.
It spoke of things I felt. regarding internet friendship.
Wow! This poem really hit home! This truly expresses how I feel about one special online friend, and I sent it to them. This poem brought me to tears. Thank you so much.
Perfect for what im going through. your awesome!
I have been there. The pain stays
i loved ur poem it was a true fact!
*Smiles* Beautiful poem. and its so true. I made one extremely wonderful friend on-line and I consider him one of my best friends, but I haven't heard from him in quite a few months, and I really miss him.
I met someone on udate:) out of curiousity. wondering how these guys think. well, one with a poem caught my eye. i liked his profile. We are friends. i hope we will remain so ;) or better. People should always remember to emailback because like me once i have contact they are friends. It only takes a sec. to drop anote!I do:)excellent poem ty
I really like this poem. I too, have a very special friend. We started out as worst enemies, but now we are best friends!I gave her the link to this poem. I think its awesome. so hard to express your feelings to someone you care about.
This is a very good poem! Keep up the good work!
I was searching for a poem, to send to my bestest "online friend". I found just the right one when I read "At Random". Taiter, is such a special friend. Your poem, helped me to express the way I feel, about someone, hundreds of miles away. but always in my heart.
i want u to truely know that this poem is very touching in its way.i have a friend named Jason ad i met him on a chat and everysince i have met him he will awlayz remain in my heart..hes my everything and alwayz there to catch me when i fall and i want him to have this poem thank u =)
An accurate portrayal of cyberfriendship.
i felt each and every line in this poem by is splendid!
i loved your poem,it really made me realize the feeling i had for my special friend,he will always be in my heart,forever.
I think this poem is very true. I had a real close Net friend before for like 2 years and then he changed e-mail addresses. I missed him and i found him. we talked for about 1 hour. next day he deleted it and now i can't find him. I am so lost and this is a very cool poem and i wish i could find him again.
Thank you for this wonderful poem! It speaks louder than words and tugs at my heart. So many people we meet in the cyber world and develop friendships for years and watch those ones lives unfold. They watch ours too and sometimes they are as precious as the friends we can see and reach out and touch.
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