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Poems about Cyber Friends

As the Internet grows and becomes a part of our lives, it brings with it a unique opportunity to meet people we likely would never have met in any other way. And very often, those people we meet on line will become friends. Sometimes, very close friends.

Poems about Cyber Friends (1-15)

  • by Jisnu Dunlop
    The Internet offers many opportunities for new friends to interact - including writing poetry together.
  • by Jim Williamson
    The Internet reaches across a vast world. But doesn't that also include your own backyard?
  • by Sussanah
    From Australia to Italy, a digital line is drawn, one called friendship.
  • by Scott Wheeler, Sr
    Even on-line friends need to be told they're important to us.
  • by Iceman
    On ICQ, friendship can be forged without ever seeing a person.
  • by LadyBrandi
    Those we meet on the Internet can sometimes teach us hard lessons about life - even as they touch our hearts.
  • by Marie Lehmkuhl
    New technologies. Same old results!
  • by Miasartiff
    As the Internet has grown, so too has on-line friendships.
  • by Baby Bad
    The web has opened a whole new world of wonderful friendships for us all…
  • by Paulus
    We can learn much about other people on the Internet. And, too, much about ourselves.
  • by Carol Miller
    Cyber Friendship has a certain dichotomy to it, as this lovely poem so beautifully explores.
  • by Cheeky
    There is a lot of Truth in this poem of on-line friendship. And some of it is very sad…

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Poems about Cyber Friends continued

  • by Lynn Smiley
    Common passions can bring two people together, and unite them in a unique, on-line friendship.
  • by Wisp
    Friends give us many gifts, and enrich our lives in unexpected ways. Even friends we've never met…
  • by Nina
    We come to know people, and grow to care for them, through the words that we share. Even if those words are only glowing dots on a screen…

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