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A Rose by Elizabeth

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that was the most BEAUTIFUL poem I have ever read in my entire life! Girl, you got some skill! Hope to see more of your work in the future!
Very good.. straight forward.keep writing.
i thought this was an awesome poem. it sounds like the author wrote with true dedication and the way the words flowed together made me love this poem greatly.
yes, a beautiful poem. makes good sense too.
i like this kind of poems,so thank for you poem
I must say that I don`t have much to do with poems.I am not writing them and I am not reading them.But sometimes I`m looking at this page and I am finding people who have talent and their poems are wonderful,so is yours! Congratulations for this great work!
thank you I will remember
Your'e got the right idea in life. You got across to me. I enjoyed it very much. Keep that trend of thought it will lead you in the right direction. -SANDRA
Hello! I would like to say that i was very fascinated with this poem because i for one am a person who always takes risks regarding the consecuences or whatever it is that awaits me on the other side. It doesn't matter how many times you get hurt in life, every human being deserves a chance without being judged for what happened to you in the past!
Well Written...........
I really like this poem coz what she wrote so reasonable. If we want something, we shold sacrifice something too. It's really impossible that life gives us everything and free. We should reach for what we wanna.
I liked this poem very much and felt it was simple, true, and lovely
This was an awsome poem with a great meaning. very well written.
It's nice and encouraging. It really gives courage to those who failed in love to stand up again!