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And Yet I Die by Marilyn

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i can totally relate to your poem, i feel the same way. keep on writing, it was beautiful!
I really love this poem!I feel like this almost every day of my life and it means so much to me.Good work!
I love the poem, as i totaly relate to it and feel exactly the same. Well done Marilyn. Keep writing. It expresses the real you.
trying to explain to people how you feel is difficult, it's sometimes easier to just pretend like there's nothing summed up my feelings very well....have forwarded it to a couple of help them understand how lonely life can be...even when you're not alone.
This is a wonderful poem - it shows your soul. I know too well how it feels to be dead inside. Thanks for sharing this!
I loved this poem, it really reminds me of my own life. ~smile~
This poem is just it's amazing. it's what i feel everyday of my life. its beautiful.
It speaks volumes. Only those who feel this way may understand its true meaning. I understand! Excellent poem.