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Screams Of Frustration by Lindsay Todd

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O it was so touching and sad. I loved it so much. I haven't even read any of the other ones. But the name just caught me. And it is wonderful. And better than all the rest. I loved it. Very good.
wow! that is pretty much how i feel about what has happened in many peoples lives and i think it was wrong too but you did an awsome job keep it up!
Im studying the holocaust in R. E, it rely got to me too!You rely should visit the Beth Shalom house!Its a kinda museum. I met a surviver. God bless. x
it was tounching and a tear jurker i give it 4 thumps up.
Because my friend got murdered not along ago
Hello there, Well, thank you everyone. My name is Lindsay, aka *angel*, the author of screams of frustration. I just recently received an email about my poem and clicked on the link to find this site. I could not believe my eyes! I have not been on this forum since year 2000 and what a sight. To read these comments, to see my poem placed under favorites is an absolute delight. Your comments brought tears to my eyes. It is such a joy that this poem has touched each and everyone of you. I was rather young when I wrote it, only 16. now I am 21 and have been writing more than ever. I would love to share some of my other poetry with you all. I will have to find out how to use the forums again. What a wonderful treat today! I am writing 3 finals for my university degree today and was rather stressed, so this has made my day. Thank you all so very much. -Lindsay
this poem makes you wanna cry because what she expresses in the poem about the pain and suffering of today is sad.
this is the same way I feel about what happened i really love the poem
I love everything about this poem. You did a super job. Please keep up the work I would love to see and hear more of your poems.
It is an excellant poem that tells of the pain and suffering of human life. Nobody should have to go through the pain our ancestors went through.
i love this poem! while reading it i thought of the holocaust. it makes me so angry to think that one person influenced others to commit genocide all because of ones religion. i wish i could do something, i really do! i would do anything in my power to have kept that from happening. i thank you for writing this poem, it shows a lot!
I really like the poem it was really good I felt every bit of it
I loved the poem. It was so awesome. i feel what you were saying.
this poem is great I love it, it just touch me and made me think about the things that happened on a world we never knew, I wish I had being there to help all that people who were suffering, try to saving too, you are a great writer hope you continue writing, I applause to you
that poem was really good its so true and real,
this is an amazing poem it reminds me of all the emotions that went on on sept 11 you should really consider trying to put it to music it would be amazing!
it's great, you really capture the essence of what was really happening today,good work. Two thumbs up!
it was really touching! i almost burst into tears!
i really liked your poem i would like if you would make more touching poems like that hopefully you do soon. bye!
I also learned about the holocaust and this poem touched me I feel what you fell. I can relate to your feelings. For I have the same outlook befoe I read this poe, so it REALLY touched me. I loved your poem I wish I could of helped them but i am doing a study on the holocoast and writting a book on it and I am only 15. As you can see I have alot to say and this poem is exactly how I feel. finallly someone cares about this. I thought that I would never find anyone to say anything like this before but thankyou.
i think ur poem is very very nice, i almost cried just remembering their pains. well, i just wish we could help the children of palestine! :'(
this is really good poem
This was really sad but very well written. It was very nice of you to deticate this to the lives that were lost in the heat of battle. Your someone, a good someone.
Very toucchng. I practiclly cried.
That was the bomb poem
this poem is ace. it is really deep and meaningful. i think you have put into words how a lot of people feel!
I love this poem, it reminds me so much of the world wars.
i just want to say this poem really touched me,it's really great. keep up the goodwork
Your poem is the bomb. I read it everyday it sit's by my bed at night!
This poem is great it touch my heart. I love this poem!
I understand how you feel!
this poem was really deep and i think that many people feel this way even though they seem to not care. This poem is really great and i hope that you will write more.
I just thought that it was great, I could really see where the artist was when she was writing it.
Sure, everyone can rhyme, everyone can plagarize, and just about anyone can write a bunch of silly words. But by reading this poem, you know instantly that it wasn't written to be was written to be FELT.Good Job! Keep writing!
Your poem is the best one iv'e read so far! It has so much meaning and u really pored your heart into it. Your lucky that u can write so well, for you wrote the feeling of so many of us. That we wish we were there, and could have done something to stop it.
that is a very nice poem my son just got through reading that book . his name is chris he is in the 10th grade.i didnt really want him reading the book ,but now that i read your poem i dont feel so bad for chris to read stuff like that you keep writing poems .
I really liked this poem. It nearly made me cry. It is just so true. I have not studied this but I have studied other things such as Hitler and Stalin and I know exactly what u mean. It is impossible to know the pain that they felt or to understand why anyone would want to make them feel that pain.
I really like your poem.It really makes you think about who you are.Thanks!