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Sisters by Psqahs

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this is a great poem! it's exactly how litle sisters feel about their older sisters. my sister is always treating me like im nothin. i've tried talking to her and tryin to get along but its no use. i hate her. well keep up the good work!
Hey. If id be 4years younger than i am now. i wudn't agreee more with u. But as time has passed and am mature (she always was)i realized how wrong i was. and how rite was for never giving me up. n thts just what im gonna do with my younger sister. sibling relations are the best. (take time to understand ur older sisters,becoz i dint and still repent)
i though this was a really good poem it really got to me as a childe my sister use to do me this way and now i have two girls of my own and now my oldest daughter does my youngest this way.
1-10 I give you a 10 I am the little sister in the family and I usually feel the way you do.
this is a great poem that really describes sister hood to me i really love it
hey. i love ur poem! i am a younger sister. and im 14, and my sister is 18. fixin to b 19. and we fite all tha time! im sick of it and wanna b her friend. but she alwayz makes fun of me! Im glad sumbody knos how i feel! if i had to rate it 1-10. it would b a 10 1/2! hehe!
good job
I like this poem, it was really good. I can understand exactly what she means by her poem. I go through the same thing every day!
Very Cute
have a big sister she is not mean she is very nice if you aks her to buy candy she will buy it for you
I am a older sister to both my brother and my sister. When i was going through highschool I was very mean and harsh to my brother, but during my senior year i grew up and soon my brother became my best friend. My little sister is 10 years younger so we never fight, but she bickers with my younger brother all the time. Now when i look back on all the mean things i did i regret every single one, and try everytime I am with my brother to make up for it. And soon your sisters will feel the same way, so just know everything is going to be ok someday soon and that nomatter what they will always love you.
This poem was vry nice and intersting it's clear but still unclear and that why I like this poem if i had to rate it from a 1-10 I would give it a 91/2
i like your poem. i am an older sister and it gave me an idea of how my sister feels because she's 8 and iam 13 and i tease her when my friends are over and after i feel very bad. so thank you because you gave me a different point of veiw of teasing.
I have an older sister and a younger sister. Atfertrying to figure out our relationships, I think alot af it has to do with the way that the parents treated each sibling and that sometimes results in resentment between sisters. You being the youngest and the "baby" your older sisters may unknowingly resent you taking up their mothers time and affection when you were children. And them being chilren themselves saw you as the problem and try hurting your feelings not realizing why.
i so love your poem im going to use it in my next song. it is so great and listen out for it.
Things will be different someday and when they are, it'll be so worth it. My older sister was the same way to me and now that we've grown past that stage of rivalry, I have myself a best friend who will always be there. Hang in there, they'll grow up
Even though you feel like your sisters are always mean and not treating you fairly, they do love you and things always pass over, just hang in there and pray for them.
Hello! i really liked your poem. i can feel exactly the pain that you are going through with your sisters. my older sister has done nothing to me my whole life but put me down, laugh at my mistakes, and make me feel like nothing. thank you for your poem.
This poem is short but it's to the point some times sisters be so judgemental and inconsiderate of your feelings. I definitely can relate.
This is how my sister treat me cuz i am the littlest but i decided its to hard to speak aloud so i just sent this poem and hopefully it will change their mind about me.its a wonderfull poem
i like your peom my lil siter does not show any repect to me or our grandmother. i really like you peom
I can only say one thing. Love between sisters is somthing special and it is worth fighting for it. But love also means letting go, and as I see ur sisters to want to live with this special bond of sisterhood. so that u love them(and ur poem shows u do) let them go.
Love the poem! Fits right in there with my sisters.I just found people who make better sisters than my own.stick in there
thanks for sharing