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Reality by suthern

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I will love to vote for you because i liked the poem you showed me and i pray u will win d vote.
while i sat thinking of all the pain that i have been through ur peom put it in words IT WAS SOO GOOD. gr8 job
I thought this poem was amazing. Need I say more. Read it!
i loved it. this poem just explained everything im feeling and trying to express to so many people that just dont understand. GREAT JOB!
It's great! loved it. it's all my thoughts put into 1 poem. keep up the good work. hope ot see more of oyur poems.
wow gurl/guy thats really touching i don't know if that really has happend to you or you just made it up but either way that was really good i almost cried i know how you feel ther in that situation because i've been there but i hope that if that really did happen to you you can get better and move on your a really good poetry writer and i'm sure that you can find somone out there thats right for you so again your a really good poerty writer so keep writing and i'm looking forward to reading more of you poetry. sincerely sakina karim
From a scale of 1-10 this is a 11. lol. i loved this poem! its like an opening to another emotion! (i know cheesy)it was awesomely fabtabulouso! keep writing.
ithink you done a geart job you should get a 5
i think this was a ery moving poem i like the way you used the words and it made em feel lots of things it was sad but great job!
Hi, Love your poem, make me cry for the moment I read it. Feel it inside me and its make me sad. Remember the past that I cannot forget. Thank and keep up the good work.
this poem is deep i like it keep writing
this poem is so life in general i love this poem
This is a really touching poem, it can relate to many peoples lives and to life it self, good job.
This is a very awesome poem. expecially for me now. my BFF and I are fighting and i luv this poem!
that is a really good poem i relate to it so much that i cried.
This poem was great many people say "I can relate to this poem" but they really don't know how your life is when you express it in a poem. I lost my uncle, cousin, brother, and best guy friend. all within a yr of each other. It's hard to move on I havent and I never will. Now I'm stuck in this life. that I dont know how to get out of. Thanks for making me see that I'm not feeling this pain alone! *I send my best wishes to you*
I just love the way it flows I've emailed to all my friends
This is an awsome poem, i feel this way right now. i think a lot of people can relate to this. good job!
this a very good poem, it expresses ur feelings really well.
I like this poem because I can relate to it
"Who ever wrote this poem "you did a nice job" I think this poem is great"
This poems really speaks to me. I feel the same inside that I can not trust another guys because all the do is lie.
I enjoyed this poem because it expressed these deep feelings in a way that could make anyone, even those unfamiliar with these emotions, relate and understand the depths of these feelings.
This was one of the greatest poems i have ever read. You took the harsh reality of the world and put it in utterly true words. i really liked this poem
OMG ur poem meant so much to me. it was like my life put into words. i always wanted to write a poem like that. but i couldnt find the words. and u did. u have alot of courage. i think ur a really great writer. KEEP WRITING. i liked ur poem so much i printed it and put it in my profile! i hope everything works out for you. thanks for letting me and everyone else know we're not the only one's
its great and awesome. its my life
dis poem is totally amazing! how can u trust,love some1 wen da next morning u woke up u find urself bein betrayed u express it in such a gud way!dont lose hope cuz ur world was turn upside down n somewer some1 wil guide u through da darkness n into da light. =D gud job
i thought it was really touchin so i printed it out hehe.
The flow and Rhymes, sound great and this was a really refreshing poem to read.
i loved your poem! i can relate to it so much. keep writing!
This poem is so much of what I am feeling, it reassures me that I am not the only one.
very good!
It was nice. It makes me remember alot about certian family members.
Brilliant and smooth writing, true and relates to life in an amazing way. love ya work
i like this poem! i'm in this situation i don't know who 2 trust i have a big problem and i'm confused! i'm searchin 4 a good friend not a friend who stoll my bf !
casey leigh
your poem was awesome it fits my life so perfect. i would like to read more of them.
I thought the poem was amazing! It had so much truth and belief. It was great keep writing such meaningful words
I just love this poem so much
i can't belive that theres soemone in this world that feels and been through the same things as i have i can realate every line and word to myself. its a really good poem. and i hope ur happy now.
This poem is amazingly written. I have personally never read a better poem. Nice Job
as, i was reading through your poem, i read it carefully and thoroughly. not skipping a word or a meaning of it. it really touched me. at the end of the poem, i was soon left wit tears in my eyes. tears of this cold sad life i've lived through. it's reality, i see that. but what can i possbily do to change anything. i can't. i just have to accept it. i just wanted to let you know. it was quite touching. and it was simply beautiful. it was like my life and my feelings. that you just brought out in words for me to finally realize it. thank you. it was great.
wow that was so good
I really liked your poem. it expresses how i feel.
This PoeM is juS so Cool. I luv It! It shows Exactly how I feel. my poem are kinda similair to this but i think this is better. ohhhh! I'm gonna read it again and again!
This poem completly completly describes me. This is a wonderful poem!
i really loved your poem. I can really relate to it sounds so much like the stuff that's happend to me and the way i feel. it makes me sad knowing other people feel the same way. hope to see my of your work
OMG this poem is the best poem every u should think of publishing it!
im only a little kid but i had people and my parents talk to me about these things, i wanted to make my older sister happy so i asked my other sister to help me find a poem for her then i found this poem, it made my older sister cry and i cried too, now i understands what it means to lose someone you love so much and taken away from you. i'm only 8 but then i know soon i will understand about love and the feeling of loosing someone you love. Thank you.
I thought this poem was well worth reading, i feel that this poem is a part of me cuz thats how my life is rite now
That is the best poem I have ever heard of!
I know how you feel. Cause I'm going therw the samething. We will make. And I like your pome.
This poem was a really nice poem.. the scary thing is that it can relate to soo many people that it scares..
It describes exactly how i feel right now. Thank you.
That was a very emotional poem! It was written well!
I can't believe you took the words right out of my mouth. Through your poetry, you spoke the words that I have been trying to speak myself. Life is so hard when you seem to be losing the very ones that are most important to you. I know for a fact, because as I read the poem I cried. Next week I am losing someone else that means alot to me. Does the pain ever end? Becuae of poems such as yours, people may find the strength to keep going. Because of you, I will!
I really loved your poem. I hope to see some more of your work in the future.
I like this poem. It's the mirror of our reality. I feel it.
this is a very good poem, im going through a painful time at the moment so this poem helps to ease the pain to see that everyone go's through the same thing
this poem has touched me in way that i can't describe. i love it and i can relate to every word.
that was so amazing! I absolutely loved it. It reapresents me almost exactly. I was so moved by it, its incredible! I am always told Im a good writer, but your better!
great is for sure the REALITY to the lies,deaths,1-nite- stands the 'real' view we dont usually look at !
I think that this poem is very touchy and somtimes I feel this way because I don't know how to move on and forget
This poem meant a lot to me I was beaten and betrayed by many people in my childhood. Mainly begginning teen years. This poem made me feel that I was not alone with being hurt when I was young and trying to trust and love when you where hurt at a young age was very hard. This poem touched me because it is very similiar to what I have gone to. It actually brightened my day.
This is a very special poem and true. I can relate to this poem and how real is for other people in this world. This is a great poem.
Thank You I needed this one!!
This poem really touched my many of the words related to me..for you see I have lost loved ones myself.
This poem is really uplifting, and it gets straight ot the point, Reality is somethign the we All dread, but must face is~Andrea
I love this poem, I can totally relate to it. I understand what this person is going through completely. I just wanted to say that I enjoy this author and hope to see more of this persons work. Good Job!:)