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The Day I Saw My Lady Cry by Michael Mack

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This is truly a very poignant poem.It addresses sll the issues of the attack with powerful words. Beautiful language! i'll never forget the day of the attack. This poem touched my heart, my thought, my very being. An excellent piece of work and dedication.
touched my heart
I really like this poem because of everything that the statue of liberty stands for and freedom and liberty were taken away on one tragic day. The poem is creative and heart felt.
YOu have done an excellent job on this poem. its heart felt and warm but shines light on tradgedy. I enjoyed it very much
This is a very touching and moving poem. I think it suits the situation very well.
I would love to add music to this poem. I can almost hear Bruce S. sing this. I am going to go and do it anyway (just for me) and see what happens.
I was so touched and moved by your poem.
This poem really got to me. God Bless America!
You have touched the hearts of many~ I count mine among them~